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For other uses, see Egg (disambiguation).
Universe Super Smash Bros.
Appears in SSB64
Item class Healing, Container, Throwing, Explosive
Break the egg open to get the item inside. Look for it when the Pokémon Chansey appears.
Super Smash Bros. instruction manual

Eggs (ラッキーのたまご, Lucky Egg), also referred to as Chansey's Eggs, are container and tossable items that appear in Super Smash Bros., Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Their functionality is similar to capsules, but have a few differences from these items.


Spawning behaviour[edit]

In Smash 64, eggs can appear via randomly spawning or from the Pokémon Chansey. In the latter case, Chansey can appear from either a Poké Ball and spawn three eggs via Softboiled, or on the Saffron City stage, where it will spawn one egg. The egg's spawning behaviour, however, changed for Melee; while still appearing when Chansey is summoned from a Poké Ball, eggs now only randomly spawn on the game's three Yoshi-related stages (Yoshi's Island, Yoshi's Story, and the past version of Yoshi's Island), as well as on the Trophy Tussle event matches. In Ultimate, eggs only spawn from Chansey in Saffron City, like in Smash 64.

As a throwing item[edit]

Zelda holding the two-dimensional Birdo Egg.

Eggs are functionally similar to capsules, in that they are both items that contain a single item; both can be picked up and thrown, and both can be broken open via standard attacks. While the egg also has the chance to explode and inflict significant damage and knockback to opponents, the item's standard damage output is considerably less than that of the capsule.

As a recovery item[edit]

Eggs can potentially spawn as standard healing items, and their chances of spawning as this can be manipulated with the Item Switch; enabling only food forces all Eggs to be healing items. Disabling recovery items, however, causes all Eggs to be throwing items. Heals 7% damage.

As a stage hazard[edit]

A unique form of eggs can be found in Mushroom Kingdom II. The stage hazard of Birdo sometimes spawns on the stage, after which she will sometimes shoot up to six eggs at players. While these eggs deal negligible knockback and damage to players, they become destructive weaponry when air grabbed; almost all of Birdo's eggs explode when thrown, very few of them actually produce items.

Unique to Birdo's Eggs is that they are displayed as two-dimensional sprites, identically to the character's appearance on the stage.


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Explosion 22%
Throw 15%
Explosion throw 35%
Dash attack throw 16%
Dash attack throw explosion 38%
Up tilt throw 11%
Up tilt throw explosion 38%
Forward tilt throw 13%
Forward tilt throw explosion 35%
Down tilt throw 15%
Down tilt throw explosion 37%
Forward smash throw 17%
Explosion forward smash throw 38%
Up smash throw 11%
Up smash throw explosion 34%
Down smash throw 19%
Down smash throw explosion 39%
Air throw 13%
Air throw explosion 35%
Air Drop 11%
Air Drop Explosion 34%
Air up tilt throw 12%
Air up tilt throw explosion 34%
Air down tilt throw 15%
Air down tilt throw explosion 37%
Air forward smash throw 13%
Air forward smash throw explosion 38%
Air up smash throw 11%
Air up smash throw explosion 37%
Air down smash throw 15%
Air down smash throw explosion 37%


Egg trophy from Super Smash Bros. Melee.
Screenshot by Dany36
Egg's trophy in Melee
Eggs are basically the same as Capsules, in that they'll release items when you break them open. They've been known to explode, too. The likelihood that certain items may be inside Eggs depends on the type of stage being played. Sometimes Eggs will contain health-replenishing food items; other times, they may hold weapons.
Super Smash Bros. (4/99)


In the real world, eggs are an organic vessel in which a embryo develops until it can survive on its own; most animals, including all birds, reproduce by laying eggs. Bird eggs, which the eggs appearing in Super Smash Bros. resemble, can be used as food by humans, who usually harvest them from domestic poultry. The use of eggs as container items in Smash may be inspired by the tradition of easter eggs, hollow chocolate eggs that contain a toy inside.

In the Pokémon series, eggs are typically associated with the Pokémon Chansey starting with the original Pokémon Red & Blue. Chansey is recognizable by the large egg it carries in its pouch, which is said to have remarkable curative effects. Chansey is able to learn a few egg-based moves such as Egg Bomb and Soft-Boiled. Pokémon Gold & Silver introduced the Lucky Egg, an item usually held by wild Chansey that increases the experience points earned in battle. Gold & Silver also introduced breeding mechanics and established Pokémon as egg-laying creatures, though Pokémon eggs look different than the ones in Smash, with the games portraying them as pale with green spots and the anime giving the shell a pattern similar to the Pokémon contained inside. Pokémon eggs also cannot be used in battle.

In Super Mario Bros. 2, Birdo will attack the player by shooting eggs from her mouth. To defeat her, the player is required to jump on the eggs, pick them up and throw them back at her.

Eggs are also a common motif in the Yoshi series, which explains their appearance as items on Yoshi stages replacing capsules. However, eggs in Yoshi games have a distinctive design with colored spots.