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This article is about the point rewards themselves. For the mode that revolves around them, see Bonus (mode).
A selection of bonuses awarded after clearing a battle in Super Smash Bros.'s 1P Game.

Bonus points are the amount of points awarded to a player for accomplishing some feat during a match. Most bonuses award points, though some can instead revoke them. They are kept as a character-individual high score in the 1P Game of Super Smash Bros. and the Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, and All-Star Mode of Super Smash Bros. Melee. They are also awarded after Versus mode matches in Melee (except for when the match is forfeited), and they serve as a determinant of the winner in the Bonus mode.

In the tables below, a multiplication sign before the points amount indicates that the bonus may be awarded multiple times.

Super Smash Bros.[edit]

There are 57 unique bonuses in SSB. Bonuses are only obtained in the 1P Game.

Name Points Given Requirement
Acid Clear 1,500 The opponent was KO'd via the acid in Planet Zebes.
All Variations 15,000 Hit with all tilts, smashes, and aerials.
ARWING Clear 4,000 The opponent was KO'd via an Arwing in Sector Z.
Bros. Calamity 25,000 KO'd one of the Mario Bros. before hitting the other.
Booby Trap
(JPN: 00 Agent)
12,000 Won the match with a Motion-sensor Bomb.
Bumper Clear 11,000 Won the match using a Bumper.
Butterfly 10,000 Always jumped right after landing on the ground.
Cheap Shot
(JPN: Cheap Play)
−99 Used one type of move in over 35% of attacks (not given if Single Move or Special Move is earned).
Comet Mystic 10,000 Finished the match while in the middle of being Star KO'd or Screen KO'd.
DK Defender
(JPN: Kong Defender)
10,000 Defeated Giant DK without any allies being KO'd.
DK Perfect 50,000 Defeated Giant DK without any allies taking damage.
Easy Clear 140,000 Cleared the 1P Game on Easy difficulty.
Fighter Stance
(JPN: Appeal)
100 Ended the match in mid-taunt.
Full Power 5,000 Ended the match with 0% damage.
Good Friend
(JPN: Friendship)
8,000 Defeated the Mario Bros. without the player's ally being KO'd.
Hard Clear 280,000 Cleared the 1P Game on Hard difficulty.
Hawk 18,000 Only used aerial attacks.
Heartthrob 17,000 Collected at least three Heart Containers in one match.
Heavy Damage 28,000 Cleared a stage with over 200% damage.
Item Pitcher 10,000 Cleared a stage by KOing the opponent with a thrown item.
Item Strike 20,000 Only used items to attack.
Item Throw 16,000 Always threw items; never used them in any other way.
Jackpot 3,330 Cleared a stage with a multi-digit percentage with the same digits (for example, 44% or 111%).
Judo Master
(JPN: Judo Warrior)
5,000 Only KO'd opponents using throws.
Kirby Ranks
(JPN: Kirby Flash)
25,000 Defeated the Kirby Team in the order in which they appeared.
Last Second 8,000 Cleared a stage with only one second left.
Lucky 3 9,990 Cleared a stage with 3:33 on the clock.
Mew Catch
(JPN: Mew Get)
15,000 Mew was released from a Poké Ball at any moment during the match. A Clefairy emulating its effect does not count.
Mystic 7,000 Cleared a stage while on a revival platform.
No Damage 15,000 Cleared a stage without taking any damage.
No Damage Clear 400,000 Cleared the entire 1P Game without taking any damage.
No Item 1,000 Never used an item.
No Miss 5,000 × the number of the cleared stage Have not yet lost a stocked life in any stage of the 1P Game. This bonus is counted from the first stage onward, and the multiplier rises by one for each stage passed (×2 for the second stage, ×3 for the third stage, and so on). The bonus stops being given once the player is KO'd and uses up a stock, and is not counted again throughout the rest of the game.
No Miss Clear 70,000 Never lost a life in the entire 1P Game. This bonus can be lost at the end of 1P Game as the "No Miss" bonus stops being given once the player is KO'd and uses up a stock and is not counted again for the rest of the game. This bonus is only earned if the "No Miss" bonus is done eleven times — once for all stages.
Normal Clear 210,000 Cleared the 1P Game on Normal difficulty.
(JPN: Anti-War)
60,000 Cleared a stage without damaging the opponent.
Perfect 30,000 Cleared the Break the Targets or Board the Platforms bonus stages. When clearing Race to the Finish without taking damage, the player receives the "No Damage" bonus instead.
Pokémon Finish 11,000 Cleared a stage through a Poké Ball Pokémon's attack.
Shooter 12,000 Used only projectiles to attack.
Shield Breaker 8,000 Broke an opponent's shield.
Single Move 8,000 Only damaged opponents with one move.
Smash Mania 3,500 Only knocked out opponents using smash attacks.
Smash-less 5,000 Cleared a stage without using smash attacks.
Special Move 5,000 Used only special moves to attack.
Speedster 10,000 Cleared a stage in under thirty seconds.
Speed Demon 80,000 Cleared the 1P Game in under eight minutes.
Speed King 40,000 Cleared the 1P Game in under twenty minutes. (Not given if Speed Demon is earned.)
Star Clear 12,000 Cleared a stage while under the effect of a Starman or Hammer.
Star Finish 10,000 Cleared a stage via a Star KO or Screen KO.
Throw Down
(JPN: Throw Finish)
2,000 Cleared a stage by KOing the opponent with a throw.
Tornado Clear 3,000 The opponent was knocked out via the tornadoes in Hyrule Castle.
Trickster 11,000 Star KO'd and Screen KO'd every member of a team.
True Friend 25,000 Defeated the Mario Bros. without the player's ally taking damage or being KO'd.
Vegetarian 9,000 Ate at least three Maxim Tomatoes in one match.
Very Easy Clear 70,000 Cleared the 1P Game on Very Easy difficulty.
Very Hard Clear 350,000 Cleared the 1P Game on Very Hard difficulty.
Yoshi Rainbow 50,000 Knocked out the Yoshi Team in the order in which they appear.

Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

A selection of bonuses awarded after clearing a single player battle in Melee.
A few of the Bonuses seen in the "Special Bonus" section of the Data menu.
Bonuses as seen in Melee's results screen.

There are 249 unique bonuses in Melee. Earning every bonus at least once gives the player the Diskun trophy.

Name Points Given Requirement
150% Damage 1000 Survived to over 150% damage in a single stock. Not valid in Team Battles. Earned even if the hit that brought the player to 150% KO'd them.
200% Damage 3000 Survived to over 200% damage in a single stock. Same stipulations as other X% Damage bonuses.
250% Damage 7000 Survived to over 250% damage in a single stock. Same stipulations as other X% Damage bonuses.
300% Damage 10000 Survived to over 300% damage in a single stock. Same stipulations as other X% Damage bonuses.
350% Damage 15000 Survived to over 350% damage in a single stock. Same stipulations as other X% Damage bonuses.
Acrobat 3000 Did a midair jump during every air trip.
Adventure Clear 50000 Cleared Adventure Mode.
Aerialist 2500 Never jumped from the ground; used only midair jumps.
All Aerial 4000 Hit the opponent with all standard aerial attacks at least once.
All Ground 6000 Hit the opponent with all standard ground attacks at least once.
All on One 20000 Used all attacks except final blows on one enemy.
All-Star Clear 50000 Cleared All-Star Mode.
All Variations 10000 Used all attacks during the fight.
All Thumbs –1500 Failed all attempted dash grabs (4 minimum).
Ambler 2500 Walked a lot.
Angelic 2000 Ended the match while standing on a revival platform.
Assisted KO ×1500 Enemy was KO'd by a stage hazard (such as an Arwing at Corneria or a car at Onett).
Avenger KO ×2500 KO'd an opponent 5 seconds after the player was KO'd by them.
Backstabber 2000 Attacked from behind often (70% of the time).
Bank-Shot KO ×3000 KO'd an opponent with a reflected item.
Battering Ram 1500 Used only battering items (3 or more). Hammers also count. Picking up a container (Crate, Barrel, or Capsule) disables the bonus.
Beam Swordsman ×800 KO'd a foe by using a Beam Sword.
Berserker 3500 Used 60 attacks within one minute (on average).
Bird of Prey 4000 Only used aerial attacks.
Blind Eye 3000 Was always hit from behind.
Bob-omb's Away −500 Got KO'd by a wandering Bob-omb.
Bob-omb Squad ×2500 Grabbed a Bob-omb just before it exploded (right after the Bob-omb stops wandering around) without being hurt by it.
Bubble-Blast KO ×1200 KO'd an opponent who was in a hoop.
Bull's-eye KO ×800 KO'd an opponent with a shooting item.
Bully –2000 Only KO'd one specific enemy (3 KOs minimum). Not given in a two-player match, but given in team battles, even if there is only one opponent.
Bunny-Hood Blast ×1200 KO'd someone while wearing a Bunny Hood.
Butterfingers –500 Most grabs failed.
Button Holder 4000 Held down the A or B button for the entire match.
Button Masher 700 Pressed buttons twice as fast as the second-fastest presser.
Brawler 2000 Only used direct attacks (as opposed to projectiles).
Capsule KO ×800 KO'd an enemy with a Capsule.
Carrier KO ×800 KO'd a foe with a container item (other than a Capsule).
Celebi Catcher 8000 Celebi appeared from a thrown Poké Ball.
Cement Shoes 4000 Never jumped in any way.
Center Stage 2000 Spent most of the time in the middle of the stage.
Cheap KO ×500 KO'd an enemy from behind.
Chuck Wagon 1500 Used only throwing items (3 or more).
Classic Clear 50000 Cleared Classic Mode.
Clean Sweep 5000 Only used low attacks (such as down tilts and down smashes).
Cliff Diver 500 After grabbing a ledge, let go of it and fell.
Cliff Hanger 2000 Hung off ledges several times before being KO'd.
Climactic Clash x1200 Hit the same enemy with progressively stronger blows (such as hitting with a neutral attack, then a tilt, and then a smash attack or a strong special attack).
Close Call 2000 Threw an enemy just before they escaped from the player's grab.
Collector 30000 Snagged all trophies that appeared (Regular Matches).
Combo King 2500 Used many combos (average combo counter being 2.5 or greater).
Compass Tosser 3500 Used all four throws on enemies.
Connoisseur 3000 Got every kind of food that appeared.
Continuation –20000 Cleared a Regular Match by continuing.
Control Freak 1000 Tapped the Control Stick twice as fast as the second-fastest tapper.
Coward –500 Spent a long time away from opponents.
Crazy Hand KO 80000 Defeated Crazy Hand in Classic mode. Counts even if the player uses the debug menu to autocomplete the stage once he appears.
Crowd Favorite 2500 The crowd cheered for the player.
Cuddly Bear 2000 Performed at least 3 grabs, but did not pummel or throw.
Dead-Weight KO ×4000 KO'd an opponent by grabbing a Goomba, Koopa Troopa, Paratroopa, ReDead, Octorok, Like Like, Topi or Polar Bear and throwing it at them; while these enemies commonly only appear in Adventure Mode, they can also occasionally spawn from container items in any other game modes. In the case of Koopas, throwing their shells also counts.
Dedicated Specialist 3100 Only used one move, which was a special move.
Double KO ×2000 KO'd two enemies with one attack.
Down, But Not Out 2000 Fell all the way down but got back up the most in the match.
Eagle 1500 Spent a lot of time in the air.
Edge Hog x2500 Prevented an enemy from grabbing an edge by grabbing it first.
Elbow Room 2000 Bumped into or pushed opponents a lot (overlaps opponents 1/30 or more of the time).
Environmental Hazard ×1000 Got KO'd by a part of the stage environment.
Exceptional Aim 4000 Hit with most attacks.
Face Planter 1500 Always landed face down.
Fall Guy –500 Had the most falls (Versus Mode).
Falls ×–500 Counts each fall (Versus Mode).
Fighter Stance 500 Ended the match while taunting.
First Place 1000 Finished in first place in a VS. match.
First Strike 500 Delivered the first attack of the match.
First to Fall –1000 First one to be KO'd after the match began (VS. Mode).
Fists of Fury 2500 When grabbing other characters, always pummeled, never threw.
Flame Thrower 1600 Got a 10 combo or higher with the Fire Flower.
Flipper KO ×2000 KO'd enemy with a Flipper.
Flower Finish 1700 Was flowered when the match ended.
Flying Meteor 4000 Hit a reeling enemy with a meteor smash.
Floor Diver 1500 Dropped through soft platforms often (about 12 times a minute).
Floored 300 Took a lot of damage (over 50%) from floors, such as the Mute City track.
Foresight ×500 Got Screen KO'd.
Freezie KO x2000 KO'd an enemy with a Freezie.
Frequent Faller –1000 Had twice the Falls of whoever had the second-most (at least 3) (VS. Mode).
Friendly Foe 3000 Never pushed an opponent.
Full Power 2000 Ended the match with 0% damage.
Gardener Finish 2000 Put a flower on an enemy's head at match's end (timed matches only).
Giant Kirby KO 10000 Defeated Giant Kirby in Adventure mode.
Giant KO ×600 KO'd a foe while giant.
Giga Bowser KO 100000 Defeated Giga Bowser in Adventure mode.
Goomba KO ×100 KO'd a Goomba. Stepping on them counts.
Gourmet 2000 Used only food items (3 or more).
Ground Pounded ×500 Got KO'd by landing on a damaging floor.
Hammer Throw 1500 Successfully dropped a Hammer. To do this, a player holding a Hammer must tumble by an attack and drop it by pressing the Z button on the frame they start falling after the tumble. One of the hardest bonuses to earn in the game.
Hangman's KO ×2000 KO'd an opponent that was hanging from an edge.
Half-Minute Man 2500 Beat the stage within 30 seconds.
Heartthrob 2800 Got 2 or more Heart Containers.
Heavy Damage 20000 Survived to over 400% damage in a single stock. Same stipulations as other X% Damage bonuses.
Head Banger 800 Hit walls a lot (3 or more times a minute).
Headless Hammer 2500 Grabbed a Hammer and had its head fall off.
Hobbyist 1000 Got at least one trophy before the stage ended (Trophies dropped by enemies do not count) (Regular Matches).
Home-Run King ×600 KO'd a foe using a Home-Run Bat.
Instant Poser ×100 Taunted within one second after KOing an opponent.
In the Fray 2000 Average distance to foe was very small.
Immortal 5000 Was never knocked off the stage.
Impervious 7000 Never took damage.
Invincible Finish 1200 Ended match while being invincible.
Invincible KO ×800 KO'd a foe while being invincible.
Invisible KO ×800 KO'd a foe while being invisible.
Item Catcher ×1000 Caught a thrown item.
Item Chucker 3000 Attacked only by throwing items.
Item Collector 4000 Collected all items that appeared.
Item Hog 4000 Used at least 10 different kinds of items.
Item-less 1800 Never used items.
Item Self-Destruct –1000 SD'd because of an item.
Item Smasher 3000 Used only smash attacks with battering items.
Item Specialist 2000 Only hit with items.
Jackpot 1110 Damage at end was composed of only one digit (such as 44% or 111%).
Juggler 1500 Struck an enemy several times while keeping them airborne.
Kiss-the-Floor KO ×1000 Launched an opponent onto a damaging floor for a KO.
Koopa KO ×200 KO'd a Koopa. Knocking a Koopa into its shell does not count, nor does throwing a Koopa Shell off the screen; therefore this can only be achieved by a throw or a swallow by Yoshi or Kirby.
KO 64 ×640 KO'd an opponent with 64% damage.
KO Artist 3000 Had twice the KOs of whoever had the second-most (at least 3) (Versus Mode).
KO Master 1500 Had the most KOs (Versus Mode).
KOs ×500 Counts each KO (Versus Mode).
Laser Marksman 4000 Hit with every blast from a Ray Gun.
Last Place –1000 Finished in last place in time match (Versus Mode).
Last Second 5000 Finished a stage with one second left.
Lethal Weapon 7000 Hit opponents using a wide variety of attacks. One known way to get the bonus is by using all aerial, smash and special attacks on an enemy, without missing with any of them and without using any other attacks.
Life on the Edge ×800 After being knocked off, grabbed an edge without using a midair jump.
Like-Like KO ×500 KO'd a Like-Like.
Link Master 30000 Defeated all five Links in Adventure mode.
Lost in Space 2000 Spent at least 25% of the total match time in the magnifying glass.
Lost Luggage 3000 Spent time in a magnifying glass on all four sides of the screen.
Lucky Number Seven 3000 Finished a stage with :07 left.
Lucky Threes 3330 Finished a stage with 3:33 left.
Luigi KO 20 Defeated Luigi in Adventure mode.
Magnified Finish 1000 Ended the match while in a magnifying glass.
Marathon Man 2000 Ran a lot.
Mario Maniac 8000 Used only Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, and Starmen.
Master of Disaster –1000 Had the most self-destructs (Versus Mode).
Master of Suspense 2500 Surprised the crowd a lot (3 or more times a minute).
Materialist 100 Spent the most time holding items of all players.*
Melee Master 100000 Cleared All-Star mode without using any of the Heart Containers.
Merciful Master 3000 Won without KOing anybody.
Metal Bros. KO 8000 KO'd the Metal Bros. in Adventure mode.
Metal KO ×800 KO'd a foe while being metal.
Meteor Clear 3000 Cleared a stage with a meteor smash.
Meteor Master 8000 Every time an attack with a meteor smash was used, it hit and KO'd an opponent (minimum of 2).
Meteor Smash ×800 Knocked out a foe using a meteor smash.
Meteor Survivor ×2000 Successfully recovered from a meteor smash after being hit by one while airborne. Does not necessarily need to be via meteor canceling.
Mew Catcher 10000 Mew appeared from a thrown Poké Ball.
Minimalist 1500 Spent the least time holding items of all players.*
Moment of Silence 3000 Took no damage for one minute. Not given if Impervious is earned.
Mr. Saturn Fan 3000 Only item used was Mr. Saturn.
Mrs. Saturn 1500 Held a specific Mr. Saturn for 30 seconds or more.
Mycologist 2500 Got 3 or more Mushrooms.
Mystic 2000 Ended the match while offscreen.
Never Look Back 5000 Never changed directions.
No-Damage Clear 300000 Cleared Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, or All-Star Mode without taking any damage.
No Hurry 1000 Never dashed. Despite the description stating "Always walked; never ran.", it can be earned alongside the Run, Don't Walk bonus if the player doesn't move at all.
No-Miss Clear 10000 Cleared all levels without losing a single life (Regular Matches).
No R 4 U 300 Didn't press either L or R.
Octorok KO ×150 KO'd an Octorok.
Offensive Artist 2000 Did twice the damage of whoever did the second-most (at least 300) (Versus Mode).
Offensive Master 1000 Did the most damage (Versus Mode).
One-Two Punch 1800 Hit consecutively with an entire neutral combo.
Opportunist –1000 Didn't attack for a time of 30 seconds.
Pacifist 3000 Never attacked, including missed attacks.
Parasol Finish 1600 Was parachuting with the Parasol at match's end.
Paratroopa KO ×300 KO'd a Koopa Paratroopa. Like Koopas, reducing Paratroopas to a shell does not count.
Peaceful Warrior 5000 Never attacked, but didn't lose the match.
Perfect Aim 10000 Never missed (at least 8 attacks per minute).
Pitcher 6000 Fought with only grabs and throws.
Pokémon KO ×1000 KO'd a foe with a Poké Ball Pokémon.
Polar Bear KO ×800 KO'd a Polar Bear.
Pose Breaker ×800 Hit a taunting opponent with a weak attack.
Poser 2000 Taunted often (6 or more times in one minute).
Poser KO ×5000 KO'd an opponent with a taunt. Only Luigi can earn this bonus since he's the only character who has a hazardous taunt.
Poser Poseur ×500 Taunted one second after someone else does.
Poser Power ×700 Attacked an opponent with a taunt. As with the Poser KO bonus, only Luigi can earn this.
Power Shielder 5000 Powershielded at least 3 times in one minute. Powershielding projectiles does not count.
Pratfaller 1500 Always landed face up. Not to be confused with Prat Falling.
Precise Aim 10000 All attacks hit immediately after execution (that is, they all hit on the same frame the hitboxes appeared).
Predator –1500 Frequently attacked opponents with high damage. Can be earned even in team battles, but players can avoid receiving this bonus by attacking "only" the fighters (including teammates) who have the lowest current damage value. Cannot be earned in a match that only has two players.
Pummeler 1500 Did a lot of damage by pummeling.
Punching Bag 100 Got knocked back and forth by two enemies (at least 28% damage taken in one combo by opponents on opposite sides).
Quadruple KO ×8000 KO'd four opponents with one attack.
Quintuple KO ×15000 KO'd five opponents with one attack.
Quitter ×–1000 Fell off the stage without using a double or triple jump to recover.
Reciprocator ×2000 Caught an item that an enemy threw and threw it back.
ReDead KO ×300 KO'd a ReDead.
Rock Climber 800 Hung from edges at least 4 times in one minute.
Rock Steady 3000 Did not fall down (that is, did not ever get knocked down on the ground).
Rocket KO 5000 Star KO'd all opponents on a team.
Run, Don't Walk 6500 Never walked (except for very small distances).
Sacrificial KO ×1500 KO'd both an enemy and themselves with a single attack.
Saturn Ringer 4000 Caught a Mr. Saturn thrown at the player.
Saturn Siblings 4000 Got 3 or more individual Mr. Saturns.
Screw-Attack KO ×2500 Used a thrown Screw Attack to KO an enemy.
Screwed Up 2000 Held a Screw Attack for 30 seconds or more.
SDs ×–500 Counts each self-destruct (Versus Mode).
Self-Destructor –2000 Had twice the self-destructs of whoever had the second-most (at least 3) (Versus Mode).
Shameful Fall ×–1500 At less than 50%, got KO'd by a foe with over 100% damage.
Shape Shifter 1500 Used only transformation items (3 or more).
Shattered Shield ×–1000 Got shield broken.
Shield Buster ×2500 Broke an opponent's shield.
Shield Saver 500 Dropped shield just before it broke (has 3 HP or less remaining).
Shield Stupidity ×–2000 Broke the player's own shield.
Shooting Star 1500 Ended match as a star (by being Star KO'd).
Shy Guy KO ×20 KO'd a Shy Guy at the Yoshi's Story stage.
Skid Master 1000 Skidded at least 9 feet in one minute.
Smash-less 1500 Used no smash attacks.
Smash King 3000 Used many smash attacks (50% or more of all hits).
Smash Maniac 3500 Used only smash attacks.
Sniper 2000 Hit only with projectile attacks.
Solar Being 800 Was only ever Star KO'd.
Special KO ×800 KO'd a foe by using a special attack.
Specialist 2200 Used only special moves.
Spectator –2500 Spent a long time on a slanted surface.
Speed Demon 20000 Cleared all levels very quickly.
Speedster 10000 Cleared all levels quickly. (Not given if Speed Demon is earned.)
Stale Moves –2000 Used the same attack constantly. Defined as 40% or more of one's attacks being the same move, unless less than 16 attacks total were used or a single-move bonus is earned.
Stalker –1000 In three-player matches, attacked one specific opponent 80% of the time. In four-player matches, attacked one specific opponent 66% of the time. Not given in a two-player match, but given in team battles, even if there is only one opponent.
Star KO x300 Star KO'd the enemy.
Statue 500 Barely moved horizontally at all.
Stiff Knees 300 Never crouched.
Straight Shooter 1500 Used only shooting items (3 or more).
Super Scoper 2000 Did 100% damage or more by firing a Super Scope. Can be earned by using multiple Super Scopes (and is nearly always necessary, as only one isn't enough to do 100% damage without using the Infinite Super Scope Glitch).
Super Spy ×800 KO'd someone with a Motion-Sensor Bomb.
Sweeper 2500 Most attacks were low attacks.
Switzerland 12000 Never attacked (including misses) and never took any damage.
Target Master 30000 Smashed all targets in Target Test.
Throw Down 2500 Cleared a stage with a throw.
Timely KO ×3500 KO'd an enemy with less than five seconds left.
Tiny KO ×2500 KO'd a foe while tiny.
Topi KO ×200 KO'd a Topi.
Triple Items 3000 Used the same items three or more times in a row (such as three Fire Flowers). Earned even if just one kind of item is set on in a Melee.
Triple KO ×4000 KO'd three opponents with one attack.
Twinkle Toes 2500 Succeeded on every attempt to absorb damage (such as techs, powershielding, etc.).
Vegetarian 1800 Ate 2 or more Maxim Tomatoes.
Very-Hard Clear 200000 Cleared Very Hard mode.
Warp Star KO ×1000 KO'd a foe using a Warp Star.
Weight Lifter 1500 Frequently held heavy items.
Whipping Boy –1500 Trailed in points for the whole match (Versus mode).
Wimp 1500 Used only recovery items (3 or more).
Wimpy KO ×4000 KO'd a foe with a weak attack.
Wire to Wire 2000 Led in points for the whole match (Versus mode).
World Traveler 2000 Got KO'd off all four sides of the screen.

There are also additional bonuses only accessible via Action Replay. They are not required for obtaining the Diskun Trophy.

Name Points Given Requirement
Barrel Blast KO ×300 Used a Barrel to KO someone.
Crash & Burn −500 All meteor smashes missed.
Deflector 1000 N/A
Green Shell Shooter ×800 Caused damage twice or more with a Green Shell.
Poolshark ×300 Threw one enemy into another.
Red Shell Shooter ×400 Caused damage 3 or more times with a Red Shell.
Ricochet Rifler ×800 Deflected shot hit an enemy.


  • Because of a programming error in Melee, the Materialist and Minimalist bonuses are reversed: Materialist is actually awarded when a player spent the least amount of time holding items, while Minimalist is awarded when a player spent the greatest amount of time holding items.
  • The Bull's-eye KO bonus can also be earned with a character's own chargeable projectile attack, such as a fully charged Shadow Ball or Charge Shot.
  • Peach can earn the Parasol Finish bonus by using her own parasol; Samus, however, cannot earn the Screw-Attack KO bonus by using her up special to KO opponents.
  • Meteor smash-related bonuses are awarded if the move used contains a meteor smash hitbox anywhere at all, regardless of whether the foe was KO'd or even hit by it. For example, Young Link's down aerial counts whether the opponent was hit by the meteor hitbox or not, and Kirby's down throw counts, as even though the throw itself is not a meteor, the first nine hits are. Spikes don't award such bonuses, as by definition they are not detected as meteor smashes, and items appear to never count.
  • Another way to obtain the Dead-Weight KO bonus is by KOing an opponent with hitboxes that certain throws such as Mario's back throw temporarily place on their victim (thus hitting nearby opponents while being thrown).
  • As Food and Maxim Tomatoes are considered food items and not recovery items in Melee, the only way to get the Wimp bonus is by using three or more Heart Containers as the only items. Therefore, it always overlaps with the Heartthrob bonus.
  • If the player performs a 0-Second Melee, it is possible for one character to be rewarded both the First Place and Last Place bonuses.
  • If Master Hand is used via the Name Entry glitch, he can get the Pacifist bonus even if he attacks. This occurs because the inputs for his attacks are not the same as other characters.
  • As Luigi's taunt meteor smashes opponents and is also the only taunt capable of KOing opponents, Poser KO always overlaps with the Meteor Smash bonus.
  • The "Switzerland" bonus is a reference to the landlocked European country of the same name, which has famously followed a strict policy of total neutrality since 1815.
  • The "Rocket KO" bonus is a reference to the Team Rocket Trio, recurring villains in the Pokémon anime; in many episodes, the trio would be sent flying away into the sky by Pikachu, leaving behind a star when they vanished from sight.
  • In the "Bonus Records" menu, the "Assisted KO" bonus incorrectly states, KO'd a foe with an item, when it is actually awarded when the enemy is KO'd by a stage hazard.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Solo Bonuses[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl has no unique and specific bonuses like those of the previous installments. Instead, the Classic mode's points are only determined by time remaining and damage. However, clearing the mode without losing any lives awards the player bonus points, as well as additional points for whichever difficulty they cleared it on.

Name Points Given Requirement
Cleared On Easy 10,000 Cleared Classic or All-Star mode on Easy difficulty.
Cleared On Normal 40,000 Cleared Classic or All-Star mode on Normal difficulty.
Cleared On Hard 100,000 Cleared Classic or All-Star mode on Hard difficulty.
Cleared On Very Hard 250,000 Cleared Classic or All-Star mode on Very Hard difficulty.
Cleared On Intense 500,000 Cleared Classic or All-Star mode on Intense difficulty.
Cleared With No Damage 300,000 Never took damage in Classic or All-Star mode.
Cleared Without Losing a Life 10,000 Never lost a stocked life in Classic or All-Star mode.
Damage 100x Dealt damage to an opponent; the total damage the player deals is multiplied by 100. If multiple enemies were faced, the total damage dealt to each is added together, before being multiplied by 100.
Perfect! Level 1 1,000 Got every target in Target Smash!! Level 1.
Perfect! Level 2 8,000 Got every target in Target Smash!! Level 2.
Perfect! Level 3 20,000 Got every target in Target Smash!! Level 3.
Perfect! Level 4 50,000 Got every target in Target Smash!! Level 4.
Perfect! Level 5 100,000 Got every target in Target Smash!! Level 5.
Time Remaining 30,000 - 100x Cleared a stage in Classic mode with time remaining; a default of 30,000 points are given. This amount decreases by 100 for each second that the match continues.
Used a Continue -20,000 Lost all stocked lives in Classic or All-Star mode and used a Continue.
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