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Clubberskull Smash Run.jpg
An inactive Clubberskull in Smash Run.
Universe Kid Icarus
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Clubberskulls (デススカル, Deathskull) are enemies from Kid Icarus: Uprising that resemble a large one-eyed heart with demonic skulls on their hands.

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS[edit]

In Smash Run[edit]

Clubberskulls appear as very powerful enemies, and they can also be event mid-bosses like Bulborb, Bonkers, Reaper and Polar Bear. They hide in a skull, and if attacked they break open and start to attack. They can either go forward while smashing their fists on the ground, also hitting and defeating other enemies, or generate a shock wave which pushes players away.

They have the most health and are by far the strongest enemies in Smash Run, and as such they drop huge stat boosts: three when defeated in a normal context, or five when defeated as an event boss. The enemies they defeat during their rampage also drop stat boosts normally.

Trophy information[edit]


ntsc These enormous beasts armed with giant skulls are usually kept locked up, but you can set them free just by attacking them. We should mention, though, that you can't grab or launch them and they're super powerful. What? You already released it? Defeat it, then, and earn lots of stat boosts and prizes!

pal These enormous beasts armed with giant skulls are usually kept locked up, but you can get them to go on a rampage just by attacking them. Watch out, though - you can't grab or launch them, and they're ridiculously powerful. They'll even take out other enemies to get to you! Defeat them to get lots of stat boosts and prizes.


Official artwork of a Clubberskull in Uprising.

Clubberskulls, introduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising are extremely powerful enemies of the Underworld Army. Mostly encountered towards the beginning of the game, they are often chained, immobile, and harmless until hit. When free, their movements cause slight tremors and are heralded by a loud clanging noise.


  • Clubberskulls are one of the few enemies to have its voice heard in Smash Run, as it roars when freed.

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