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Special Flag

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Special Flag
The icon of the Special Flag.
Universe Rally-X
Appears in SSB4

Special Flag (スペシャルフラッグ, Special Flag), also called S-Flag, is an item from numerous games developed by Namco. It appears in Super Smash Bros. 4 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as an item.


The Special Flag's debut in Rally-X.

Special Flags have appeared in multiple games developed by Namco. The item debuted in the maze game Rally-X, acting as an item that had to be collected by the player alongside other flags scattered throughout levels; the Special Flag, however, gives double the score of a normal flag and would double the values of every flag collected for the rest of the level unless the player loses a life.

The item has appeared in more recent games by Namco, often acting as an easter egg to players; among these appearances include Star Fox: Assault and Tales of Vesperia. Similar to the various series symbols that have appeared in the Smash Bros. series, the Special Flag has also been a flagship symbol for the company, even having been used as section markers or as the favicon for its official website (archive).


Pikachu using a Special Flag.

When used, the character will hold the Special Flag in the air and become immobile for 3 seconds; the successful completion of its use will add a point to the user's score in a timed match, or give the user an additional stock in a stock match (if they are not at 99, although AI opponents at 99 stocks will still attempt to use a special flag). If a character takes any hit while holding the Special Flag, they will automatically drop it (this resets the time needed to use the flag as well).

While holding the flag, all grounded up, down, and neutral standard attacks will activate the flag. A dash attack will not activate the flag. The flag can be tossed away without using it with the grab button.


Given the nature of the Special Flag's bonus, it can only appear in variations of Time and Stock matches, and will not appear at all in Coin or Stamina battles, even if it is enabled in the Item Switch. It also does not appear in Smash Tour battles. As of Ultimate, Special Flags can now appear in Stamina battles; however, oddly, they will still not spawn in a Special Smash in Stamina mode, despite neither of these conditions on their own disabling them.

Special Flags will also not appear in any format of Squad Strike, due to the mode limiting each selected fighter to a single stock, and the item will simply be absent from the Item Switch of a Squad Strike ruleset (unless accessed from the Rulesets menu in Options).


Special Flag's trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS
Special Flag's trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Special Flag
NTSC This item appeared as a hidden object in the 1983 arcade game Xevious. Picking one up would give you an extra life. In Smash Bros., it shows up for you to grab during battles. It may seem like nothing is happening, but holding it high will earn you an extra stock in a stock battle or a KO in a timed battle.
Arcade: Rally-X (1980)
Arcade: Xevious (1983)
PAL The Special Flag achieved fame as a hidden item that gave you an extra life in Xevious, which came to Europe in 1989. In this game, you'll earn +1 KO if you use it in a timed battle, and an extra stock in a stock battle. But there's a catch: when you use it, you'll be stuck holding it above your head for a while, leaving you totally open to attacks!
Arcade: Rally-X (1980 (JP))
NES: Xevious (10/1989)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese スペシャルフラッグ Special Flag
UK English Special Flag
France French Drapeau spécial Special Flag
Germany German Spezial-Flagge Special Flag
Spain Spanish Bandera especial Special Flag
Italy Italian Bandiera speciale Special Flag
China Chinese Special Flag
South Korea Korean 스페셜 플래그 Special Flag
Netherlands Dutch Speciale vlag Special Flag
Russia Russian Особый флаг Special Flag


  • CPU players have notable behaviors for a Special Flag: if any other fighter attempts to use it, all CPU players will focus their attention on that fighter in attempt to knock the flag out of their hand. Low level CPUs generally dawdle for a few seconds before reacting, usually giving human players a free point/stock. If a CPU player grabs hold of it, however, it may proceed to use the flag if no other fighters are close by, but are extremely likely to throw the flag offstage as soon as possible even if the coast is clear. This makes the Special Flag one of the few items CPU players are willing to discard from play.