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Maxim Tomato

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For the American Smasher, see Smasher:Tomato.
Maxim Tomato
Official artwork of a Maxim Tomato from Kirby: Squeak Squad.
Universe Kirby
Appears in SSB
Item class Recovery
Article on Wikirby Maxim Tomato
This tasty veggie recovers up to 100% on your Damage Meter.
Super Smash Bros. instruction booklet description

The Maxim Tomato (マキシムトマト, Maxim Tomato), sometimes known as a Tomato, is a healing item (a red tomato with a black "M" in the center) first introduced in the Kirby series, which reduces the damage percentage of the player who picks it up. It is often misnamed "Maximum Tomato" or "Tomato".


Kirby finds a Maxim Tomato in Kirby's Adventure.

Maxim Tomatoes made their first appearance in Kirby's Dream Land. They completely restore Kirby's health. Maxim Tomatoes have appeared in numerous Kirby games since, and usually function identically to their first appearance. In the Super Smash Bros. games, Maxim Tomatoes only restore fifty percent of a player's health rather than fully restoring it. The design of the Maxim Tomato has also been retained from Kirby's Dream Land. The Maxim Tomato is a small red tomato, with a noticeable black and white M on the front.

In Super Smash Bros.[edit]

Artwork of Maxim Tomato in SSB.

In Super Smash Bros., the Maxim Tomato restores 100% from a character's damage percentage. In SSB, any damage the character takes is ignored while healing.

In Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

A Maxim Tomato in Melee.

Beginning in Super Smash Bros. Melee, the Maxim Tomato heals 50% from a character's damage percentage, with Heart Containers taking the previous function of healing 100% damage. Also beginning in Melee, damage taken while healing will be subtracted from the amount healed by the tomato. For example, if an attack does 10% damage, the tomato will "absorb" it into its 50% recovery, and the user only recovers 40% damage.


Maxim Tomato trophy in Melee.

Maxim Tomatoes cure 50 percentage points of your accumulated damage. Once you eat one, after a brief moment, your damage meter slowly drains the appropriate amount, regardless of whether or not you pick up another item right afterwards. In the Kirby series, these juicy, health-restoring items were a favorite of the pink hero.

Game Boy: Kirby's Dream Land (08/92)

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Maxim Tomato model from Brawl.

Maxim Tomatoes return in Brawl, functioning identically to Melee.


Maxim Tomato trophy in Brawl.

A juicy tomato that heals 50 percentage points of the damage you've accumulated. When one of these appears in combat, rest assured there will be a race to see who can reach it first. It's a race of desperation between players who want to heal their damage and those who want to stop them from doing so. In the Kirby series, Maxim Tomatoes healed all damage.

Game Boy: Kirby's Dream Land (08/92)
SNES: Kirby Super Star (08/96)


Name Game Effect Characters
Maxim Tomato Kirby: Squeak Squad SpecialMaximTomatoEffect+050StickerIconMaximTomatoEffect.png +50 Kirby Meta Knight King DededeKirbyHeadSSBB.pngMetaKnightHeadSSBB.pngKingDededeHeadSSBB.png
Brawl Sticker Maxim Tomato (Kirby Squeak Squad).png
Maxim Tomato
(Kirby Squeak Squad)

In Super Smash Bros. 4[edit]

The Maxim Tomato in SSB4.

Maxim Tomatoes reappear in SSB4; their function remains unchanged from the previous two installments.


Maxim Tomato
North America A tomato marked with a large, black M. This is Kirby's favorite snack, and in the past it has fully restored Kirby's health. The ones that show up in Smash Bros. aren't from the same crop, though, and only heal 50 points of damage. That'll still help you in a fight—unless an enemy eats it first.
Europe A big, juicy tomato with the letter M on it. In the Kirby series, it's Kirby's favourite treat, and it heals damage completely. Sadly, in this game, it only takes 50 off your damage, but it's still a hot item among badly hurt players...and players who just want to stop others from getting it!
Game Boy: Kirby's Dream Land (08/1992)
SNES: Kirby Super Star (08/1996)

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Piranha Plant and Wario alongside a Maxim Tomato in Ultimate.

Maxim Tomatoes appear once again in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and they retain the same behaviour as the previous three installments.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese マキシムトマト, Maxim Tomato
UK English Maxim Tomato
France French Maxi-tomate Maxi Tomato
Germany German Maxi-Tomate Maxi Tomato
Spain Spanish Maxi Tomate Maxi Tomato
Italy Italian Pomodoro Maxim Maxim Tomato
China Chinese M番茄 M Tomato
South Korea Korean 맥시멈 토마토, Maximum Tomato
Netherlands Dutch Maxim-tomaat Maxim Tomato
Russia Russian Макси-томат Maxi Tomato
Portugal Portuguese Maxitomate Maxitomato