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Super Smash Bros. series This article's title is unofficial.
Fox's waveshine in Melee is an advanced technique that requires considerable technical skill to perform.
The DACUS is a well-known advanced technique in Brawl.

An advanced technique is a series of actions, typically complex and/or difficult enough to require reasonable tech skill, that results in a benefit to the metagame of a character.

Advanced techniques mainly differ from standard techniques in that their presence was not discovered or expected by the game's designers. This often manifests itself in the form of advanced techniques being results of oversights or glitches, such as wavedashing and momentum cancelling. A strong or properly-applied advanced technique can radically alter a character's metagame - for example, the short hop fast fall l-cancel provides a significant speed boost to a player's aerial assault and helps to patch up holes in slower characters' offenses. Certain characters rely heavily on their specific advanced techniques, such as the Ice Climbers' chain grabs and desynching techniques, and Fox's waveshine combos in Melee. Reliance of these "exploits" to shape top-level metagames is a common source of discontent among new and casual players.

List of advanced techniques[edit]

A list of techniques that are notably difficult to perform/require precise technical skill.

Autolanding No No Yes No
Bat dropping No Yes Yes Yes
Bidou No No No Yes
Boost grab No Yes Yes Yes
Chain grab Yes Yes Yes No
Dash attack cancelled up smash No No Yes No
Dash cancel Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dash pivot cancel No No Yes No
Dash-dancing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Directional influence No Yes Yes Yes
Drop cancel Yes Yes No No
Edge dashing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Edge hopping Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fox-trotting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Frame cancelling No No No Yes
Glide toss No No Yes No
Hilldash No No Yes Yes
Jab cancel Yes Yes Yes Yes
Jab reset No Yes Yes Yes
Jump cancel throw No No Yes Yes
Jump-canceled grab No Yes No No
Jump-cancelling Yes Yes Yes Yes
L-cancelling Yes Yes No No
Ledge-cancelling No Yes No Yes
Lock No No Yes Yes
Momentum cancelling No No Yes No
Momentum slide Yes No No No
Moonwalk No Yes No No
Powershield No Yes Yes Yes
Pivoting Yes Yes No Yes
Platform cancel No No Yes Yes
Power shield cancelling No No Yes No
Reverse aerial rush No No Yes Yes
Shield break combo Yes Yes No No
Shield platform dropping Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shield-stop Yes Yes Yes Yes
Short hop air dodge No Yes Yes Yes
Short hop fast fall l-cancel No Yes No No
Smash directional influence Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stage humping No Yes Yes Yes
Taunt cancelling Yes Yes Yes Yes
Team wobble Yes Yes Yes No
Tech-chasing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Teleport Yes No No No
V-cancelling No Yes No No
Wavedash No Yes No No
Zero-to-death combo Yes Yes Yes Yes


List of character-specific advanced techniques[edit]

A list of advanced techniques that can only be performed by one or a few characters.

Dr. Mario[edit]



Ice Climbers[edit]

Link/Toon Link/Young Link[edit]





Meta Knight[edit]





Rosalina and Luma[edit]






  1. 1.0 1.1 Fox only.
  2. Falco only.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 Link and Young Link only.
  4. Link and Toon Link only.
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