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Reflector (Wolf)

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For the other down special moves of the same name, see Reflector (Fox) and Reflector (Falco).
Wolf Down B SSBU.gif
Wolf's Reflector in Ultimate.
User Wolf
Universe Star Fox
Article on Lylat Wiki Reflector

Reflector (リフレクター, Reflector) is Wolf's down special move.


Wolf's reflector differs from Fox's and Falco's in appearance, resembling a pink, elliptical "cat's eye" as opposed to a blue hexagonal shape, and Wolf carries his reflecting device on his back instead of his belt. Compared to the other two Reflectors, it gives less power to projectiles (1.3x instead of 1.5x), instead giving them a boost to 1.8 times their initial speed. The reflector is activated in one frame and can be held for as long as desired. When used, the first few frames of Wolf's reflect provide him with invincibility, followed by a "zap" that deals 3% and a small amount of set knockback to any opponents touching it; the least knockback of all reflectors. If the special button is held, it will then function as a projectile deflector, but leave Wolf vulnerable to physical attacks, otherwise it ceases after a short cool-down period. The initial frames of Wolf's reflector can operate as a sort of "counter": invincibility is used to avoid an attack, then the reflector damages the attacker. Unlike Fox's Reflector, Wolf's Reflector will not reduce his falling speed.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Wolf takes out a device to activate his reflector. In addition, the reflector has a better damage multiplier when a projectile is reflected (1.5x).

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List WolfHeadSSBU.png Reflects projectiles with a shield. Takes longer than the version Fox uses, but it has greater power.



  • In Ultimate, if Wolf is under the effects of a Superspicy Curry, is poisoned or is under the effects of Joker's Eiha/Eigaon, his reflecting device will not appear on his hand.
  • In Ultimate, there's a glitch where if Wolf quickly turns around and back while activating his Reflector, his Reflector will be silent until he reflects an incoming projectile.[citation needed]

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