Mushroom Kingdom II

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Super Mario Bros. 2
Mushroom Kingdom II
Kingdom II
Mushroom Kingdom II in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Universe Mario
Appears in Melee
Home stage to Melee:
Luigi (Unlocking/Classic/All-Star Match)
Peach (Classic)
Dr. Mario (All-Star)
Dr. Mario
Rosalina & Luma
Bowser Jr.
Piranha Plant
Availability Unlockable (Melee)
Starter (Ultimate)
Unlock criteria Obtain the Birdo trophy.
Maximum players 4 (Melee)
8 (Ultimate)
Tracks available Mushroom Kingdom II
Dr. Mario (Alternate)
Tournament legality
Melee Singles: Banned
Doubles: Banned
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"Subcon" redirects here. For the game that Subcon originally appeared in, see Super Mario Bros. 2.

Mushroom Kingdom II (いにしえの王国II, Ancient Kingdom II) is an unlockable stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee and a starter stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate; in Ultimate, its Japanese name has been changed to いにしえの王国 USA (Ancient Kingdom USA).

In Melee, Luigi is fought here for his unlocking battle, even if this stage itself is not unlocked yet. However, if the player has not yet obtained the Birdo trophy, they do not unlock the unlockable stage. In All-Star mode, this is where the player faces Dr. Mario and any of his teammates.

Stage overview[edit]

Birdo shooting an egg in Melee.

The stage has three hard platforms, all of which reach the bottom blast line: two at the sides, and a lower one in the middle (which is actually made up of two pieces of ground connected by a log).

Logs continuously come down from the waterfall in the background, acting as temporary platforms which quickly fall down into the two pits on the sides of the center platform. These logs are completely solid and cannot be passed through so getting caught beneath one once it has entered either pit is a guaranteed KO.

Occasionally, Birdo appears from either side of the screen and shoots eggs, either one or three. These eggs can be attacked, knocking them off, or caught aerially: if thrown at an opponent they deal massive damage and knockback, up to 28%. After being caught and thrown the eggs can be broken, and sometimes contain items. Birdo is susceptible to attacks, and if damaged enough she retreats, or can even be knocked off stage. Sometimes Pidgits will fly erratically over the middle part on a carpet, which can be jumped on.

For unknown reasons, Star KO'd characters will fade before turning into a star.


A portion of World 1-1, as seen in the Super Mario All-Stars version of Super Mario Bros. 2.

Contrary to what its name suggests, this stage is not derived from any version of the Mushroom Kingdom; it originates from Super Mario Bros. 2's World 1, which takes place in the land of Subcon. The graphical style is based on the SNES port of Super Mario Bros. 2 included in Super Mario All-Stars, rather than the original NES version.

Waterfalls are a common element in World 1 of Super Mario Bros. 2, and often have logs coming down from them that can be used as temporary platforms.

Pidgits are small bird enemies that ride on flying magic carpets in Super Mario Bros. 2. When they are defeated, the carpet can be ridden and controlled by the player, though it vanishes after a short while.

Also in Super Mario Bros. 2 are Birdos, which are recurring bosses that are fought in several levels. They attack by shooting eggs, which can be picked up and thrown to defeat them.

Tournament legality[edit]

For several reasons, this stage is banned in competitive play. The stage is commonly seen as too small to hold a proper competitive battle on, and Birdo's appearances are random and overly disruptive to the matches. The walk-off blast lines can additionally result in quick, easy KOs, and the lack of a proper "central" platform serves as a hindrance, particularly in doubles matches.



  • This is one of the five stages in the Super Smash Bros. series to change music when the timer reaches 30 seconds and during Sudden Death, the others are Mushroom Kingdom (SSB), Mushroom Kingdom (SSBM), Suzaku Castle (if the music played is either Ryu Stage Type A/B or Ken Stage Type A/B) and Moray Towers.
  • Mushroom Kingdom II and Mushroom Kingdom are the only two stages in Melee to share an alternate music track: Dr. Mario. They are also the only two stages in Melee to lack a stage prefix.
  • When a new file is started in Melee, the player automatically receives one random trophy among those immediately obtainable in the lottery. Since the Birdo trophy is one of them, it is possible for the Mushroom Kingdom II stage to be immediately unlocked upon starting a new file, with the corresponding unlock message being received right when the game starts up.

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