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Flies & Hand

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Flies & Hand
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A screenshot of Gnat Attack from Mario Paint.
Universe Mario
Debut Mario Paint (1992)
Smash Bros. appearances Ultimate
Most recent non-Smash appearance WarioWare Gold (2018, cameo)
Console/platform of origin Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Species Flies (Flies)
Presumably human (Hand)
Article on Super Mario Wiki Gnat Attack

Flies & Hand (ハエと手, Flies & Hand) are entities from the Mario universe.


These entities originate from the Gnat Attack minigame in Mario Paint. This game, played with the SNES Mouse, involved players moving the hand holding a flyswatter in an attempt to swat flies of increasing size and number, culminating in the boss Watinga. Gnat Attack reappeared in the Wario game WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! under the name "Fly Swatter", and reappeared again in Super Mario Maker.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

As an Assist Trophy[edit]

Flies buzz around the stage, and a hand holding a fly swatter goes around swatting up a storm. Getting caught in the swat-storm will cause severe damage, so think like a fly and run away!
Super Smash Blog, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Official Site
Wario being damaged by the flyswatter in Ultimate.

The Flies & Hand appear as an Assist Trophy. The flies will roam the stage while the hand holding the flyswatter will hover in the foreground and attempt to swat them, damaging any fighters who are hit in the process. The hand can be defeated if it takes enough damage. When KO'd, the hand displays eyes and a mouth just like in the original Mario Paint minigame when it gets hurt. It cannot appear in Garreg Mach Monastery, King of Fighters Stadium, Mishima Dojo, Mushroomy Kingdom, and Norfair.


No. Image Name Type Class Cost Ability Series
SSBU spirit Flies & Hand.png
Flies & Hand
★★ 1 Battering Items ↑ Mario Paint Series

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ハエと手 Flies & Hand
UK English Flies & Hand
France French (PAL) Mouches & main Flies & Hand
Quebec French (NTSC) Mouches et main Flies and Hand
Germany German Mücken und Händchen Mosquitos and Hands
Spain Spanish Moscas y mano Flies and Hand
Italy Italian Insetti e mano Insects and Hand
China Chinese Flies & Hand
South Korea Korean Flies & Hand
Netherlands Dutch Vliegen en hand Flies and Hand
Russia Russian Мухи и рука Flies and Hand


  • Despite the Flies & Hand's Spirit being listed in the Mario series, as well as the hand itself being playable in Gnat Attack, in the Assist Trophy category in Training Mode it is listed with the Assist Trophies from universes without playable characters, being listed between Dr. Wright and Sablé Prince. In addition, the Friend icon for Flies & Hand has a gray background, as opposed to the red used for Mario characters.