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Flashing Mach Punch

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Flashing Mach Punch
Mii Brawler Neutral B 2 SSBU.gif
The Brawler using Flashing Mach Punch.
User Mii Brawler
Universe Super Smash Bros.

Flashing Mach Punch (閃光マッハパンチ, Flash Mach Punch) is one of the three neutral special moves for the Mii Brawler in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


When the special button is pressed, the Brawler performs a short flurry of five punches. If any of the punches connect to an opponent, the Brawler will continue the barrage before ending with an uppercut, hitting a total of 22 times if all hits connect. During the duration of the punches, if connected to an opponent, the Brawler gains invincibility. The move will not transition into the barrage if the opponent is shielding, under the effects of super armor, or buried; for the latter, only the first five hits will connect. Using this move in midair will momentarily slow the Brawler's descent during its first use; this allows the Brawler to stall while recovering, or use the punches as a niche landing option if used prior. The first hit comes out at frame 10, the initial hits last for a decent time, and the move deals 17.9% total if all hits connect while KOing middleweights at 115% from center stage. This makes Flashing Mach Punch useful as an edgeguarding option against falling opponents or as a mixup for combos.

It is interesting to note that only one of the punches in the initial flurry needs to connect in order to begin the full barrage. In other words, if an opponent shields the initial small punches but drops their shield early enough for the very last punch to "tap" them, they will be hit by the full barrage. This can be useful for catching opponents by surprise. However, due to its detection hitbox, the initial flurry is also prone to fail even if the opponent is hit by several of the punches, though this usually occurs at maximum range, that being the Brawler's fists.

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List MiiBrawlerHeadSSBU.png Performs a lightning-fast series of punches. Any opponent hit is captured in a rain of blows.


Flashing Mach Punch appears exclusively in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, with two other Special Move customization options available. These are the variations:

1. Shot Put 2. Flashing Mach Punch 3. Exploding Side Kick
Mii Brawler SSBU Skill Preview Neutral Special 1.png
Mii Brawler SSBU Skill Preview Neutral Special 2.png
Mii Brawler SSBU Skill Preview Neutral Special 3.png
"Tosses an iron ball that makes an impact but doesn't go very far." "Performs a lightning-fast series of punches. Any opponent hit is captured in a rain of blows." "Unleashes a kick so explosive, it'll set the world on fire (or at least your leg)."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese 閃光マッハパンチ
UK English Flashing Mach Punch
France French (PAL) Poing flash
Quebec French (NTSC) Poing flash
Germany German Überschall-Blitzschlag
Spain Spanish (PAL) Puñetazos relámpago
Mexico Spanish (NTSC) Puñetazos relámpago
Italy Italian Pugno supersonico
China Chinese (Simplified) 闪光马赫拳
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 閃光馬赫拳
South Korea Korean 섬광 마하 펀치
Netherlands Dutch Flitsend Slagensalvo
Russia Russian Удар-вспышка


  • During the second portion of the attack, fighters will continue to be damaged by the move even if the Training menu is opened. This is the only attack that is neither part of a throw or belonging to a Poké Ball Pokémon that has this property.
  • Flashing Mach Punch is possibly inspired by the Zan Retsu Ken ("Slash Rending Fist"), an input attack that Ryo Sakazaki and a few other characters use in the Art of Fighting and The King of Fighters series, where the attack shares a very similar appearance, though the Brawler performs the flurry with both of their hands rather than one like Ryo. Its resemblance is referenced in the fourth Mii Fighter costume showcase and Ryo's spirit battle, where a Mii Brawler dressed as Ryo performs the move.
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