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Rising Tackle

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Rising Tackle
Terry Up B SSBU.gif
Rising Tackle in Ultimate.
User Terry
Universe Fatal Fury

Rising Tackle (ライジングタックル, Rising Tackle) is Terry's up special move in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Terry flips onto his arms and propels himself upward, performing an upward corkscrew kick and hitting five times in the process. Terry yells "Rising Tackle!", "Hee-yah!" or "Bingo!" while using the move. It renders his entire lower body intangible from frames 9 to 20, and deals decent damage and knockback. It has light and heavy variants depending on whether the button is tapped or held; for the heavy version, Terry travels farther, and the move's final hit deals more damage. The player can slightly influence Terry's trajectory during the move, making the move fairly consistent at connecting, although not infallible. However, the move does not snap to the ledge immediately without precise spacing, leaving Terry vulnerable to edgeguards, even with the incredible intangibility if charged.

Input Rising Tackle[edit]

If the player performs Rising Tackle's command input (hold down ↓ for 24 frames, then input ↑+attack/special within 10 frames), Terry will perform an enhanced version of the move, which hits nine times instead of five, deals even more damage and knockback, goes a slightly higher distance, and grants him full-body intangibility from frames 5 to 17 in addition to lower-body intangibility on frames 18 to 25. This makes Input Rising Tackle an extremely strong—albeit committal—out of shield and anti-air option, making jumping in against Terry a dangerous prospect. If used during ladder combos on stages like Battlefield, it isn't uncommon to see Input Rising Tackle allowing Terry to take stocks extremely early.

The game will recognise the charge input as long as the player is holding their control stick down, and is lenient enough to the point that it can even read a downward input while dashing with precise inputs. Additionally, thanks to the charge partitioning mechanic, dropping the charge input isn't the end of the world, and players can return to charging the input if quick enough. Plus, the charge can be "hidden" through other animations, such as shielding or attacking. For example, by tilting shield down, it is also possible to store charge for Rising Tackle and use it out of shield alongside Negative Edge, though other techniques such as COIL can make this much more efficient.


Terry can perform a Rising Tackle out of some standard attacks, as part of his special move canceling mechanic. By pressing the up special input or command input after connecting with his tilts, up, down, or neutral aerials, Terry will cancel the endlag of the attack and perform a Rising Tackle. This can be used for combos. The most common moves this is used out of are neutral attack or up aerial, allowing for kill options or damage building. Neutral attack is of particular note for forming a 50/50 with Power Dunk to mix up players attempting SDI, as well as profitting from Charge partitioning. Additionally, the first two hits of Rising Tackle can be cancelled into Terry's Final Smash, Triple Wolf.

Charge partitioning[edit]

Charge partitioning in action[1].

Originally discovered in Ultimate by Street Fighter player Momochi, Charge partitioning is an advanced technique that currently only works with Rising Tackle, but theoretically works with potential future charge inputs. When down is released, there is an 11 frame leeway to continue charging, and a 9 frame leeway to perform the move. Within this leeway time, other actions (such as walking, jumping, or even DI) can be taken, and the charge will be resumed as long as down is pressed again in time. Down can also be held during certain actions, such as dashing, which counts toward the charge. As such, this allows for storing the charged Rising Tackle over a longer span of time without leaving Terry vulnerable. It is considerably easier to perform on a Smash Box, thanks to easier access to downward inputs.

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List TerryHeadSSBU.png Strike against airborne threats by rising up feetfirst. Tilt the stick left or right to move slightly.


Terry performing Rising Tackle in Fatal Fury: King of Fighters.

Rising Tackle is Terry's anti-air move that has stuck with him since the original Fatal Fury: King of Fighters, making an appearance alongside him in every following Fatal Fury title (except for Fatal Fury 3 and Garou: Mark of the Wolves; in the latter game, the move is instead used by Rock Howard) and later in the King of Fighters series. Terry's battle cries of "Rising Tackle!" come from Fatal Fury 2 and most other titles, "Bingo!" from The King of Fighters 2002 onward, and the yell from The King of Fighters XIV.

Rising Tackle is typically performed by holding ↓ for a certain amount of time, then pressing ↑ + light/heavy punch immediately afterwards. This move also occasionally has an alternative input of → ↓ ↘ + light/heavy punch. The heavy version has more hits, damage, and invincibility frames, but has much more recovery time to compensate.

Alex using charge partitioning to dash and then attack Ken in Street Fighter III: Third Strike.

Charge partitioning was originally a glitch first discovered in Street Fighter III: The New Generation[2]. However, it was adopted by several future fighting games as an intentional mechanic to make charge inputs easier to do, though it was eventually replaced with techniques like charge buffering. It's typically very difficult to do, with small frame windows; compared to traditional fighting games, Ultimate's iteration of charge partitioning is considerably easier to perform.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese ライジングタックル, Rising Tackle
UK English Rising Tackle
France French Rising Tackle
Germany German Rising Tackle
Spain Spanish Rising Tackle
Italy Italian Rising Tackle
China Chinese (Simplified) 升龙摔
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 升龍摔
South Korea Korean 라이징 태클, Rising Tackle
Netherlands Dutch Tornadotackle
Russia Russian Прыжoк с вращением


  • Rising Tackle is the only move with a command input that utilizes a charge input.