Rainbow Road

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Mario Kart 7
Rainbow Road
SSB4 Rainbow Road.jpg
Universe Mario
Appears in SSB4 (3DS)
Home stage to Mario
Rosalina and Luma
Dr. Mario
Bowser Jr.
Availability Starter
Crate type Presents
Tracks available Rainbow Road Medley
Rainbow Road (Mario Kart 7) (Alternate)
Tournament Legality
Smash 4 Singles: Banned
Doubles: Banned
Article on Super Mario Wiki Rainbow Road (3DS)
This page is about the stage in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. For the song in Brawl, see here.

Rainbow Road (レインボーロード, Rainbow Road) is a stage in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. It is based on the Rainbow Road course from Mario Kart 7.

Stage Layout[edit]

Rainbow Road consists of a flat rainbow platform that travels around the track and landing in several areas. Some of those destinations include the rings of Saturn, a white polka-dotted mushroom trampoline, the finish line, and a moon. It is a cruise-style stage similar to Port Town Aero Dive, Delfino Plaza, Mute City, and Skyloft. Much like in Mario Circuit, Shy Guys will drive around the course and serve as damage-dealing obstacles. Like in Mute City, touching the track while the moving platform is in motion deals upwards knockback.

Ω Form[edit]

The stage only consists of a single platform which still follows the track, but does not stop at places of interest. The stage depicts the split-up roads following the tube as curved; in both the stage and the racetrack, the roads are straight.


Rainbow Road as it appears in Mario Kart 7.

Rainbow Road first appeared in Super Mario Kart as the last course of the Special Cup, and has appeared in every main Mario Kart game since. This Rainbow Road is based on the Mario Kart 7 version.

Shy Guys debuted in Mario Kart DS as the only drivers recipient players of DS Download Play could play as, but made their proper debut as part of the game roster in Mario Kart 7. In this stage, Shy Guys drive in the Standard Kart.

Trophy description[edit]

North America This beautiful seven-color course is the finale of the Special Cup in Mario Kart 7. Set high above in space, drivers navigate the rings of Saturn and cross craters on the moon. Shy Guys are racing on this course as the fighters compete on and around it, and they have no problem hitting you with their karts.
Europe The Special Cup's final course in Mario Kart 7. This space track takes you through Saturn's rings and the craters on the moon. While fighting on the Rainbow Road stage, you'll fly around and sometimes even descend onto the track itself. Watch out! Shy Guys are having a proper race down there, and they don't brake for anyone!



  • The track in the stage is slightly altered from its original appearance in Mario Kart 7.
    • All of the speed/gliding ramps are missing. Despite this, Shy Guys can still be seen with their gliders.
    • The mushroom-based platforms on the course no longer bounce racers off them.
    • The area right before the second section sign is no longer bumpy on the sides.
    • Saturn's ring doesn't have breaks in it on the sides.
    • The road right before the moon no longer bounces.
  • The stage's starting line is extended at the beginning of the stage, in spite of the fact that it can appear at its normal length when the stage is stopped by the starting line. It is to make way for the touring platform.

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