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Shotzo Triple Deluxe artwork.png
Artwork of a Shotzo from Kirby: Triple Deluxe.
Universe Kirby
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Shotzos (シャッツォ, Shotzo) are enemies from the Kirby franchise.


Shotzo as it appears in Kirby's Dream Land 2. From the Kirby Wikia.
A Shotzo as it appears in Kirby's Dream Land 2.

Shotzos are cannon enemies introduced in Kirby's Dream Land and commonly appearing in the entire series. Their behavior is the same as their Smash Run version, including their invincibility: the only way to defeat them, only occasionally possible, is destroying blocks beneath them to make them plummet offscreen. Most Shotzos are completely immobile, but some drop in carried by parasols.

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS[edit]

In Smash Run[edit]

A Shotzo in Smash Run.

Shotzos appear as enemies. Like Gordos, they cannot be defeated in any way. They stand in place and attack by shooting small projectiles, either one or three at a time. They can either shoot in a set direction or actively aim at the player, both modes only along 45-degree angles.


NTSC These cannons from the Kirby series could track Kirby and fire at him. In Smash Bros., there are two different kinds: ones that fire in a set direction and ones that will track and fire at a fighter. Don't waste time attacking these guys, though—it's impossible to defeat them.
PAL Not all of these cannons from the Kirby series are stuck to the ground – some float in with parasols, and some can even move on their own! In Smash Run, some fire in a fixed direction, while others will aim at you. They're invincible, but they also can't shoot through each other. Keep that in mind when you come across them!