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This article is about Peach's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For the character in other contexts, see Princess Peach.
in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Peach SSBU.png
Universe Mario
Other Smash Bros. appearances in Melee
in Brawl
in SSB4
Availability Unlockable
Final Smash Peach Blossom
THE super princess. Watch out for her powerful kicks while she's airborne. Using her down special, she picks vegetables and throws them at her opponents. Sometimes she even gets a Bob-omb!
Super Smash Blog, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Official Site

Peach (ピーチ, Peach) is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. She was announced for the game on June 12th, 2018. As opposed to being a starter like in the other Smash Bros. games, Peach is now an unlockable character. Peach is classified as fighter #13.

As in Smash 4, Samantha Kelly's portrayal of Peach from Brawl was repurposed for Ultimate.

How to unlock[edit]

Complete one of the following:

With the exception of the third method, Peach must then be defeated on Princess Peach's Castle.

Changes from Super Smash Bros. 4[edit]


  • Change As with all veterans returning from Smash 4, Peach's model features a more subdued color scheme. Her hair and gloves now feature simple detailing, similar to her design in Brawl. Her dress retains its design from the previous iteration, but now features a glossy satin texture.
  • Change Like other fighters, Peach is much more expressive, now having facial expressions for many more attacks.
  • Change Peach's dress now has independent physics.
  • Change Peach always faces the screen regardless of which direction she turns. As a result, her stance, moveset, and animations are now mirrored.
    • Buff This allows the player to see which turnip face is held when facing left.
  • Change Peach seems to be heavier, making her harder to KO but makes her more susceptible to combos.
  • Change Down taunt now has a heart pop up next to her head. She also no longer spins, and winks immediately.
  • Change Side taunt has been shortened, she now only dances back and forth instead of the 3 step dance, though the music notes still appear.
  • Change Peach performs her up taunt faster.
  • Change Peach's second jump animation has changed slightly.
  • Change Peach's air dodge animation has changed, and no longer uses the spinning dodge.
  • Change While floating, Peach now faces the screen instead of facing the side, and her dress no longer puffs up while she floats.
  • Change Peach has a new alternate costume - a golden dress. It replaces her Princess Daisy-inspired costume, most likely due to Daisy now being a separate character as Peach's Echo Fighter.
  • Change All of Peach's victory animations have been changed. [1]


  • Buff Like all characters, Peach’s jumpsquat animation now takes three frames to complete (down from 5).
  • Buff Peach jumps slightly higher.
  • Buff Peach walks slightly faster (0.86 → 0.924).
  • Buff Peach dashes much faster (1.4175 → 1.595).
  • Buff Peach's base and max additional air acceleration values have been adjusted, but are overall slightly higher. Base: (0.01 → 0.04) Max: (0.1 → 0.08) Total: (0.11 → 0.12).
  • Buff Peach's air speed is faster (0.95 → 1.029).
  • Change Peach's falling speed and fast falling speed are slightly faster (1.15 → 1.19) and (1.84 → 1.904) respectively.

Ground Attacks[edit]

  • Buff Forward tilt deals slightly more damage.
  • Buff Sweetspotted forward tilt has more range.
  • Change Down tilt has been changed from a sweep with her hand to a sweep kick.
    • Buff Down tilt comes out faster.
  • Buff Down tilt deals slightly more damage.
  • Buff First hit of dash attack combos into the second hit much more reliably.
  • Change Dash attack now has hearts at the end of the move.
  • Buff Dash attack deals higher damage (10%→12%).
  • Buff Forward smash no longer cycles between its three weapons in a set order, instead being determined by which angle the stick is held. This greatly improves its reliability, letting Peach use a particular weapon repeatedly without having to telegraph it.
  • Buff Peach can switch to whichever weapons she wants to use during her charging animation for forward smash (depending on angle).
    • Buff Forward smash's frying pan variant in particular has noticeably greater damage and knockback.
  • Buff Down smash now has 8 hits instead of 5.
  • Buff Up smash has an additional hitbox at the tip, where a heart graphic appears at the end of the ribbon.
  • Buff Sweetspotted up smash can now hit grounded opponents.

Aerial attacks[edit]

  • Buff All aerials have less landing lag.
  • Buff Forward aerial is now a magic attack and has a quicker startup.
  • Buff Forward aerial deals higher damage (15%→17%).
  • Change Forward aerial now has a sourspot, dealing 1% less damage and KOing later.
  • Buff Up aerial deals higher knockback.
  • Change Back aerial is now a magic attack and produces a heart.
  • Change Down aerial launches at a more horizontal angle. This changes the follow-ups of the move, but makes it retain more or less the same combo utility as before.

Throws/other attacks[edit]

  • Change Toad now appears when Peach grabs an opponent to attack alongside her when she uses her pummel and throws. Toad also still appears in her back throw and up throw, despite not directly attacking the opponent.
    • Change Because of this, Peach has a new pummel, where Toad punches the opponent.
    • Change Peach has a new forward throw, where Toad headbutts the opponent away.
    • Change Peach also has a new down throw, where Toad headbutts the opponent into the ground.
  • Buff Forward throw deals higher damage (10%→12%).
  • Buff Up throw and back throw both deal greater damage.
  • Buff Down throw deals slightly more damage (8%→9%).

Special Moves[edit]

  • Toad:
    • Buff Toad's counterattack now has Toad immediately appear on the ground next to Peach, bodyguarding her, instead of Peach using him as a shield. The move's startup lag was also significantly reduced, increased in damage and has more range.
    • Buff Toad has more active frames.
    • Buff When an opponent is on the opposite side and triggers the counter, Toad will immediately turn around and counterattack, making it much better for safety.
      • Nerf Toad no longer stalls Peach's descent when triggered airborne.
  • Peach Bomber:
    • Buff Peach Bomber now deals more damage (10%→14%) and knockback.
      • Buff Peach Bomber does more shield damage, depleting half the shield, making it a more reliable move.
    • Buff An aerial Peach Bomber now has less startup lag.
      • Buff Peach can control her drift much earlier during lag after an aerial Peach Bomber.
  • Peach Parasol:
    • Buff Peach Parasol has less landing lag when open.
      • Buff Peach Parasol's final hit now inflicts more knockback.
      • Buff Peach Parasol has less landing lag when closed.
      • Nerf Peach Parasol now deals very little knockback when completely open.
  • Vegetable:
    • Buff Turnips are pulled out much quicker, and now bounce off the ground once instead of disappearing immediately.
      • Buff Turnips have higher knockback growth, allowing them to KO at high percentages.
  • Change Both images of Peach in her Final Smash, Peach Blossom, take on different poses.

Classic Mode: No Damsel in Distress[edit]

Peach's opponents are villains in various universes that have all captured a certain damsel before.

Round Opponent Stage Music Notes
1 Bowser Jr. Mushroom Kingdom Delfino Plaza
2 Ganondorf Mushroomy Kingdom Dark World (For 3DS/Wii U)
3 Red Donkey Kong 75m (Battlefield form) Donkey Kong/Donkey Kong Jr. Medley
4 Koopalings Mushroom Kingdom U Fortress Boss - Super Mario Bros. 3
5 King K. Rool Jungle Japes Gang-Plank Galleon
6 Bowser Peach's Castle King Bowser - Super Mario Bros. 3
Bonus Stage
Final Master Hand Final Destination Master Hand (Less than 7.0 Intensity) or Master Hand / Crazy Hand (7.0 or higher Intensity) On Intensity 7.0 or higher, Crazy Hand teams up with Master Hand.

Role in World of Light[edit]

Although Peach does not appear in the World of Light opening cutscene, she was vaporized and later imprisoned alongside the rest of the fighters (sans Kirby) when Galeem unleashed his beams of light. She is seen in the gameplay section, where she unlocks a new area.

Alternate costumes[edit]

Peach Palette (SSBU).png


Character Showcase Video[edit]


  • Peach is the first female character revealed to have an Echo Fighter of her, being Daisy.
    • Because of this, this is the first Smash Bros. game where Peach no longer has her Daisy-based alternate costume.
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the first Smash Bros. game where Peach holds an object, specifically her Parasol, in her official artwork.
  • One of Peach's new winning animations resembles part of her Hole-in-One animation from Mario Golf: World Tour, albeit without the parasol.
  • Ultimate is the first game for Peach to not receive a new model.

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