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The hitboxes of the pre-final hits of Super Jump Punch in Brawl, an example of an attack that utilizes the autolink angle.

The autolink angle is a special knockback angle programmed into certain attacks in Brawl and Smash 4. While it reads in the game data as an angle of 362, 365, 366, or 367 degrees (363 degrees in Brawl), the game treats it rather differently.

The primary use of the angle is to ensure that enemies will stay trapped by certain multi-hitting moves that cause or require their users to move, almost always through the air; the angle manifests itself in the likes of Super Jump Punch, as well as a sizable quantity of multi-hitting aerial attacks. In Brawl, the angle did not function very efficiently, as it simply sent the opponent in the direction the attacker is moving, disregarding how close or far from the center of the hitbox the opponent is. This meant that moves using the angles could be easily escaped with SDI (especially since SDI is generally much stronger in Brawl). In Smash 4, the angle's function is much more sophisticated, as the direction the opponent is sent in is determined by both the direction the attacker is moving in, and the position of the opponent relative to the hitbox (e.g if the opponent is in the upper end of the hitbox, and the attacker is not moving, the opponent will be sent slightly downwards. Additionally, this is calculated after the hitlag has ended, reducing the effectiveness of SDI at escaping the moves. These factors make autolink moves harder to escape in Smash 4, although it is still possible.

The angle does not exist in Smash 64 or Melee; attacks with the angle in Brawl have fixed angles in the other two games. The angle is notably much more common in Smash 4 than Brawl, as many characters with multi-hitting aerial attacks have had these moves adjusted to include it. It is typically considered favorable for an attack to employ the autolink angle, as it allows the move to be connect more reliably and sometimes be used in more versatile ways than one that has a static, unchanging angle.

Via its downward nature, the autolink angle is also considered to be a form of unconventional meteor smash.

Many moves that feature autolink angles do not have fixed knockback, however regardless of the value of the knockback, the knockback velocity will be fixed to allow the hits to link properly. If the game detects that the fighter using an autolink move will hit the ground before the next hit of the move comes out, the victim will be launched with the full knockback value, at the same angle as the finisher. There is an issue with the autolink angle on grounded opponents, where the first hit will fail to limit the knockback velocity, meaning that moves with autolink angles may fail to link properly at higher percents when used on grounded opponents (e.g Luigi Cyclone). The angle also does not properly trap opponents when the user is moving downwards, for unknown reasons.

List of attacks that use the autolink angle[edit]

By characters[edit]

Character Move(s) Games
Bayonetta Up special Super Smash Bros. 4
Bowser Jr. Down aerial
Cloud Limit Neutral special
Side special (hit 1)
Limit Side special (hits 1-2)
Dark Pit Up tilt (hit 2)
Up smash (hit 1)
Forward aerial (hits 1-2)
Diddy Kong Dash attack (hit 2)
Dr. Mario Down aerial
Dr. Tornado (aerial)
Falco Neutral aerial
Forward aerial Super Smash Bros. BrawlSuper Smash Bros. 4
Up special (hits 9-14)
Fox Forward aerial Super Smash Bros. 4
Greninja Back aerial
Up aerial
King Dedede Up aerial
Kirby Forward aerial
Down aerial
Little Mac Neutral aerial
Up special
Luigi Down special
Lucas Neutral aerial
PK Thunder 2 (multi hits) Super Smash Bros. BrawlSuper Smash Bros. 4
Mario Super Jump Punch Super Smash Bros. BrawlSuper Smash Bros. 4
Mega Man Up smash (hits 2-6) Super Smash Bros. 4
Back aerial (hits 1-2)
Meta Knight Up smash (hits 1-2)
Forward aerial
(pre-1.0.4 in Smash 4)
Back aerial
Neutral special
Side special
Mr. Game & Watch Back aerial (hit 1-3) Super Smash Bros. 4
Ness Down smash (back hit)
Forward aerial
Palutena Up tilt
Neutral aerial
Up aerial
Black Hole Laser
Peach Up aerial (hit 1)
Neutral special
Up special
Pikachu Back aerial
Pit Up tilt (hit 2)
Up smash(hit 1)
Forward aerial (hits 1-2)
Robin Neutral b (Arc thunder)
Rosalina & Luma Forward aerial (Rosalina's)
Roy Up special
Ryu Up aerial (hit 1)
Samus Forward aerial
Up special (hit 4-11 aerial only)
Sheik Up aerial
Sonic Up tilt (late hitbox only)
Toon Link Up special (aerial hits 1-3)
Wolf Fire Wolf Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Yoshi Back aerial Super Smash Bros. 4
Zelda Up smash
Neutral aerial
Zero Suit Samus Up special (hit 6)
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