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Super Smash Bros. series This article's title is unofficial.
Kirby's up tilt in Brawl.
Mario's up tilt in Melee
Wii Fit Trainer's up tilt in SSB4

An up tilt (abbreviated "u-tilt"), officially called a strong up (上強攻撃, Up/above/upper strong attack), is a tilt attack that can be performed by any character by holding the control stick lightly upward and pressing the attack button while on the ground. It can be difficult to pull off an up tilt quickly, as if the player tilts too fast, they'll either jump or do an up smash instead. Turning off tap jump can help avoid the former problem, or the player can do some other action and hold up on the control stick before it ends.

More often than not, up tilts are used for juggling, as they usually lack the knockback to disturb low damage combos outside of a few exceptions such as Ganondorf and Captain Falcon.

Since the Wii Remote-only control scheme lacks both a control stick and any other way to jump, up tilts become unusable without first holding up during a prior action, making them the only normal attack which a player may not be able to use for no in-game reason.

Up tilts in Super Smash Bros.[edit]

Character Description Damage
Captain Falcon Performs an axe kick. Has two hits, one while rising his leg, and one by slamming it down. Good knockback and damage, but low range and almost no combo ability unless next to a wall. First hit, 4-9%, second hit, 6-14%.
Donkey Kong Swings his hands in an arc. High starting and ending lag but good knockback and range. Can be used as a surprise KO move. 13%
Fox Kicks upwards. A good combo starter with low lag. Little range, however, compared to other up tilts. 9%
Jigglypuff Swings its foot upwards behind itself. Similar to Pikachu's, but slightly quicker, though with less versatility and range. Good combo ability, notably into Rest. 10%
Kirby Performs a high kick, hitting behind and above himself. One of the overall best moves in the game. It has a massive disjointed hitbox, extremely low lag, and high damage output. 14% clean, 10% late
Link Swings his sword in an arc above him. A very good combo starter with high range, in spite of its moderate ending lag. This move is notably superior in the Japanese version of the game due to its increased combo ability and range. 10%
Luigi Throws an uppercut. Similar to Mario's but with slightly more range, lag, and knockback. Can combo into Super Jump Punch or a up aerial. 10%
Mario Spins around and punches upwards. A usable combo move, but has notable ending lag, similar to his attack in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. 10%
Ness Thrusts above himself with both hands. Good combo ability with low startup lag, but very small range. Ness' staple combo move, often used as a linker between double jump cancels. 3%
Pikachu Swings its tail upwards. A solid move with good combo ability and range. However, it has too much ending lag to be quite as effective as Kirby's up tilt. 9-11%
Samus Puts her leg up high and drops it, similar to Captain Falcon's but with much less knockback. Considered one of the worst moves in the entire game, thanks in part to its high lag. First hit, 3-8%, second hit, 5-13% second hit.
Yoshi Performs an upwards headbutt. Yoshi's main combo starter, especially against fast fallers and medium weights. Has large ending lag but surprising range. Notably possesses set knockback. 11%

Up tilts in Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

Character Description Damage
Bowser Slashes with his claws in an arc around himself. Good knockback, good for setting up combos. 7-11%
Captain Falcon Lifts his leg up, then slams it downwards. It has horizontal knockback. 11%
Donkey Kong Sweeps his arm upwards. Good for juggling. 9-11%
Dr. Mario Throws an uppercut, similar to Mario's, albeit with more knockback. Opponents are knocked in the direction they are hit relative to the attack. 10%
Falco Kicks behind himself, similar to Fox's but with less range and power. 9%
Fox Kicks behind and above himself. Starts quickly and is relatively powerful for an up tilt. A great combo starter. 12%
Ganondorf Known colloquially as the Volcano Kick. Lifts his leg up, then smashes it into the ground, causing an explosion. Though it is the slowest move in the game (88 frames), it is the strongest tilt in the game, KOing earlier than Warlock Punch; it is even able to OHKO if hits by the edge due to its extremely high base knockback. 27%
Ice Climbers Twirl their hammers above themselves. The move hits multiple times. Up to 21% if all hits connect with both climbers.
Jigglypuff Kicks upwards behind itself. A surprisingly versatile combo move. 9%
Kirby Thrusts his leg behind himself, then upwards. Deals high shield damage. 8%
Link Swings his sword in an arc above him. Among Link's most flexible moves on the ground; it has good combo potential, it's rather fast with minimal ending lag, and it has good knockback. 9%
Luigi Swipes over his head. Good for juggling. Its upward trajectory makes it well suited for comboing, especially against fast-fallers. Hits at an upwards angle in the front and back of him. 4-9%
Mario Punches upwards. A good juggling move, as well as a strong combo starter. 8%
Marth Swings his sword in a large arc above his head. Useful for juggling and can set up an aerial combo early on. It begins to KO reliably at 90% and above. 9% base, 12% tip.
Mewtwo Flips upwards, hitting with its tail. 5-10%
Mr. Game & Watch Pulls out a flag from Flagman and waves it above his head. Good for comboing. 9%
Ness Thrusts his hands upwards. 7%
Peach Performs an upwards headbutt. Does not have much combo potential, but can be followed up by correctly spaced aerials and the Peach Parasol. 6-12%
Pichu Swings its tail upwards, similar to Pikachu's. Very low range and somewhat slow, though can set up for aerial combos and follow ups. 6%
Pikachu Swings its tail upwards. It's hard to set up, as it has low range; however, the low knockback works well for juggles and combos, as it sends opponents upward. 7%
Roy Swings his sword in an arc above him. Similar to Marth but slightly slower. 9-10%
Samus Lifts her leg up then brings it down. Similar to Captain Falcon's. It is a meteor smash on grounded opponents, able to KO at higher percentages. 13%
Sheik Kicks upwards, then kicks down as she returns to her normal position. Can be chained on heavyweights, and has an infinite on Bowser. 8% first hit, 3% second hit.
Yoshi Swipes his tail upwards. Fast but short-ranged. 10%
Young Link Swings his sword in an arc above him. Similar to Link's but slightly faster. Starts KOing around 120%, notably earlier than his up smash does. 8%
Zelda Waves her hand above herself infused with magic. Very powerful and has transcendent priority. 11%

Up tilts in Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Character Description Damage
Bowser Slashes above himself in an arc with high range. Bowser's arm is intangible while the hitboxes are active. 12%
Captain Falcon Raises his leg high over his head then slams it downwards; similar to Samus' up tilt , but with higher knockback. 13%
Charizard Arches its wings and thrusts upwards with them. Has respectable range and speed. 8%
Diddy Kong Swats in the air above him with a slap. Can juggle at low percents and KO at very high percents. 7%
Donkey Kong Quickly swipes his hand in the air. Fast with good range. Donkey Kong's arm is intangible while the hitboxes are out. 9% (hand), 10% (elbow), 11% (arm)
Falco Swings both arms upwards in an arc while spinning. Quick, with solid damage output. 4% (hit 1), 3% (hit 1 tip), 5% (hit 2)
Fox Does a fast scorpion kick that covers his back. Can be used to juggle at low percentages. 10% (foot), 8% (leg)
Ganondorf Lifts his leg over his head before smashing it down to cause an explosion. Has a vacuum effect during startup. Strongest and slowest up tilt in the game, not hitting until frame 81. Commonly known as the Volcano Kick. 27% (leg), 19% (explosion close), 17% (explosion far)
Ice Climbers Twirl their hammers over their heads, dealing multiple hits. Leader: 1% (hits 1-6) 4% (hit 7)
Partner: 1% (hits 1-6) 3% (hit 7)
Ike Hops upwards while holding Ragnell parallel to the ground. High knockback. 12% (clean blade), 9% (clean hilt), 10% (late)
Ivysaur Plants its vines on the ground and launches itself into the air. 7%
Jigglypuff Lifts its foot behind it, attacking upward. Small hitbox in front, large hitbox behind and above. Good knockback. 9% (clean), 8% (late)
King Dedede Sets his hammer on the ground momentarily and jumps a little upwards, headbutting. Surprisingly, it has higher knockback than his uncharged up smash while being far faster. King Dedede himself is intangible while performing the attack. 12%
Kirby Thrusts his back leg upwards. A good juggling move. Kirby's foot is intangible while the hitboxes are out. 7% (clean), 5% (late)
Link Slashes above himself in a wide arc. Decent speed and surprising range. 9%
Lucario Swings its leg in an arc over its head. A quick move, very good for juggling and combos. 6%
Lucas Does a mentally powered flip kick, with PSI energy at the end of his extended foot. An integral tool for his combos. 3% (hit 1), 8% (hit 2 clean), 4% (hit 2 late)
Luigi Swipes upwards with his palm. Has surprisingly high range, and is very fast. 9%
Mario Uppercuts with his fist while spinning. Can be used to juggle at low percents. 7%
Marth Swings his sword in a large arc above his head, front to back. It has good all around reach with fast startup with small ending lag. Clean: 9% (blade), 12% (tip), 8% (body)
Late: 10% (blade), 12% (tip), 9% (body)
Meta Knight Stabs upwards while spinning. 3 different hitboxes; the one on Meta Knight's sides, the one on his sword's sides, and the one on his sword's tip. Decent knockback at the tip. 6-8%
Mr. Game & Watch Waves a flag above his head. Good for juggling. Originates from Flagman. 8%
Ness Pushes upwards with both hands. 7%
Olimar Hops up and spins in place, hitting multiple times, with the last hit dealing significant knockback. 1% (hits 1-7), 4% (hit 8)
Peach Sticks her arm upwards, releasing a small heart-shaped burst. Has a disjointed hitbox. Peach's head and left arm are intangible while the hitboxes are out. 13% (blast), 10% (arm)
Pikachu Swings its tail in an arc above itself. A good juggling move for fast fallers. 7% (close), 6% (mid), 5% (far)
Pit Plants his bow into the ground and does a double handstand kick using it for support. If the opponent is caught standing in front of Pit during initiation of the move, they will be knocked upwards into the following two hits. 3% (hit 1), 6% (hit 2), 7% (hit 3)
R.O.B. Faces the screen and thrusts both his arms upwards. Can hit twice. 3% (hit 1), 5% (hit 2 arms tip), 6% (hit 2 arms base)
Samus Lifts her leg over her head and then swings it downwards. Similar to Captain Falcon's, but with less knockback. Meteor smashes grounded opponents. 13% (grounded), 12% (aerial)
Sheik Kicks her leg up and then brings it down. Anyone hit with the first kick will usually be hit with the second kick, which has decent knockback. 6% (hit 1), 7% (hit 2)
Snake Quickly kicks his leg upwards. Deceptively high range and power, KOing reliably at as low as 80%. 13% (early), 12% (clean)
Sonic Kicks upwards twice while spinning, comparable to Captain Falcon's up smash. 3% (early), 4% (hit 1), 7% (hit 2)
Squirtle Hops upwards, hitting with its head. Very quick. 6%
Toon Link Quickly does an overhead swipe. Quick, and can combo into itself at low percents. 9%
Wario Thrusts both hands above his head. Has decent vertical knockback. 10% (clean), 6% (late)
Wolf Kicks upward in front of his body, knocking opponents vertically. There is a sweetspot on the tip his foot, which delivers the most knockback, as well as a small disjointed hitbox in front of him with similar power. 10% (foot), 9% (leg), 8% (body)
Yoshi Swipes his tail above himself. Usually only hits opponents behind Yoshi. 11% (tail), 10% (tail tip)
Zelda Waves her arm above her head in an arc with a boost of magic power. Very high knockback for an up tilt. 11%
Zero Suit Samus Performs a vertical scissor kick out of a handstand. Solid knockback at higher percentages, and at low percentages it sets up combos well. 5% (hit 1), 6% (hit 2)

Up tilts in Super Smash Bros. 4[edit]

Character Description Damage
Bayonetta Strikes upwards with one of her guns. It can only hit opponents in front of her. The Bullet Art version fires both guns upwards. 5% (early), 6% (clean)
Bowser Claw swipes in an arc above him with one arm. Good range and consistent damage, can hit opponents in front, above and behind him, and can lead into aerials. Has KO potential at around 150%. 10%
Bowser Jr. The clown car dispenses a giant fork, which Bowser Jr. grabs and swipes upward. Low damage and knockback, but useful combo starter. 6%
Captain Falcon Raises his leg over his head and slams it downwards. Low knockback, and only hits as leg comes down, but can meteor smash opponents in the air. 11%
Charizard Hops and attacks with both its wings. Has good KO potential. 8%
Cloud Swings the Buster Sword forwards in a fan-like fashion above his head. Hitbox starts behind Cloud, with a larger front hitbox. Fast with a decently large hitbox, although knockback is lacking. One of Cloud's most reliable combo starters, chaining into itself at 0%, and into aerials at low percents. 8%
Corrin A twirling upwards slash with his sword. Its low knockback and cooldown gives it great combo potential even at higher percents, especially against heavyweights. 9%
Dark Pit Identical to Pit's. 2% (hit 1), 3% (hit 2), 5% (hit 3)
Diddy Kong Quickly swats the air above him with a slap. Good KO potential. 6%
Donkey Kong Quickly swings his arm above himself in an arc. Deals more damage and knockback if the target is extremely close to Donkey Kong's behind, which has good KO potential if it hits. 9% (hand), 10% (arm), 11% (shoulder)
Dr. Mario Identical to Mario's, but it deals more damage and knockback, giving Dr. Mario different follow-ups. 7.056%
Duck Hunt Propels the duck into the air, who attacks with its wings. 7%
Falco Swings both of his wings above his head, hitting twice. A good move in general, being both good for comboing and a fast but somewhat weak KO option, dealing enough vertical knockback to KO at around 150%. 4% (hit 1), 3% (hit 1 tip), 5% (hit 2)
Fox Does a scorpion kick that covers his back. Good for both racking up damage and can lead to different follow-up attacks. 9% (foot), 7% (leg), 6% (body)
Ganondorf Raises his right leg high into the air, holds it for more than 1 second, then kicks downward, creating an explosion at the point where his boot hits the ground. While charging the move, a windbox is present that pulls opponents from considerable distance toward the kick. Deals massive shield damage, breaking full shields in one hit sweetspoted. KO potential is equivalent to Ganondorf's fully charged forward smash. Has considerable range and can also hit an opponent hanging from an edge. By far the most powerful up tilt in the game. Commonly referred to as the Volcano Kick. 28% (leg), 20% (explosion close), 18% (explosion far)
Greninja Swipes its tongue above its head. Has low knockback, being a good setup for combos. 4.5%
Ike Holds Ragnell horizontally and forces it straight upward. Great KO potential. 14% (clean), 10% (late)
Jigglypuff Kicks upward behind itself. More likely to hit opponents behind than in front. Good KO potential. 9% (clean), 8% (late)
King Dedede Hops and does a quick headbutt. Does more damage if the opponents hits Dedede's head. Both Dedede's head and upper body are intangible while the hitbox is active. 12% (body), 10% (head)
Kirby Kicks upward behind himself. Deals more damage and knockback to opponents behind Kirby. Low knockback overall, quick, useful for combos. Kirby's foot is intangible when the hitboxes are out. 5% (clean), 4% (late)
Link Swipes his sword in an arc over his head. Quick and has good reach, useful for fending off aerial attackers. 9%
Little Mac Swipes his fist over his head. Can be used to set up for an up smash. 9%
Lucario Swings its leg in an arc over its head. Damage and knockback scale as Lucario takes damage, making it a low knockback move at low damage, and a good KO move at high damage. 6% (foot), 5% (leg)
Lucas Does a flipkick as his foot becomes surrounded by PK energy. Can combo after his down throw at low percentages. 1.5% (hit 1), 8% (hit 2 clean), 5% (hit 2 late)
Lucina Identical to Marth's. 6.65% (early), 7.125% (clean)
Luigi Swings his fist in a partial arc over his head from back to front. Not as effective as Mario's for combos, but deals more knockback. 6%
Mario Does an uppercut with his while spinning. Very low knockback. Infamous for comboing into itself until around 50%. 5.5%
Marth Swings his sword in a full arc over his head from front to back. Good KO move if the tip hits. 5% (body), 5% (base), 9% (tip)
Mega Man Performs the Mega Upper, a jumping uppercut. A powerful move that can KO medium-light characters under 90% when sweetspotted. Based on the move of the same name from Marvel vs. Capcom, which itself is a tribute to the Shoryuken from the Street Fighter series. 17% (clean), 12% (mid), 8% (late)
Meta Knight Thrusts his sword over his head while spinning. Decent vertical knockback. 7% (sword), 5% (body early), 6% (body clean)
Mewtwo Does a backflip, striking foes with its tail. Clean: 6% (close), 5% (mid), 4.5% (far)
Late: 5% (close), 4% (mid), 3% (far)
Mii Brawler Punches upward into the air. Can juggle at low percentages. Similar to Mario's up tilt. 6%*
Mii Gunner Uppercuts with the arm cannon, releasing flames. Has good KO potential. 10% (clean cannon), 8% (late cannon), 9% (arm)*
Mii Swordfighter A single sword swipe in an arc above his/her head. Decent KO potential. 7%*
Mr. Game & Watch Raises a flag over his head. Can hit twice if the enemy's percentage is low enough. Orginates from Flagman. 7% (hits 1-2)
Ness Thrusts both hands into the air, emitting a PSI spark at his hands. Has good vertical reach but poor horizontal range. Decent KO potential. Sweetspot is the PSI spark and sourspot is the body. 7% (sweetspot), 5% (sourspot)
Olimar Jumps and spins in the air while extending both his arms. Has somewhat low knockback. 0.6% (hits 1-6), 4% (hit 7)
Pac-Man Does a headbutt upward. Can combo into itself at low percentages, but suffers from low range. Pac-Man's head is intangible while the hitboxes are active. 7%
Palutena Kneels and makes her staff spin in the air above her, hitting multiple times. Good KO move at high percentages. 1.2% (hits 1-6), 2.5% (hit 7 staff head), 1.5% (hit 7 staff tail)
Peach Raises her hand in the air, blasting opponents with hearts. Deals more damage and knockback to opponents on the ground very close to Peach. Good KO potential. 10% (body), 8% (blast)
Pikachu Whips its tail over its head in an arc from back to front. A fast attack with fairly low knockback, which can reliably set up into an aerial attack. 5%
Pit Flip kicks upwards and then delivers another upwards kick. Decent knockback. 2% (hit 1), 3% (hit 2), 5% (hit 3)
R.O.B. Strikes upwards with both arms. Very low knockback scaling, almost nonexistent horizontal range, and poor vertical range make this a nearly useless move. 3% (hit 1), 5% (hit 2 tip), 6% (hit 2 base)
Robin Hops and thrusts upward with the Bronze Sword. Very low knockback scaling along with generally poor range. 6%
Rosalina & Luma Rosalina: Creates a Saturnian ring above her head. This move cannot hit grounded opponents unless Luma hits them towards the halo.
Luma: Does a quick upper uppercut.
When combined it's a good move to disrupt aerial and approaching opponents.
Rosalina: 8%
Luma: 8% (clean), 4% (mid), 3% (late)
Roy Does a horizontal slash to the left in reverse-grip that is aimed skyward in an arc-like motion. Great KO potential when sweetspotted, thus making it among the strongest up tilts in the game. 12% (base), 7% (tip)
Ryu Tapped: Does a lagless shoulder blow that can repeat very quickly. Can chain into itself due to its speed, and can lead into many of Ryu's moves for a quick finisher. Based off of Ryu's close standing light punch in Street Fighter IV.
Held: Performs an uppercut. An easy finisher for his tapped up tilt. Can KO at 152%. Based off of Ryu's close standing heavy punch in Street Fighter IV.
2% (tapped), 12% (held)
Samus Raises her leg into the air then swipes it back down in an arc. Will meteor smash grounded targets (or occasionally trip them) and has good KO potential when used on aerial targets, especially near an edge. 13% (grounded target), 12% (aerial target)
Sheik Kicks her leg up and then swipes it down. Has low knockback. 5% (hit 1), 6% (hit 2)
Shulk Leaps in place and does a fast, uppercut-style sword swipe in an arc above himself. A good anti-air move that can attack opponents from above. 8% (clean), 7% (late)
Sonic Jumps and kicks upwards with both legs, one after the other. Similar to Captain Falcon's up smash. 2% (hit 1), 6% (hit 2)
Toon Link Quickly swipes overhead with his sword. Low knockback, making it useful for starting combos. 5%
Villager Spins a stick in the air, hitting opponents twice. The second hit has good KO potential. 6% (hit 1), 5% (hit 2)
Wario Raises both his hands into the air as they grow in size. Both of Wario's hands and his head are intangible while the hitboxes are active. 10% (clean), 6% (late)
Wii Fit Trainer Performs the Triangle pose, touching her toes with one arm and thrusting her other arm upwards. Has small vertical range along with almost no horizontal range. A relatively ineffective move. 8%
Yoshi Quickly flicks his tail over his head. Has low knockback. 7%
Zelda Waves her arm above her head in an arc with a boost of magic power. Fast, and can combo into itself at low percents, and into an aerial at mid percents. 7.2%
Zero Suit Samus Activates her rocket boots and quickly transitions to a handstand, first hitting as her legs are out horizontally, then again as they rise to a vertical position. 5% (hit 1), 7% (hit 2)

* This assumes the Mii is default height and weight.

Notable up tilts[edit]

  • Marth's up tilt, a high-range, upward swipe with the sword that combos into subsequent up tilts, grabs, or forward smashes in Melee, while it can KO floaty characters at mid-high percentages in both Melee and Brawl.
  • Ganondorf's up tilt, commonly referred to as the Volcano Kick, has the longest startup for an up tilt, but deals high damage and extreme knockback. In Brawl and SSB4, it also creates a vacuum that draws other characters towards him, and in SSB4 is notable for instantly shattering full shields with the sweetspot.
  • Snake's up tilt is quite possibly the most feared up tilt in Brawl with its high knockback, fast start-up, little ending lag, and huge disjointed hitbox.
  • King Dedede's up tilt has more knockback than his uncharged up smash and has the third highest knockback of any up tilt, after Ganondorf's and Snake's, along with being not particularly slow, making it one of the best up tilts in Brawl.
  • Samus' up tilt is an unconventional meteor smash in all games past Smash 64, as it meteor smashes grounded opponents, but sends aerial opponents on a normal horizontal trajectory.
  • Kirby's up tilt in Smash 64 is considered overall one of the best moves in any Smash game; this move has very quick start-up and good combo ability, and a hugely disjointed hitbox. It is notable for its ability to easily and quickly break shields, as well as being able to outspace some characters' reliable approach options on its own (such as Yoshi).
  • Mega Man's up tilt is based on the Mega Upper, which itself is based on the Shoryuken of Street Fighter fame. It causes Mega Man to leave the ground and has exceptionally high knockback if it is sweet-spotted.

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