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Polar Bear

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Polar Bear
SSBU spirit Polar Bear.png

A Polar Bear from Ice Climber.

Universe Ice Climber
Level(s) appears in Icicle Mountain
Point worth 800

The Polar Bear (ホワイトベア, White Bear) is an enemy from the Ice Climber universe.


A Polar Bear as it appears in Ice Climber.

Polar Bears originally made an appearance in the Ice Climber game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Polar Bears would appear as an enemy on the mountain that the Ice Climbers were scaling. If an Ice Climber was taking too long to climb up a level of a mountain, one would appear and will stomp on the ice to move up one level, making an Ice Climber lose a life if one was at the lowest possible level.

In Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

A Polar Bear on Icicle Mountain in Melee.

Polar Bears serve as an enemy in the game's Adventure Mode. In Stage 10: Icicle Mountain, Polar Bears can sometimes be seen in the first part of the stage. They walk back and forth on the various platforms, and sometimes jump in order to force the screen to scroll up. They despawn when the Ice Climbers appear.

While a rare occurrence, Polar Bears are among the enemies that can potentially spawn from Crates and Barrels. In these cases, it is possible to pick up the enemy with a grab, then throw them at opponents; because of the Polar Bear's high weight, it can effectively one-hit KO opponents when smash thrown.

By KOing a Polar Bear in either regular matches or the Adventure Mode, the player is awarded the Polar Bear KO bonus, which is worth 800 points, the most for an enemy. The bonus also stacks if the player defeats more than one.


Polar Bear trophy in Melee.
Polar Bear
This bizarre beast appears whenever the Ice Climbers take five during their ascents. Each leap the upright bear makes causes an earthquake and makes the mountain scroll upward. If the climbers fall off the bottom of the screen, they'll drop into a bottomless chasm. For reasons unknown, it sports pink shorts and sunglasses.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

A Polar Bear standing on the top of Summit.

A Polar Bear appears as a background character on the stage Summit. When the stage has slid down the mountain and into the water, a Polar Bear will drop down from the sky and send the stage lower into the water. From there, it will begin walking in the background, akin to its appearance from Ice Climber, and sometimes stopping to jump and send the stage even lower into the water.

The Polar Bear stays in the background when the stage regrows. However, it will be blown off the stage when it breaks off again, though it will still respawn when the stage ends up in the water again.

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS[edit]

In Smash Run[edit]

A Polar Bear attacking Zelda.

The Polar Bear appears as an uncommon enemy. Like in Melee, it regularly walks forward on the platforms, and it sometimes stops to jump in place, dealing significant damage when it lands. It has high HP and a resistance to grabs, but it is weak to flame attacks which even make it flinch. Owing to its above average strength it drops more power-ups than regular enemies.


Trophy in for 3DS.
Polar Bear

This free-spirited polar bear usually just wanders around aimlessly, but sometimes he likes to shake things up a bit. Literally! He'll jump in the air and then land hard, causing a huge earthquake that makes the whole screen shake and does damage to anyone on the ground. He's not keen on heat, though, so hit him with fire attacks!

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

A Polar Bear with Kazuya on Summit.

A Polar Bear can be seen teetering precariously on the icy mountain in Iceberg. Additionally, the Polar Bear also reappears on the returning Summit stage.


The Polar Bear also appears as an Ace-class support spirit.

In Adventure Mode: World of Light, the Polar Bear is presumably one of the countless spirits captured by Galeem during his takeover of the universe. The Polar Bear's spirit is located in the icy mountain section of The Light Realm.

The Polar Bear uses a Donkey Kong puppet fighter and is fought on the Summit stage's Battlefield form. During the battle, Donkey Kong is equipped with slow super armor, referencing how the Polar Bear is a slow but powerful enemy in Ice Climber. Also, the Freezie item appears, and periodic earthquakes will shake the stage while Donkey Kong can deal damage by falling, referencing the Polar Bear's ability to perform a powerful stomp.

The Polar Bear can be summoned using the cores of Bewear and Freezie.

No. Image Name Type Class Cost Ability Series
SSBU spirit Polar Bear.png
Polar Bear
★★★ 2 Slow Super Armor Ice Climber Series


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese ホワイトベア, White Bear
UK English Polar Bear
France French Ours polaire
Germany German Eisbär
Spain Spanish Oso polar
Italy Italian Orso polare
China Chinese Polar Bear
South Korea Korean Polar Bear
Netherlands Dutch IJsbeer
Russia Russian Белый медведь