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Symbol of the DK series.

Render from Mario Super Sluggers.

Universe Donkey Kong
Debut Donkey Kong Country (1994)
Smash Bros. appearances Brawl
Most recent non-Smash appearance Mario Super Sluggers (2008)
Console/platform of origin Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Designed by Steve Mayles
Article on Super Mario Wiki Kritter

Kritters (クリッター, Kritter) are enemies from the Donkey Kong series. They are the basic Kremling enemies working for King K. Rool in Donkey Kong Country.


A blue Kritter in Mario Super Sluggers.

Kritters are the basic enemies of the classic Donkey Kong Country games, with a role similar to Mario's Goombas. They damage the player on contact, and can be defeated by a jump, a rolling tackle, or a thrown barrel. Green Kritters walk back and forth, while blue Kritters move around by jumping.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Trophy information[edit]

Kritter trophy in Brawl.

A member of the Kremlings. Led by King K. Rool, Kritters are the grunts of the army. They appear frequently in Donkey Kong Country in green, purple, blue, and other color variations—the blue ones will jump after Donkey Kong. Kritters also appear in Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast/Jet Race, pounding those barrels in pursuit of Donkey Kong.

SNES: Donkey Kong Country
Kritter (Goalie) trophy in Brawl.
Kritter (Goalie)

An underling of King K. Rool and the one and only goalie of Super Mario Strikers. In other words, it doesn't matter what team you play as—your goalie is going to be Kritter. Despite being at the very bottom of the Kremling ranks, he's responsible for what many might consider to be the toughest AND most important field position.

Wii: Mario Strikers Charged


Name Game Effect Character(s)
Kritter DK: King of Swing StickerIconLaunchResistance.png +13 RandomHeadSSBB.png
Kritter Mario Strikers Charged SpecialsDirect.png Attack +28 RandomHeadSSBB.png
Brawl Sticker Kritter (DK King of Swing).png
(DK: King of Swing)
Brawl Sticker Kritter (Mario Strikers Charged).png
(Mario Strikers Charged)

In Super Smash Bros. 4[edit]

In Smash Run[edit]

Two Kritters in Smash Run.

Green and blue Kritters appear as enemies. Both types walk around and turn at ledges, but will attack differently if they spot a player:

  • Green Kritters bite three times, and are able to turn around between each one.
  • Blue Kritters attack with a multi-hitting spinning tackle, which can also be performed while jumping.

Both Kritter types are also part of the enemy waves in the generic version of the Vs. Enemy Team final battle.

Trophy information[edit]

The Kritter trophy appears in both versions of the game.

Trophy in for 3DS.
Trophy in for Wii U.
North AmericaSuper Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Kremlings are King K. Rool's minions from the Donkey Kong series, and they come in both green and blue varieties. Green ones will try to bite you repeatedly, and their last bite hurts the most! Blue ones will swipe at you with their sharp claws. Neither really knocks you back, so it's easy to get hit several times by them.
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U These enemies are part of King K. Rool's Kremling gang in the Donkey Kong series. Depending on their color, they move and attack in different ways. Sadly for them, Donkey Kong has a tendency to take them out before they even know what's going on. On a separate note, you can actually play as a Kritter in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast!
Europe These enemies are part of King K. Rool's Kremling gang in the Donkey Kong series. The green ones attack with their strong jaws, while the blue use their sharp claws in spinning attacks for powerful slashing. They don't have a lot of launching power, but their relentless assaults can easily wear you down.
SNES: Donkey Kong Country (11/1994)
N64: Donkey Kong 64 (11/1999)

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Kritter appears as a spirit for the game's Spirit mode.


No. Image Name Type Class Slots Base Power Max Power Base Attack Max Attack Base Defense Max Defense Ability Series
SSBU spirit Kritter.png
1 956 4782 631 3156 325 1626 No Effect Donkey Kong Series