Dr. Tornado

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Dr. Tornado
Dr. Tornado in Ultimate.
Dr. Tornado in Ultimate.
User Dr. Mario
Universe Mario
Article on Super Mario Wiki Dr. Tornado
Spins rapidly. He can move sideways while spinning and even rise, with repeated button presses!
—Description from Ultimate's Move List

Dr. Tornado (ドクタートルネード, Dr. Tornado) is Dr. Mario's down special move in Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. 4, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Dr. Tornado functions as Dr. Mario's equivalent to Mario's Mario Tornado and Luigi's Luigi Cyclone.

Dr. Mario does an out-stretched arm spin and ends it with a stronger hit via an open-body bash. Dr. Mario is able to hover in the air when using this attack by repeatedly tapping the B Button. The move can gather vertical height once between landings if it is used and mashed while ascending (at the start of a double jump, for instance). It also has much more horizontal movement when used on the air instead of the ground.

Dr. Tornado has the same effect as Mario Tornado, except that it is slightly stronger in terms of damage, has a lighter pull (and thus is able to rack up more hits if spaced properly), covers marginally less distance, and the final attack sends opponents flying in a random direction rather than straight up (in Melee). Additionally, Dr. Mario doesn't yell "Yahoo!" or "Yee-haw!" when performing the attack, unlike Mario. In SSB4 and Ultimate, he will simply make a quiet grunt, identical to the one Mario uses for F.L.U.D.D. In Melee, the move has transcendent priority on all but the last hit.

In Smash 4, Dr. Tornado deals less damage but has more knockback on the last hit, capable of KOing more easily at high percents. It is also harder to break out of and has a much longer duration, while also having more range at startup. The opponent is launched either diagonally left or right depending on which side of Dr. Mario they are on. It has slightly more startup than before but is noticeably easier to mash, making it easier to use for recovery. It can now move to the side slightly, further aiding horizontal recovery, but has significantly less vertical distance. It now also has transcendent priority on the last hit, but not on the looping hits.

In Ultimate, Dr. Tornado now hits seven times instead of five, and deals increased damage and knockback, making the move infamous for reliably KOing at significantly earlier percentages off-stage. Additionally, Dr. Mario now gets percentage-based heavy armor during the move's startup, and the move is better for recovery as it gives him increased vertical distance and has decreased ending lag.


Special Move customization was added in Super Smash Bros. 4. These are the variations:

1. Dr. Tornado 2. Soaring Tornado 3. Clothesline Tornado
"Spins repeatedly. You can move sideways while spinning and press the button repeatedly to rise." "A rapid spin that creates wind and launches foes. Rises high, but can't move very far horizontally." "A spin that launches opponents you collide with. Slow, but has high launching power."
  1. Dr. Tornado: Default.
  2. Soaring Tornado (known as Launching Tornado in the PAL version): A rapidly spinning move that launches Dr. Mario into the air. It has much greater vertical mobility, at the cost of horizontal movement. However, the move's hitboxes except for the last hit is replaced with a wind hitbox. Despite this, the last hit of Soaring Tornado deals 2% more than the last hit of Dr. Tornado for 6%, while also having much more KO potential and priority in some cases.
  3. Clothesline Tornado: The move has less mobility and duration; however, it has significantly greater knockback.



  • Due to the changes Mario received in Brawl, and Dr. Mario retaining the same moveset from Melee, Dr. Tornado is the only special move of Dr. Mario's where he doesn't share the custom moves with Mario; he instead shares them with Luigi.