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This article is about Dark Pit's appearance in Super Smash Bros. 4. For the character in other contexts, see Dark Pit; for information on the character of whomst Dark Pit is a clone, see Pit (SSB4).
Dark Pit
in Super Smash Bros. 4
Dark Pit
Universe Kid Icarus
Availability Unlockable
Final Smash Dark Pit Staff
Tier C (30-31)

Dark Pit (ブラックピット, Black Pit) is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. 4, being an unlockable newcomer. Dark Pit was teased before release, being shown in Palutena's reveal trailer, and officially confirmed by the Smash website on October 9th, 2014 alongside Dr. Mario, in a post-release announcement. He is a moveset clone of Pit and, like Dr. Mario and Lucina, Dark Pit was originally intended to be an alternate costume before being split off into his own character, the reason to this being due to the oddity of him wielding the Three Sacred Treasures and the Electroshock Arm being already modeled.[1].

Just as in Kid Icarus: Uprising, Dark Pit shares the same voice actors with Pit, with Antony Del Rio voicing him in English and Minami Takayama in Japanese, albeit with completely different voice clips.

Dark Pit currently ranks 30th out of 58 characters on the tier list, in the C tier and tied with Pit. While he is almost a full clone of Pit down to his movement options and combos, along with bearing a good damage racking ability, Dark Pit has a significantly more useful KO option in Electroshock Arm, and a stronger (though less versatile) damage racking projectile in Silver Bow. However, as Dark Pit largely retains Pit's moveset, he suffers from the same issues as him, such as largely weak finishers that give him trouble taking stocks outside of aggressive edgeguarding, along with a weaker version of Pit's forward tilt. Regardless, he has the benefits of his aerials being able to autocancel out of a short hop, his recovery being long distanced, and his edgeguarding ability being effective thanks to his multiple jumps.

Dark Pit's tournament representation was previously respectable, particularly due to Nairo having previously mained him, but after Nairo dropped him for Zero Suit Samus, his representation has become much worse than Pit's already below-average representation.

How to unlock[edit]

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS[edit]

  • Play 50 VS Matches.
  • Complete Classic Mode with three different characters.

Dark Pit must then be defeated on Reset Bomb Forest .

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

Dark Pit must then be defeated on Palutena's Temple.


Unlike most clones, who at least have different properties to differentiate themselves from the original (such as Lucina lacking Marth's tipper and Dr. Mario being a "stronger and slower Mario"), Dark Pit is almost exactly the same as his base character, Pit, in both moveset and movement speed (walking speed, dashing speed, air speed, falling speed and three double jumps). Excluding the smaller hitbox size on his jab's rapid finisher and the less base knockback on his forward tilt, Dark Pit's standard attacks are all carbon copies of Pit's, sharing the exact same frame data, damage and knockback, making Dark Pit quite literally a clone chracter (even their taunts share the exact same length of time despite looking different). The main differences between them are two of their special moves, which makes Dark Pit almost like a custom moveset counterpart of Pit with his own roster slot. This means combat-wise, Dark Pit works exactly the same as Pit, only with aesthetic differences (such as him using a different weapon, while having different taunts and voice lines). A Pit player will have no trouble playing Dark Pit because of their mirrored movesets, but there are some minor differences that can make Dark Pit either a better or worse character to pick in a matchup.

The first difference is Dark Pit's Silver Bow: compared to Pit's Palutena's Bow, Silver Bow's arrows travel in an almost fixed straight trajectory that can be only shifted slightly up and down. This means they are significantly less accurate than Pit's curve-heavy arrows, making it impossible for him to land as many aimed shots or be as much of a nuisance to opponents that are knocked offstage as Pit. Instead, they possess slightly higher overall damage, increased knockback, and speed when uncharged, which makes them more rewarding if used to deal damage than when compared with Pit's. Dark Pit's arrows are inferior to Pit's if a player solely uses them to camp, gimp or pester opponents, as they cannot be guided accurately. However, if a player prefers not to concentrate on aiming arrows as much as Pit, this can be an upside, as Dark Pit can allow them to focus on other matters, rather than aiming projectiles.

The second and more significant difference is his side special. Electroshock Arm, apart from dealing electrical damage, it sends opponents in a diagonal trajectory when landed, compared to Pit's Upperdash Arm which knocks opponents vertically. Combat-wise, Upperdash Arm KOs more consistently anywhere on the stage (starting at 150%) than Electroshock Arm if both Pit and his opponent are grounded due to its vertical knockback. By contrast, Electroshock Arm's diagonal knockback allows it to net KOs much earlier at the sides of the stage (starting at 80%), deals more damage, and its higher knockback when grounded makes it deceptively powerful if it lands on an onstage opponent due to its angle of knockback. Because of these differences, Electroshock Arm is a reliable KO move at the edges of the stage, especially against heavyweights or fighters with poor recovery as a diagonal angle can KO them more reliably, as well as make it more difficult for them to get back on stage: a perfect example would be against Ganondorf, who would be in more trouble if sent offstage by Electroshock Arm than up into the air but still safely over the stage by Upperdash Arm. Additionally, its knockback angle also makes Electroshock Arm a better offstage edgeguard (although its endlag when missed makes it a dangerous option).

All in all, in line with Dark Pit's Idol description in Uprising, the "flawed clone of Pit" is a more difficult character to use projectile-wise due to his harder hitting but less accurate projectile when compared to Pit, but he brings a different finishing tool into battle in the form of Electroshock Arm, which opens up a few more opportunities for him to earn KOs. Regardless, both Pit's differences are not all that significant, and it is up to the player to decide which Pit to use in combat since both are solid "all-rounders" with a more notable preference towards edgeguarding and recovery.

Dark Pit doesn't gain much benefit from his custom moves; only his neutral special really gains any benefit. Piercing Bow deals more damage and passes through rivals, but cannot be angled, giving it even less control than the regular Silver Bow. Guiding Bow is basically the opposite of Piercing Bow, it trades damage for more control, making it similar to Pit's Palutena's Bow.

Differences from Pit[edit]


  • Change Dark Pit's victory theme and poses (including quotes), "No Contest" pose, and taunts are different.
  • Change Like in Kid Icarus: Uprising, Dark Pit has a more serious tone in his voice. His voice in Japanese has a much deeper tone than Pit's energetic high-pitch one, while his English voice is gruffer and slightly deeper.
  • Change As Dark Pit's uses the Silver Bow for all blade attacks, his sword trail is silver with blue accents instead of Pit's gold and blue-accented Palutena Bow sword trail.
  • Change Silver Bow lacks the light rings (seen in Pit's version of Palutena's Arrow) to charge up his arrow.

Ground attacks[edit]

  • Nerf Neutral attack's infinite finisher has less range (6u -> 5u).
  • Change Neutral attack's infinite has increased z-axis displacement (8.5u -> 9u).
  • Nerf Forward tilt has reduced base knockback (40 → 15).
  • Buff Forward tilt's lower knockback can lead to locks.

Special attacks[edit]

  • Buff Dark Pit's Silver Bow arrows deal 2.3% more damage than Pit's Palutena's Arrows at full charge (8.6% → 10.9%), and 1% more when uncharged (3.3% → 4.3%). They also have increased knockback scaling (80 → 88), and travel slightly faster than Pit's arrows when uncharged.
  • Nerf Silver Bow has less range and cannot be guided in flight as much as Pit's Palutena's Arrow.
  • Buff Electroshock Arm deals 1% more damage on the ground (11% → 12%) and 0.5% more in the air (9% → 9.5%), sends opponents diagonally instead of vertically (80° → 43°), and has stronger knockback overall on the ground (100 base/60 scaling → 99/67), KOing much sooner than Pit's Upperdash Arm if close to the side blast zones of the stage
  • Nerf Electroshock Arm has slightly reduced knockback scaling in the air (60 → 58).
  • Buff Electroshock Arm has an electric effect (hence the name). This makes it safer on shield, due to the change in shield mechanics in patch 1.1.1.
  • Change Dark Pit's Power of Flight causes his wings to glow from green, blue, then red, in contrast to Pit's version, which makes his wings cycle from blue, yellow, then red.
  • Change Dark Pit's Final Smash is different; Dark Pit Staff fires a beam in a straight line that causes high knockback, similar to Zelda's/Sheik's Light Arrow. This Final Smash, compared to Pit's Three Sacred Treasures, has the ability to OHKO, but has much less vertical range, and is essentially a "high risk, high reward" move.

Update history[edit]

Similar to Pit, Dark Pit's changes in updates were minor, but were improvements in general. The changes to shielding mechanics in 1.1.0 and 1.1.1 are beneficial to him due to his multi-hit moves and his side special, Electroshock Arm, having better shield damaging capabilities. The base damage of Silver Bow was also increased (along with the projectile's speed) in 1.1.0, making Dark Pit's arrows a slightly stronger but less accurate variant of Pit's Palutena's Arrow. Update 1.1.3 buffed Electroshock Arm due to sending opponents at a more horizontal angle, making it KO earlier and more deadly against sub-par recoveries. Overall, Dark Pit seems to be better than he was in the game's initial release.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS 1.0.4

  • Change Some hitbox data has been adjusted.

Super Smash Bros. 4 1.0.6

  • Bug fix No longer clips through sloped terrain while using ledge attack as someone else grabs the ledge.

Super Smash Bros. 4 1.1.0

  • Buff Silver Bow improved. The damage has slightly increased: 3.8% → 4.3%, uncharged arrow's speed increased slightly (faster than Pit's now) and all variations have decreased ending lag by 3 frames.

Super Smash Bros. 4 1.1.3

  • Buff Electroshock/Electrocut Arm launch angle changed: 50° → 43°, sending opponents offstage at a slightly better angle.
  • Buff Grounded Electroshock Arm damage increased: 11.5% → 12%.
  • Buff Grounded Electroshock/Electrocut Arm knockback growth increased: 60 → 67.
  • Nerf Grounded Electroshock/Electrocut Arm base knockback decreased: 100 → 99.
  • Nerf Aerial Electroshock/Electrocut Arm knockback growth decreased: 60 → 58.

Super Smash Bros. 4 1.1.4


  Name Damage Description
Neutral attack   2% A triple slash ending in an uppercut. If the attack button is mashed, Dark Pit will spin his bow instead, hitting multiple times and ending in an upwards swipe. The jab infinite finisher has a smaller hitbox compared to Pit's, which can cause it to miss when Pit's would otherwise hit.
1% (loop), 2% (last)
Forward tilt   10% (tip), 7% (base) Dark Pit closes his blades onto the opponent in a scissor slash. Severely weaker base knockback than Pit's, which makes it inferior for KOing: Dark Pit's tipper KOs at 155% while Pit's KOs at 122%, while Dark Pit's sourspot KOs at 210% and Pit's at 170%.
Up tilt   2% (hit 1), 3% (hit 2), 5% (hit 3) Dark Pit flip kicks upwards, before correcting himself and kicking again for two hits. At low percentages, it can combo into a neutral or up aerial depending on the opponent's DI.
Down tilt   6% Dark Pit swipes one blade across the ground in front of him. Relatively high chance of tripping the enemy, while being relatively quick. Can combo with a dash attack until around 50% with middleweights and higher.
Dash attack   11% A running slash downwards with his bow. Sends foes upward which allows it to combo with a forward aerial at mid percents, but has moderate ending lag making it punishable on shield.
Forward smash   5% (hit 1), 10% (hit 2) Dark Pit separates his blades and slashes, before quickly putting them back and slashing again. The second hit carries all of the knockback, and has more reach than the first slash. Relatively high knockback that can KO near the edge at 90%.
Up smash   3% (hit 1), 2% (hit 2), 8% (hit 3) A leaping triple slash to the sky. Similar to Link's up smash but is noticeably faster and weaker. Has low horizontal range despite its looks, unable to hit behind Dark Pit and only able to drag point blank opponents into the attack.
Down smash   12% (base), 10% (tip) Dark Pit stabs the ground in front of, then behind him. The first hit is fast for a smash attack, although its diagonal knockback angle makes its KO potential relatively low, KOing at 145% near the edge. The second hit deals semi spike knockback and KOs at 111% near the edge.
Neutral aerial   0.7% (hits 1-7), 4% (hit 8) Dark Pit uses his bow in a buzz saw-like motion, hitting rivals multiple times before a final hit sends them flying with weak knockback. Can nullify weak projectiles. Has a smaller hitbox behind Dark Pit that connects less reliably. Useful for offstage edgeguarding or for combos. All of Dark Pit's aerials, including this move, auto cancel from a short hop.
Forward aerial   1.5% (hits 1-2), 4% (hit 3) Dark Pit spins his bow horizontally in front of him, slashing foes multiple times before launching them diagonally. Lasts for a very short amount of time and has low vertical range, but is dangerous offstage at 100% or more due to its moderate knockback.
Back aerial   8% (base), 12% (tip) A double reverse gripped thrust. It has the longest range of Dark Pit's aerials and very good KO potential if the blades' tips land. However, the move has a very small hitbox and deals less damage and knockback at point-blank range, making it difficult to land the sweetspot reliably (especially on shorter targets during a short-hop). It has noticeable landing lag, but it can autocancel as well as be used to space out opponents; the sourspot at certain percentages can also somewhat launch into a follow-up if possible.
Up aerial   2% (hits 1-5) Spins his bow above him like helicopter blades, with the final hit dealing upwards diagonal knockback. Useful for aerial anti-airing for racking up damage or as a KO option near the top blast line, especially after multiple jumps.
Down aerial   10% A downward arcing reverse gripped slash with a single blade. Has a large hitbox that can easily catch opponents and its sweetspot is a meteor smash, which occurs at the middle of the arc right below Dark Pit. It has noticeable landing lag, but it can be autocanceled near the ending portions (but not in a short hop). Regardless, its range is useful for setting up for a launch through the side-hitboxes.
Pummel   2% A quick knee jab. Relatively quick.
Forward throw   6% (hit 1), 4% (throw) Slashes away the opponent. Dark Pit's KO throw, which can KO near the edge at 155%. Can also combo into dash attack on medium-heavyweight characters at low percents, as well as forward aerial depending on the opponent's reaction.
Back throw   8% Dark Pit spins around with the opponent trailing behind and slams them on the ground behind him. At low percents, it can lead into a dash attack.
Up throw   4% (hit 1), 7% (throw) Dark Pit rolls on his back and handstand kicks the enemy. Can combo into an up aerial if the opponent does not react at low percents.
Down throw   2% (hit 1), 4% (throw) Dark Pit quickly pins the enemy to the ground before bringing his bow down on their back like an axe. Dark Pit's best combo starter than can lead into almost any aerial or an up smash at low percents, and up or forward aerial at higher percents.
Floor attack (front)   7% Dark Pit gets up and slashes on either side of himself.
Floor attack (back)   7% Gets up, then slashes forward and stabs behind himself.
Floor attack (trip)   5% Spins his bow behind, then in front of him.
Edge attack   7% Dark Pit flips onto the stage and delivers a sweep kick.
Neutral special Default Silver Bow 4.3%-10.9% Dark Pit shoots a purplish-black arrow from his bow. Can be slightly angled up or down while flying and can be aimed up while charging. More power and slightly faster than Pit's, although they cannot be curved as strongly.
Custom 1 Piercing Bow 6.1%-13% A much bigger and slower arrow is launched which is stronger and passes through rivals. Cannot be angled.
Custom 2 Guiding Bow 2.6%-6.9% Dark Pit fires an arrow that can be curved as flexibly as Pit's but is weaker than normal.
Side special Default Electroshock Arm 12% (ground), 9.5% (air) Dark Pit brings out his Electroshock Arm and charges forward with super armor, powerfully uppercutting the enemy. This move can deflect projectiles and sends them back at a 43 degree angle. Unlike Pit's Upperdash Arm, Dark Pit's variation sends the target flying at a lower angle and deals electrical damage.
Custom 1 Electrocut Arm 13.5% (ground) 11.5% (air) Dark Pit holds the Electroshock Arm in a super armored pose, retaliating against foes who attack him. The dash is forgone in this variation, and functions like a counter.
Custom 2 Quickshock Arm 9.2% (ground) 7.2% (air) The dash startup is slower and the attack is weaker, but Dark Pit rushes faster and farther.
Up special Default Power of Flight 0% Dark Pit activates Viridi's Power of Flight and ascends very high. The move can be angled in any upward direction but doesn't inflict damage.
Custom 1 Striking Flight 9.5% (clean), 6.5% (late) Dark Pit knocks away opponents at the move's start and apex. Cannot be angled as much and travels less distance.
Custom 2 Breezy Flight 0% A tornado is created at the move's start that shoves opponents back. Startup is slower and the range less but the ascent is much more rapid.
Down special Default Guardian Orbitars 1.5x damage (reflected projectiles) Dark Pit uses his Guardian Orbitars to create energy shields on either side of him. These shields reflect projectiles, push away nearby foes and block melee attacks. Reflected projectiles are 50% stronger and 70% faster. The shields can be broken if they absorb a strong enough blow, requiring 10 seconds to be used again. Same duration as Pit.
Custom 1 Impact Orbitars 5% These shields are forcefully sent out to inflict damage and knock foes away. In exchange, this variation has no defensive qualities other than brief super armor when activating the move.
Custom 2 Amplifying Orbitars 2x damage (reflected projectiles) Dark Pit utilizes stronger Orbitars that have more breakable shields but reflect projectiles with twice their strength and speed. Same duration as Pit.
Final Smash Dark Pit Staff 1% (startup) 39% (beam) Dark Pit pulls out his namesake weapon and fires an extremely long-range and powerful charged shot, much like Zelda/Sheik's Light Arrow. Opponents are sent flying diagonally, and the closer they are to Dark Pit when the Final Smash activates, the stronger the impact.

On-screen appearance[edit]

  • Appears onstage from a beam of darkness from somewhere.


  • Up taunt: Splits his bow into two, then rests one blade on his right shoulder while tauntingly signaling to come closer with his left blade, saying "Who wants some?". (かかってこい., Come at me.).
  • Side taunt: Faces the screen and spins his bow's blades like a buzzsaw, before ending in a pose with his blades in a cross shape over his left leg, saying "Watch out!" (いくぜ!, Let's go!).
  • Down taunt: Stands upright and points his bow in front of him , similarly to the pose in his official artwork (regardless if split or not), while saying "Game on!". (死にたい奴は前に出ろ., Folks on the losing end step out front.). Dark Pit's Japanese quote is a reference to Chapter 21 in Kid Icarus: Uprising, a similar quote being said by him during Pit's and Dark Pit's "pre-boss battle" rallying cry.
Up taunt Side taunt Down taunt
DarkPitUpTauntSSB4.jpg DarkPitSideTauntSSB4.jpg DarkPitDownTauntSSB4.jpg

Idle poses[edit]

  • Holds blades together as a bow, then pulls them apart.
  • Taps his foot on the ground, then hops in place.
DarkPitIdlePose1WiiU.jpg DarkPitIdlePose2WiiU.jpg

Crowd cheer[edit]

English Japanese
Dark Pit Cheer NTSC SSB4.ogg
Black Pit Cheer JP SSB4.ogg
Description Pittoo! Pittoo! Pittoo! Black Pit! Burapi!
Pitch Group chant Group chant

Victory poses[edit]

A small excerpt of Dark Pit's Theme from Kid Icarus: Uprising.
  • Flies down, sticks his Silver Bow to the ground, then crosses his arms before saying "Can't help but feel sorry for ya!" (貴様らに舞い降りる翼はない., You swooping down with those wings are nothing.)
  • Twirls the Dark Pit Staff, then points it outward, while saying "Looks like I'm the last man standing!" (俺はまだ生きているぞ!, I'm still living on right here!)
  • Spreads his right hand to the side before pumping his fist out in front of him, saying "Nice try!" (ふん! しゃらくさい., Hmph! Impudent.) The final pose appears similar to his pose in his official artwork, sans the Dark Pit Staff.
    • If Pit is present after a match, there is a chance he will instead say "Where's your goddess now?" (どうだ?女神のフンめ., How's that, piece of goddess crap?)
DarkPitPose1WiiU.gif DarkPitPose2WiiU.gif DarkPitPose3WiiU.gif

In competitive play[edit]

Official Custom Moveset Project[edit]

Character Custom sets available
DarkPitHeadSSB4-U.png Dark Pit 3111 3112 1113 2113 3113
2111 2112 1112 3311 3121

Notable players[edit]



Tier placement and history[edit]

Like his original counterpart, Dark Pit has been ranked as a mid-tier character since the game's release, largely due to Pit's perception at the time being shared with him, and inheriting many of Pit's attributes as well. Despite his playerbase and tournament results being among the lowest in competitive play (even lower than those of Pit), smashers have still demonstrated him to have a valuable niche over some characters Pit has slightly more difficulty dealing with, such as King Dedede. As a result, smashers such as Earth and KiraFlax have used him alongside with Pit, proving him to still be a rather viable character in competitive play, due to the great balance between his strengths and weaknesses, this consensus being also shared with Pit. This ended with Dark Pit ranking at 17th on the first 4BR tier list, only one place above his original counterpart.

Like Pit's tournament results, however, Dark Pit's tournament results have never been as high as other mid-tier characters despite being impressive, even being lower than those of Pit's. Due to this, he would later see a drop to 27th on the second tier list, the fifth largest drop between the first and second lists, and three spots below Pit, then finally drop to 30th-31st on the third and current tier list, now sharing the spot with Pit.


Dark Pit
ntsc Pit's mysterious, black-clad doppelgänger, Dark Pit. (Some call him Pittoo, but he really doesn't like that.) When he first appears, he immediately goes after both Pit and the Underworld Army. In Smash Bros., he uses moves a lot like Pit's, though both his bow and his Sacred Treasures are different.
pal Pit's black-winged doppelgänger. Dark Pit, aka Pittoo (although he's not exactly fond of being called that), looks like Pit, moves like Pit and uses very similar attacks. He's a lot more aggressive, though, and doesn't take orders from anyone. He also has his own weapons, like his Silver Bow.
Nintendo 3DS: Kid Icarus: Uprising (03/2012)
Dark Pit (Alt.)
ntsc Dark Pit's Guardian Orbitars special puts up shields of light on either side of you to block attacks, deflect projectiles, and push back any enemies who are too close. You can even use the shields to protect against attacks from above and below. If they take too many hits, though, they'll vanish and become unusable for a while.
pal Dark Pit's Guardian Orbitars special puts up shields of light on either side of you to block attacks, deflect projectiles, and push back any enemies who are too close. You can even use the shields to protect against attacks coming from slightly above or below you. If they take too many hits, though, they'll vanish and become unusable for a while.
Nintendo 3DS: Kid Icarus: Uprising (03/2012)
Dark Pit Staff
In Kid Icarus: Uprising, Dark Pit used this staff to snipe at Pit from a mountaintop. In that game, it did much more damage when used at a distance. In this game, Dark Pit uses it to launch a high-speed horizontal blast that goes straight through obstacles. It can hit multiple foes in a row, but only the first will feel its full force.

In Event Matches[edit]

Solo Events[edit]

Co-op Events[edit]

Alternate costumes[edit]

Dark Pit Palette (SSB4).png
DarkPitHeadSSB4-U.png DarkPitHeadGreenSSB4-U.png DarkPitHeadBrownSSB4-U.png DarkPitHeadYellowSSB4-U.png DarkPitHeadRedSSB4-U.png DarkPitHeadBlueSSB4-U.png DarkPitHeadWhiteSSB4-U.png DarkPitHeadPurpleSSB4-U.png



  • Upon getting K.O.ed, Dark Pit may utter "It's not over...!" ("まだ終わらんぞ....!", It's not over yet....!), a reference to his line upon being defeated by Pit during his boss fight in Chapter 6 of Kid Icarus: Uprising.
  • Both Pit and Dark Pit, akin to the former in Brawl, have some of their moves not applying to their bow being split apart or put together. The moves that fit this are their down tilt, dash attack, up special, down taunts (despite both of them being different), rolls and sidestep (only if the latter two are done at the frame before their shielding animation properly occurs).
  • Dark Pit is the only full clone to not have a corresponding cloned Final Smash, though his Final Smash is a clone of Zelda and Sheik's Light Arrow.
  • Dark Pit's crowd chant is a repeated chant of "Pittoo, Pittoo, Pittoo" or "Burapi! Burapi!", depending on the international or Japanese release. In either case, Dark Pit's chant is the only one not to contain the fighter's actual name. Both of the nicknames are given to him by Palutena in Kid Icarus: Uprising (again, depending on the international or Japanese version), and are often used by her and other characters, much to Dark Pit's chagrin.
  • On page 34 of the Prima Strategy Guide for Super Smash Bros. 4, Dark Pit's up special, Power of Flight, is instead called Pandora Wings. This is a reference to how Dark Pit got his infinite flight for the majority of Kid Icarus: Uprising.
    • However, after chapter 22, Dark Pit lost his infinite flight after Pandora used it to resurrect herself, resulting in Viridi granting him the ability. This is reflected in Smash 4, as Dark Pit's wings glow green when he uses Power of Flight.
  • Other than the DLC fighters, Dark Pit and Duck Hunt are the only two newcomers not to appear in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U's opening movie.
  • One of Pit's alternate costumes in Brawl served as a basis for Dark Pit's creation in Kid Icarus: Uprising. This technically makes him the first Smash character to appear as an alternate color and then appear as a fully-fledged character.
  • In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, Dark Pit's bow will not stay in his free hand properly while using his pummel due to a modelling error/glitch.


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