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This article is about the Pokémon, Ditto, and its appearance in Smash Bros. For the term used to define matches where both players choose the same character, see Ditto match.
From Bulbapedia.
Ditto's official artwork from Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.
Games Melee*
Move Transform
Rarity Unavailable unless hackedSuper Smash Bros. Melee
UnknownSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate
English voice actor Erica Schroeder
Japanese voice actor Kotono Mitsuishi
Article on Bulbapedia Ditto (Pokémon)

Ditto (メタモン, Metamon), is a creature from the Pokémon series.


Ditto's official artwork from Pokémon Red and Green.

Ditto is a Normal-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I, and is categorized within the Pokédex at #132 as the "Transform Pokémon". Its only move in every game is Transform which allows it to turn into a copy of its opponent, though while keeping its own original HP. The effect disappears when switching out or finishing the battle. In Generation V it received the Hidden Ability Imposter, which makes it transform automatically upon entering the battle.

While Ditto copies the Pokémon's actual coloring in Generation III onwards, the purple coloring of the copied fighter in Ultimate pulls from Ditto's appearance in Generation II, where it would transform into a purple copy of the opposing Pokémon. This also applies to Generation I when played on a Super Game Boy.

In Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

As a Poké Ball Pokémon[edit]

Ditto's unused cry, presumably to be used upon summoning it.

Ditto is a Pokémon that was removed from Super Smash Bros. Melee just prior to its release. Its purpose was to create an AI copy of the user's character, which would aid them in battle. The reason for the removal of Ditto is unknown; however, it did have an entry in the game's official strategy guide, suggesting that Ditto was a late cut to Melee.

Ditto can still be accessed using the debug menu through an Action Replay, where it is known internally as METAMON. When summoned from a Poké Ball, it simply says "Mon-mon!", stretches out while spinning, then disappears. It also deals around 7-8% damage to whoever touches it while it is spinning, with weak knockback.

As a Tournament Mode element[edit]

Ditto as "random character" in Tournament Mode.

In Tournament Mode, in either Winner Out or Loser Out style tournaments, when selecting a character for these events, the player can hold down L+R and then press A to select a random character. The character will appear as Ditto and will be a random character and color when each match begins.


Ditto is featured as a collectible trophy, randomly obtained in the Trophy Lottery.

Ditto trophy from Super Smash Bros. Melee.
Ditto's trophy in Melee
Every Ditto has the ability to copy a Pokémon's entire cell structure in an instant and become its exact replica. They're terrible at remembering techniques, but when they use Transform, they temporarily learn all of their foe's moves. If a Ditto starts to laugh, it weakens and can't hold its transformation.
Pokémon Red & Blue (9/98)

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Ditto is mentioned in Manaphy's trophy description.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

As a Poké Ball Pokémon[edit]

Ditto will transform into the fighter who threw the Poké Ball when joining the fight. After the transformation, Ditto will have the exact same abilities as the original fighter!
Super Smash Blog, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Official Site
Ditto in Ultimate, before transforming.
Ditto copying Donkey Kong in Ultimate.

Ditto was confirmed in the August Nintendo Direct to appear as a Poké Ball Pokémon. When it appears, it will transform into a purple version of the summoning fighter, acting as a CPU player and taking their physical appearance, with the only difference being a purple gelatinous texture. Players and Assist Trophies alike can attack the clone. Ditto can be defeated, but doing so will not score a point. It is also the only Poké Ball Pokémon in the game who can be defeated. The AI for Ditto appears to be comparable to a low-level regular CPU, often standing still for periods of time and attempting individual attacks only, much like the behaviour of many other Poké Ball Pokémon. However, its attacks deal 1.1× regular damage to compensate. It cannot be summoned during an 8-Player match but it still can be summoned with 7 players or lower.

While Ditto will exactly copy most characters exactly like how they are originally (minus the purple gelatinous texture), the following copies will be different:

  • If the summoner plays as the Ice Climbers, it will only Transform into the leading Ice Climber.
  • If the summoner is playing as Rosalina, the copy will not have a Luma.
  • If the summoner is playing as Pokémon Trainer's Pokémon, it'll Transform into whichever Pokémon summoned it, and will not copy the actual Pokémon Trainer, nor will it Transform again if the current Pokémon is switched out.
  • If Ditto Transforms into Olimar, it will spawn with a red, yellow and blue Pikmin, rather than which Pikmin are currently being used.
  • If Ditto copies Pyra or Mythra, it will not transform into the other character with Swap.
  • If Kirby with a Copy Ability is the summoner, Ditto will not have the copy ability. However, it can swallow enemies to gain their copy ability. Ditto can be swallowed by an enemy Kirby in order to get the Copy ability of the character which Ditto is transformed into.

Additionally, if Ditto Transforms into Lucario, the Ditto will also copy its Aura effect, and copying Mii Fighters will include the Mii's current moveset. When it copies Steve a crafting table will appear for the Ditto.

If spirits are enabled, Ditto will only have the primary spirit effects, but like other Poké Ball Pokémon, its stats are affected by the summoner's spirit team.


No. Image Name Type Class Cost Ability Series
SSBU spirit Ditto.png
★★ 1 Trade-Off Attacks ↑ Pokémon Series


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese メタモン, Metamon
UK English Ditto
France French Métamorph
Germany German Ditto
Spain Spanish Ditto
Italy Italian Ditto
China Chinese (Simplified) 百变怪
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 百變怪
South Korea Korean 메타몽, Metamong
Netherlands Dutch Ditto
Russia Russian Дитто


  • Much like when a character is under the effect of Metal Box or turned gold, Ditto only copies bump maps of the character models. As a result, several visual differences are present compared to the summoner, such as Kirby not having visible eyes.
  • Ditto is the first Poké Ball Pokémon since Cyndaquil, Chansey and Marill in Melee that can be defeated. It is also the only assist character that can be hit by cinematic Final Smashes.
  • If Ditto gets all the pieces of a Dragoon, it will target the reticle at an opponent, but will not manually use it and wait until it is fired automatically.
  • If Ditto is present when the battle ends, it will vanish when "GAME" is on the screen, unless it is not transformed.
  • Normally, Ditto is silent after transforming into a duplicate of its summoner. However, if certain Final Smashes are activated, it will use the summoner's voice clips (if applicable) after the Final Smash successfully connects against any opponent, as opposed to its own voice that it makes once initially summoned.
  • When Ditto gets summoned by a player currently using a name, the name indicator will be missing the bordered background, but when it transforms into the character who summoned it, the border will appear. However, it vanishes once Ditto returns to normal.