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I'm not sure if we should be including "non-standard" items unique to characters like Zamus' Power Suit Piece in item templates. The Melee stage template had all its stages included on the basis that each stage can be individually selected in the stage select menu and that each stage in the list could be turned on or off (in Random Stage Select); that's why no Adventure Mode stages or debug stages can be found in the Melee Stage template. Likewise, the "standard" items have always been able to be turned off or on individually, in contrast to how you can't turn off Normal Samus' B-Forward missiles or Link's Bombs. For non-standard items belonging strictly to specific characters, we should rely on the item categories, which are meant to be more comprehensive than templates in a sense, while the templates themselves include what is recognized by official sources as standard items. Erik the Appreciator 02:26, August 2, 2007 (EDT)