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Fire Wolf

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Fire Wolf
Fire Wolf
Fire Wolf in Ultimate.
User Wolf
Universe Star Fox

Fire Wolf (ウルフシュート, Wolf Shoot) is Wolf's up special move.


Despite its name, "Fire Wolf", the move has no fire effect or hitboxes, but it is likely that the name follows the same naming style of Fox and Falco's Fire Fox and Fire Bird, and may also refer to the idea of "firing" Wolf in some direction, which relates to its Japanese name, "Wolf Shoot".

To execute, a player must press up and the special button, then tilt the control stick in a direction of their choice. This will cause line effects to gather about Wolf, and then fire him in a straight line. It has much less charging time than its counterparts, but does not carry a hitbox while charging. The main downsides of this move are that its edge sweetspot is very small, which can cause difficulty when the move is used to recover, and that the move travels a very short distance in Ultimate.

Unlike the other space animals, Fire Wolf's animation does not involve cloaking oneself in flames before launching forward in a headfirst spinning animation. Instead, Wolf thrusts his legs forward and extends a foot, which drags opponents within its range and hits them multiple times, dealing up to 11% (11.5% in Ultimate) damage. Wolf kicks as the move finishes, delivering substantial knockback and dealing an extra 3% (6% in Ultimate). Despite its multi-hit property, some characters who are caught in Fire Wolf may intercept it if they possess a fast enough attack, such as Dolphin Slash.

One of Fox's custom moves for Fire Fox in Super Smash Bros. 4, called Twisting Fox, has similar properties to this move, dealing multiple hits and a final hit with greater knockback. However, it also has a damage-dealing startup animation like Fox's normal Fire Fox.

Instructional quotes[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List WolfHeadSSBU.png Unleashes a jump kick that hits multiple times. Directional input can change the direction of the jump.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese ウルフシュート, Wolf Shoot
UK English Fire Wolf
France French Fusée Wolf
Germany German Feuer-Wolf
Spain Spanish Wolf de fuego
Italy Italian Fuoco Wolf
China Chinese (Simplified) 沃鲁夫飞踢
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 沃爾夫飛踢
South Korea Korean 울프 슛, Wolf Shoot
Netherlands Dutch Vuur-Wolf
Russia Russian Огненный волк