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Parasol Waddle Dee

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Parasol Waddle Dee
Official artwork of a Parasol Waddle Dee from Kirby Star Allies.
Universe Kirby
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Parasol Waddle Dees (パラソルワドルディ, Parasol Waddle Dee) are a type of Waddle Dee that appears in the Kirby series.


A Parasol Waddle Dee as it appears in Kirby Super Star. From the Kirby Wikia.
A Parasol Waddle Dee helping Kirby in Kirby Super Star.

Parasol Waddle Dees debuted along with their basic version in Kirby's Dream Land, and made several appearances in most later games. When inhaled by Kirby, they can give Kirby the Parasol ability, allowing him to glide safely to the ground and protect him from certain falling hazards. Parasol Waddle Dees may occasionally abandon their parasols, turning them into regular Waddle Dees: however, Kirby can still get the Parasol ability by inhaling the stray parasol.

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS[edit]

In Smash Run[edit]

A Parasol Waddle Dee with Roy in Smash Run.

Parasol Waddle Dees appear as enemies. They gently float down with their parasol, and once on the ground they walk around and then jump in the air again. When they are holding it, their parasol can be jumped on as a trampoline. When attacked they let the parasol go and become regular Waddle Dees; the stray parasol deals low damage and knockback.


Parasol Waddle Dee's trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS
Parasol Waddle Dee
NTSC This citizen of Dream Land falls gracefully from the sky clutching a parasol. Waddle Dee itself is fairly harmless, but the parasol can deflect almost anything. Don't hurt yourself accidentally! Also, be careful if one releases its parasol—that floating umbrella can really sting!
PAL These little chaps from the Kirby series are really peaceful. In Smash Run, they use their parasols to float gently down to the ground. Their parasols will deflect almost anything, so you can use them as a trampoline, if you like! If a Waddle Dee lets go of its parasol, though, be careful – floating umbrellas are dangerous things!