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This article is about Simon's appearances in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For the characters in other contexts, see Simon Belmont.
in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Universe Castlevania
Availability Unlockable
Simon Lashes Out!
—Introduction Tagline
The protagonist of Castlevania. He uses his holy whip, Vampire Killer, to perform a smash attack with long reach. He also uses projectiles like an axe, holy water and cross.
Super Smash Blog, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Official Site

Simon (シモン, Simon) is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He was announced as a newcomer alongside Richter, Chrom, Dark Samus, and King K. Rool during a Nintendo Direct on August 8th, 2018.


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  • Simon's design is based on his appearance from the older Castlevania games, most noticeably on the X68000 release of Castlevania Chronicles with some elements from Super Castlevania IV, such as his shoulder pad and the spiked bracelet he wears on his upper arm. His idle animation, walk, and jump are all inspired from the original Castlevania, though his backwards jump is taken from Richter's backflip animation.
  • Simon's main weapon is his fully upgraded "Vampire Killer" whip which he uses in the Castlevania games, giving him tremendous reach for many moves, but noticeable startup lag as a result. As in Super Castlevania IV, he can hold out his whip and spin it to attack foes, similar to Sheik's old Chain. He can also use it as a tether to latch onto ledges.
  • Some of Simon's attacks have unique sound effects taken from his original series. His whip uses the lashing and striking sounds from some of the old Castlevania games, while his uppercut attack uses the sound effect from Symphony of the Night.

Known moveset[edit]

  • A whip twirl based on the ability introduced in Super Castlevania IV. It is freely controllable and is able to destroy weak projectiles, such as Metal Blade and Missile.
  • A swing forward tilt with very long range but notable startup.
  • A quick swing up tilt that covers his head, making it better for anti airs.
  • A whip crack forward smash. Outranges Corrin's forward smash, making it the longest uncharged forward smash in the entire game.
  • A vertical whip up smash, boasting impressive vertical range but poor horizontal hitboxes.
  • Whip swing aerials similar to the directional whip in Super Castlevania IV. The forward aerial can be angled slightly upward and downward.
  • A whip twirl neutral air around Simon's body.
  • A down aerial divekick, similar to the ones performed by most protagonists upon obtaining the ability to double jump. Simon and Richter both obtained this ability in Harmony of Despair.
  • An upward whip up throw and a slamming down throw.
  • Simon's specials use various items from the Castlevania series:
    • Axe, an arching projectile that pierces through opponents.
    • Holy Water, a short-ranged projectile that creates a pillar of flames, similar to Arcfire.
    • Cross, a straight boomerang that pierces through opponents.
  • Simon also borrows some moves from Richter Belmont in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night:
    • Uppercut, based on Richter's High Jump as his up special move.
    • Blade Dash, presumably as his dash attack.
    • A combo of Slide and Jumping Slide, presumably as his down tilt. Simon is capable of jumping off of platforms and edges with the follow-up.
    • Grand Cross, his Final Smash, based on the Item Crash performed when wielding the Cross sub-weapon.

Reveal trailer[edit]


Character showcase video[edit]


  • Simon's render is based off of the boxart of the original Castlevania, now turned to face the side and with the Vampire Killer in front of him.
  • Simon is the first character to be introduced in the same installment as his clone since those included in Melee.
    • He is also the first third party character to ever have a clone.
  • The screenshot of Simon holding an axe in front of Bowser is a reference to Super Mario Bros., where the Axe is key to defeating Bowser and his imposters in castle levels.
  • In the direct, the words: "Richter originated some of these moves. So, Simon also echoes Richter!" are seen on the bottom, indicating that Simon also echoes Richter. Sakurai also mentions that because some of Simon's moves originate from Richter, it's "hard to say who's really echoing who".

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