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Peach (SSBU)/Hitboxes

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Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack 1 PeachJab1SSBU.gif
Neutral attack 2 PeachJab2SSBU.gif
Forward tilt PeachFTiltSSBU.gif
Up tilt PeachUTiltSSBU.gif
Down tilt PeachDTiltSSBU.gif
Dash attack PeachDashAttackSSBU.gif
Forward smash frying pan PeachFSmashFryingPanSSBU.gif
Forward smash golf club PeachFSmashGolfClubSSBU.gif
Forward smash tennis racket PeachFSmashTennisRacketSSBU.gif
Up smash Ribbon Dance PeachUSmashSSBU.gif
Down smash PeachDSmashSSBU.gif
Neutral aerial PeachNAirSSBU.gif
Forward aerial PeachFAirSSBU.gif
Back aerial PeachBAirSSBU.gif
Up aerial PeachUAirSSBU.gif
Down aerial PeachDAirSSBU.gif
Neutral special Toad PeachToadSSBU.gif
Neutral special spores Toad (unavailable)
Side special Peach Bomber PeachSSpecialSSBU.png
Side special (hit) Peach Bomber PeachPeachBomberHitSSBU.gif
Up special rising Peach Parasol PeachUSpecialRisingSSBU.gif
Up special falling Peach Parasol PeachUSpecialFallingSSBU.gif
Down special Vegetable PeachDSpecialSSBU.png
Standing grab PeachGrabSSBU.gif
Dash grab PeachDashGrabSSBU.gif
Pivot grab PeachPivotGrabSSBU.gif
Pummel PeachPummelSSBU.gif
Forward throw PeachFThrowSSBU.gif
Back throw PeachBThrowSSBU.gif
Up throw PeachUThrowSSBU.gif
Down throw PeachDThrowSSBU.gif
Getup attack front PeachGetupAttackFrontSSBU.gif
Getup attack back PeachGetupAttackBackSSBU.gif
Getup attack trip PeachTripAttackSSBU.gif
Ledge attack PeachLedgeAttackSSBU.gif
Final Smash Peach Blossom PeachPeachBlossomSSBU.gif