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Wolf Flash

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Wolf Flash
Wolf Flash
Wolf Flash being used in Ultimate.
User Wolf
Fox (custom)
Universe Star Fox

Wolf Flash (ウルフフラッシュ, Wolf Flash) is Wolf's side special move, and one of Fox's custom side special moves in Smash 4. When it is used, Wolf dashes forward at blinding speed, damaging anyone in his way.


Similar to Fox Illusion and Falco Phantasm, this move sends the user forward incredibly fast, leaving a trail behind.

Unlike its counterparts, it sends Wolf upward around 30 degrees, allowing it to act as a recovery from points below the stage. The trail Wolf leaves in his wake does negligible knockback and little damage. However, when there's an enemy at the spot where Wolf stops, the attack is electrified and deals considerable damage while stunning the enemy, launching the foe forward if they're hit in front of Wolf, or meteor smashed if they're hit by Wolf himself.

In Brawl, as with other Star Fox characters' side special moves, Wolf Flash can be cancelled by pressing the button for a special move, which sends Wolf further horizontally without an angle, greatly increases the horizontal reach of the move for recovery, but removing the sweetspot of the attack.

In Ultimate, Wolf Flash can now be angled slightly up or down. It also presents much more pronounced slashing effects upon usage. It still leaves Wolf helpless upon finishing the attack, even though both Fox Illusion and Falco Phantasm haven't caused helplessness since Brawl.

Wolf Flash and ledges[edit]

Scarring performed in Brawl.

In Brawl, Wolf Flash has characteristics that can cause a number of unusual outcomes when performed near ledges.

  • If Wolf uses Wolf Flash from a particular position in relation to a ledge, he can seemingly travel through a portion of the stage and land safely (if looked at in slow motion, Wolf isn't actually traveling through the stage, but hugging the ledge onto the stage). This technique is called scarring, and can only be performed near certain ledges. It can be useful as an approach option from the edge should Wolf end his dash up there, and can be used as a way to get back on stage to avoid edge pressure from the opponent.
  • There is a variant of this strategy called semi-scarring, whereby the player uses Wolf Flash to propel Wolf toward a ledge, but holds down on the control stick. This prevents Wolf from immediately grabbing the ledge, and can sometimes cause him to travel through a small part of the edge of the stage.
  • Performing Wolf Flash from certain other positions in relation to a ledge can cause Wolf to cancel the move and drop from the ledge without grabbing it, or land close to the ledge on stage, in a standing position.

Scarring is much harder to perform in Ultimate, as Wolf Flash can no longer hug the ledge as much, which often results in a self destruct.

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List WolfHeadSSBU.png Jumps upward diagonally and attacks nearby opponents. Has a meteor effect against airborne enemies if timed right.

As a Custom Move for Fox Illusion[edit]

Wolf himself does not appear in Smash 4, though the name of his move, Wolf Flash, is used as a customizable option for Fox's Fox Illusion.

3. Wolf Flash
"Dash into the air at an angle. When it hits, it sends opponents crashing downward."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese ウルフフラッシュ, Wolf Flash
UK English Wolf Flash
France French Flash Wolf
Germany German Wolf-Illusion
Spain Spanish (PAL) Centella Wolf
Mexico Spanish (NTSC) Destello Wolf
Italy Italian Flash di Wolf
China Chinese (Simplified) 沃鲁夫闪影
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 沃爾夫閃影
South Korea Korean 울프 플래시, Wolf Flash
Netherlands Dutch Wolf-flits
Russia Russian Волчья вспышка


  • There exists a glitch in earlier iterations of Ultimate regarding Wolf Flash where, if Wolf performs an air dodge and lands while using Wolf Flash, the air dodge's 10 frame landing lag will override the move's 29 frame landing lag. This was fixed in version 3.0.0.
    • However, the air dodge's 10-frame landing lag will still override the move's landing lag if Wolf completely finishes his air dodge animation without any interruption (FAF) and lands on the ground after turning helpless by using this move, though this method is only possible on stages with high ground.
  • Wolf Flash is one of the two helpless-transitioning special moves to be affected by the grab release glitch, with the other move being Extreme Speed.
  • Wolf Flash is one of six moves in Smash 4 to appear as a custom move for another character despite the original character not being present in the base roster, with the other four being all four of Lucas’s special moves, which are custom moves for Ness, and Young Link's Fire Bow, which is a custom move for Toon Link.