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Soaring Slash

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Soaring Slash
Chrom Up B SSBU.gif
Soaring Slash in Ultimate.
User Chrom
Universe Fire Emblem
Jumps upward and then slashes down while twirling. Drops straight down and launches opponents to the ground.
—Description from Ultimate's Move List

Soaring Slash (翔流斬, Soaring-Style Slash) is Chrom's up special move in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Chrom using Soaring Slash.

Soaring Slash is very similar to Aether, Ike's recovery move. However, instead of throwing his sword upward and jumping to catch it as Ike does, Chrom performs a slash upwards, and then jumps with his sword still in hand, twirling in the air before coming back down. Soaring Slash offers near-negligible horizontal movement, as it stops all of Chrom's momentum and sends him straight up and down with very little horizontal influence at the peak of the jump. As a result, it is inferior as a recovery, even in comparison to Aether. It also lacks a rising hitbox unlike Aether, allowing for opponents to simply repeatedly neutral attack at the ledge to completely stop Chrom from recovering, among other strategies. However, this can be mitigated through precise spacing for ledgesnaps. Chrom also has higher air speed than Ike, however, making up for some of Soaring Slash's lacking lateral movement. Soaring Slash grants Chrom super armor before he leaps upwards, in a similar vein to Aether and grounded Blazer.

Soaring Slash's intial hit has a deceptively large horizontal hitbox, which when combined with the move's decent startup of 10 frames (which is faster than the frame 15 startup of Ike's Aether), super armor during the initial ascent, and extremely high damage output if all hits connect (21% base damage), makes it an extremely effective out of shield option for Chrom.

In terms of KO power, Soaring Slash KOs Mario from the center of Final Destination at roughly 145% if all hits connect, which makes it weaker than Ike's Aether, which as of version 8.0.0 KOs Mario at roughly 111% from the center of Final Destination if all hits connect.

Like Aether and Climhazzard, the descent of Soaring Smash contains a powerful meteor smash, which will reliably hit opponents due to the initial slash of the ascent leading directly into the spike, and Chrom having no sourspots on his sword. The meteor smash hitbox of Soaring Slash will usually KO opponents, even at low percentages, although Chrom must generally sacrifice his stock in order to land it. As such, the move can be used as a Sacrificial KO. Previously, Chrom would always reach the bottom blast zone after the opponent, meaning that it could consistently be used to secure the final KO of a match and allow Chrom to win, but as of 2.0.0, Chrom now usually dies first due to decreased knockback and a slightly faster fall speed. However, with precise spacing, it is possible for Chrom to carry an opponent into the air, then grab the ledge during the move's dive while the opponent keeps going down.

Chrom has various voice clips that will play while using the move, including "Out of my way!", "I'll end you!", "How about this?", and a loud grunt. In Japanese, he will say either "そこを退け!" (Out of the way!), "これでどうだ!" (How about this?!) or "残念だったな!" (Too bad!); the last of which, become a inside joke within Chrom players, being often associated with the move, and by extension Chrom himself.

Instructional quotes[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List ChromHeadSSBU.png Jumps upward and then slashes down while twirling. Drops straight down and launches opponents on the ground.


Chrom using a move that resembles Soaring Slash in Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Chrom originally performed this move in the Two Falchions cutscene of Fire Emblem: Awakening, when he was fighting against Lucina in her Marth disguise in Arena Ferox. He is also capable of performing a move very similar to Soaring Slash in Project X Zone 2, Fire Emblem Warriors, and Dragalia Lost.



  • If Chrom is hit out of Soaring Slash around the time he gains super armor, his sword will experience a visual glitch and permanently glow with its usual sword trail. This lasts until Chrom uses a sword-swinging move.
  • Soaring Slash is the only special move of an Echo Fighter that is entirely different in function from the equivalent move of the original fighter.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese 翔流斬
UK English Soaring Slash
France French Envol impétueux
Germany German Flugstreich
Spain Spanish Vuelo impetuoso
Italy Italian Fendente volante
China Chinese (Simplified) 翔流斩
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 翔流斬
South Korea Korean 상류참
Netherlands Dutch Sprongslag
Russia Russian Летящий удар