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Monoeye artwork.png

Official art of a Monoeye in Uprising

Universe Kid Icarus
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Monoeyes (モノアイ, Monoeye) are aerial enemies, originating as members of the Underworld Army in the Kid Icarus franchise.


Pit dodging the Monoeyes' projectiles in Kid Icarus: Uprising.

The Monoeye was introduced in the original Kid Icarus as part of the Underworld troops. In Kid Icarus, Monoeyes are found in the Underworld. They fly around in groups of four, impeding Pit's ascension and occasionally swooping down to deal damage on contact. Their behaviors are shared with Micks in the Overworld and Komaytos in Skyworld.

Monoeyes return in Kid Icarus: Uprising as common airborne enemies, appearing in nearly every chapter of the game in both sky battles and land battles. Each Monoeye now possesses the ability to fire a projectile from its eye, which is telegraphed by its iris glowing. Uprising also demonstrates the Monoeye's ability to combine with Mik and Specknose to form a Monomiknose. The Aurum create their own Aurum Monoeye copies, while Cellular Monoeyes are found within Hades's body.

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS[edit]

In Smash Run[edit]

A Monoeye attacking in Smash Run.

Monoeyes appear as enemies. They fly around, and occasionally stop: their eye starts glowing, and after a short while it shoots a single damaging energy projectile at the player.


NTSC These one-eyed monsters are members of the Underworld Army from the Kid Icarus series. In Smash Run, these scouts will usually attack alone and chase fighters. If their eye starts to glow red, they're preparing to fire a projectile. They're really weak, though, so you should have no trouble.
PAL These one-eyed creatures from the Kid Icarus series are the Underworld Army's surveillance drones. In Smash Run, they tend to waver about as they chase after you. When their eyes glow red, it means they're about to fire energy blasts at you, so watch out! Other than that, though, they're not particularly tough.