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Unova Pokémon League

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Pokémon Black Version & Pokémon White Version
Unova Pokémon League
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Unova Pokémon League as it appears in Smash.
Universe Pokémon
Appears in SSB4 (3DS)
Availability Starter
Crate type Normal
Maximum players 8 (Ultimate only)
Bolded tracks must be unlocked
for 3DS Main: N's Castle Medley
Alternate: Battle! (Reshiram / Zekrom)
Ultimate Pokémon series music
Main: N's Castle
Alternate: Battle! (Reshiram / Zekrom)
Tournament legality
Smash 4 Singles: Banned
Doubles: Banned
Ultimate Singles: Counterpick/Banned
Doubles: Counterpick/Banned
Articles on Bulbapedia Pokémon League (Unova)
N's Castle

Unova Pokémon League (イッシュポケモンリーグ, Isshu Pokémon League) is a stage in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Jigglypuff is fought here in its unlocking battle in the 3DS game.

Stage layout[edit]

The basic structure of the stage consists of a main platform which reaches the bottom of the stage and two raised soft platforms on both sides.

However, at times, N's Castle rises in the background. This summons two ramps which crash into the sides of the stage, impacting characters they hit, then becoming solid platforms that lead at angles up to the side blast lines. Afterwards, Reshiram or Zekrom will fly in to attack with either Fusion Flare or Fusion Bolt respectively. The ramps will disappear either as destruction by the dragon, or else after a set time when the dragon leaves.

Reshiram can attack by summoning flames, which can:

  • cover portions of the right, left, or both sides of the field
  • cover the center areas of the field, making it difficult to get to opponents on the opposite side.

Zekrom can attack by shooting a ball of electricity, which can:

  • deal damage and heavy knockback to either side of the stage, as well as destroy the ramp it hits.
  • deal damage and heavy knockback to either side of the stage and tilt the full stage, which resets and removes the ramps after about 30 seconds.

Whimsicott, Milotic and Shaymin can also appear in the background. However, they have no gameplay effect and just fly away, with Shaymin changing from its Land Forme to its Sky Forme.

Ω forms and Battlefield form[edit]

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, the Ω form is set on the main hard platform of the normal form. No background Pokémon appear. N's Castle remains risen in the background permanently, and no stage transitions occur.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the main platform of the Ω form and Battlefield form is similar to SSB4's Ω form; however, it does not extend below the blastline and is resized and reshaped to match Final Destination and Battlefield, respectively. The three soft platforms of the Battlefield form are based on the ones in the normal form.

Hazards Off[edit]

With hazards off in Ultimate, Reshiram and Zekrom do not appear and unleash their attacks, and N's Castle never rises in the background and activates the ramps. Whimsicott, Milotic and Shaymin can still appear, but still have no effect.


N's Castle rising up behind the Pokémon League in Pokémon Black and White.

The Pokémon League in Unova is located in the mountains in the north of the region, at the end of Victory Road. The main hall is open-spaced and has six structures: the Pokémon Center, the four chambers housing each member of the Elite Four and a chamber which houses the Champion. A statue appears in the center and it acts as an elevator leading to the steps leading to the Champion. The Elite Four members of Unova are Shauntal, who specializes in Ghost types; Marshal, who specializes in Fighting types; Grimsley, who specializes in Dark types and Caitlin, who specializes in Psychic types. After defeating the Elite Four, the player can fight the Champion: Alder (Black/White), who was not fought in the player's initial visit or Iris (Black 2/White 2), previously a Dragon type Gym Leader from White.

N's Castle is the base of operations for Team Plasma in Pokémon Black and White, and the setting for the final storyline battles of the game. The castle, which surrounds the champion's chamber in the Pokémon League and could be accessed from there during the player's initial visit to the League, is where Reshiram or Zekrom can be caught depending on the version. The caught Tao dragon may fight alongside the player if he or she chooses in the battles against N and then Ghetsis. After defeating Ghetsis, the castle is no longer visible and cannot be visited again.

The ruins of the castle appear in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, which could be accessed from Victory Road during the post-game storyline. There, the player can encounter N, and may face him in a battle. After the initial battle, the player may visit him once per season and fight weather-based teams depending on the season.

Tournament Legality[edit]

In Smash 4, the stage is universally banned, as the Pokémon in the background can sometimes interrupt gameplay.

In Ultimate, the stage is often considered a counterpick with hazards off, as it removes the hazardous Pokémon. Although it appears similar to Pokémon Stadium 2, its main platform is more narrow, and it has an irregular underside, while its blastzones are less wide but unusually tall. The irregular underside can cause certain characters, namely those with teleport recoveries, to bounce on the rock wall and self destruct if recovering low hugging the stage; this has caused many tournaments to decide to ban Unova Pokémon League altogether, although this has been a minor point of contention among the competitive community. Since the release of Small Battlefield, which provides a more standardized medium size "biplat" stage, Unova Pokémon League has steadily fallen in popularity and now sees next to no usage in tournament rulesets.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese イッシュポケモンリーグ Isshu Pokémon League
UK English Unova Pokémon League
France French Ligue Pokémon d'Unys Unys Pokémon League
Germany German Einall-Pokémon-Liga Einall Pokémon League
Spain Spanish Liga Pokémon de Teselia Teselia Pokémon League
Italy Italian Lega Pokémon di Unima Unima Pokémon League
China Chinese (Simplified) 合众宝可梦联盟 Hezhong Pokémon League
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 合眾寶可夢聯盟 Hezhong Pokémon League
South Korea Korean 하나 포켓몬리그 Hana Pokémon League
Netherlands Dutch Unova League
Russia Russian Лига Юнова Unova League


The tower with the unmodelled inside walls, viewed with the in-game camera
The same tower in the Ω form, correctly modelled
  • One of the towers which can be looked into using camera controls does not have the inside walls modelled, allowing the camera to look through the back wall at the rock face behind it. Oddly, this is fixed in the Ω form, but remains in the regular form.
  • Out of all of the stages that have been redesigned in Ultimate, Unova Pokemon League seems to have the most changes in design compared to that of the 3DS version. A major example can be seen in the background structures, which have changed design entirely to be more ornamental and symmetrical.
  • The alternate song titled Battle! (Reshiram / Zekrom) in the Nintendo 3DS version of the game had a slightly re-edited version patched in an update. The newer version makes the guitar a little quieter and makes it sound more pleasant to the ears.
  • In Ultimate, the following Assist Trophies cannot appear on this stage: the Moon, Nightmare, Andross, Devil, Nikki (due to the dark background obscuring her drawings) and the Squid Sisters. Additionally, Lugia cannot be summoned from a Poké Ball in this stage.