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Blaster (Wolf)

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For the other neutral special moves of the same name, see Blaster (Fox) and Blaster (Falco).
Wolf Neutral B SSBU.gif
Wolf's Blaster in Ultimate.
User Wolf
Universe Star Fox
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Blaster (クローブラスター, Claw Blaster) is Wolf's neutral special move.


For this move, Wolf uses a gun with a bayonet attached beneath its barrel, that fires green (purple in Ultimate) projectile lasers. Its firing rate is much slower than that of Fox and Falco's counterpart weapons, as Wolf is animated drawing and holstering it for each shot, and its range is the shortest, with lasers that travel about two-thirds of the length of Final Destination. However, its shots deal a small amount of knockback that is not set in Brawl, and 5–6% (6–8% in Ultimate) damage, the most damage of all three blasters. The blaster also serves as a melee weapon, delivering an extra 5% (7% in Ultimate) damage and considerable knockback to foes if it contacts them. When fired from the ground in Brawl, the vertical range of the lasers' hitboxes make contact with the floor, and will hit any ducking or crawling opponent (such as a ducking Kirby), and can detonate any down smash mines that Snake may have laid. It should be noted that the damage dealt by each laser lessens slightly as it travels forward.

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List WolfHeadSSBU.png Fires his Blaster quickly, or attacks close opponents with the claw-like blade on the Blaster.


Fox first uses a blaster in Star Fox 64's multiplayer and is depicted with one in artwork and screenshots. Falco, Slippy, and Peppy also use blasters in the game's multiplayer while on the ground. Their blasters were not officially named Blasters in the Star Fox series until Star Fox: Assault, in which it is the default weapon for all playable characters while on foot. Wolf's Blaster is unique to the Super Smash Bros. series.