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KRTDL Parasol.png
Artwork of Kirby with a Parasol from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
Universe Kirby
Appears in Melee
Item class Weapon
Article on Wikirby Parasol (ability)

The Parasol (パラソル, Parasol) is an object from the Kirby series.


Official artwork of Kirby wielding a parasol from Kirby's Adventure.

In Kirby's Dream Land parasols are used by some Waddle Dees and Waddle Doos, who use them to gently float down to the ground: the parasol-wielding Waddle Dees are known as Parasol Waddle Dees. The corresponding Copy Ability debuted in Kirby's Adventure and appeared in several subsequent games. Kirby's parasol acts as a melee weapon and damages enemies on contact even when just held, thus acting as a protection from attacks from above. While holding it, Kirby also gains the floating ability it gives to enemies.

In Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

Captain Falcon floats in the air with a Parasol.

The Parasol appears as an item. It is a poor throwing weapon, as it will open shortly after being thrown, making it drift slowly towards the opponent, but it travels extremely far when thrown up or down as it doesn't open.

The Parasol can be used not only as a weapon, but also as a personal parachute, reminiscent of the parasol from the Kirby series. The Parasol will automatically open if the player holding it is falling through the air, even after a third jump, greatly aiding horizontal recovery. In order to fall normally, the player must press Down on the Control Stick. Pressing upwards will re-open the Parasol, which will cancel the helpless state; this is the only item (or mechanic in general, aside from Princess Peach's own parasol) capable of doing so.

Damage table[edit]

Action Melee
Standard attack 6%
Standard attack (Ice Climbers one Parasol) 6%
Standard attack (Ice Climbers two Parasols) 11%
Forward tilt 13%
Forward tilt (Ice Climbers one Parasol) 13%
Forward tilt (Ice Climbers two Parasols) 24%
Dash attack 11%
Dash attack (Peach) 21%
Dash attack (Zelda) 21%
Dash attack (Mewtwo) 15%
Forward smash 18%
Forward smash (charged) 23%
Forward smash (Marth) 17%
Forward smash (Marth charged) 21%
Forward smash (Roy) 16%
Forward smash (Roy charged) 21%
Forward smash (Captain Falcon) 16%
Forward smash (Captain Falcon charged) 16%
Forward smash (Sheik) 14%
Forward smash (Sheik charged) 18%
Forward smash (Ice Climbers one Parasol) 18%
Forward smash (Ice Climbers one Parasol charged) 22%
Forward smash (Ice Climbers two Parasols) 34%
Forward smash (Ice Climbers two Parasols charged) 47%
Drop 4%
Forward tilt throw 6%
Up tilt throw 7%
Down tilt throw 8%
Dash throw 8%
Forward smash throw 9%
Up smash throw 10%
Down smash throw 11%
Aerial drop 5%
Aerial forward tilt throw 6%
Aerial up tilt throw 7%
Aerial down tilt throw 8%
Aerial forward smash throw 6%
Aerial up smash throw 8%
Aerial down smash throw 8%

The Parasol's knockback sends opponents flying more vertically than horizontally.


Parasol trophy from Super Smash Bros. Melee.
Parasol's trophy in Melee
The Parasol, which was originally used by Kirby, can be used as a weapon to bludgeon enemies. Even better is the fact that players can open it while airborne and float lazily back toward safe ground. It's incredibly useful in returning to the field of play after an opponent gets the better of you and sends you flying.
Kirby's Dream Land (8/92)

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS[edit]

Parasols are carried by Parasol Waddle Dees from Smash Run, who use them to gently float to the ground. They discard them when attacked, causing the parasol to float upwards and possibly hit the player for small damage. A parasol can also reflect projectiles and be bounced off of, held or not.



  • If Peach uses her up special move, Peach Parasol, while holding this item, her normal, white parasol is replaced with this one.
  • The Parasol is the only battering item to not return from Melee in Brawl.
  • The Parasol is the only item that Mewtwo holds in its hand, and only when gliding.
  • When Mr. Game & Watch uses this item while floating down, it's attached to his head, likely in reference to Parachute (also referenced in his neutral aerial in Melee, and later fused with Fire from Brawl onwards).