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Double jump cancel zair

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Double jump cancel zair (abbreviated to DJCZ) is an advanced technique exclusive to Lucas in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The move is essentially a more consistently safer falling zair (tether attack) with more momentum and easier retreating and mixup potential.

How to perform[edit]

To perform this technique, the player must do a short hop from a standing or crouch position with the control stick tilted in the desired direction. At any point after the fifth frame of the jump, press the jump and grab button on the same frame. If done correctly, Lucas will halt his vertical movement and perform his zair, then land on the ground with only 8 frames of endlag. If done too early, there won't be a hitbox but he will still have 8 frames of endlag. A DJCZ done onstage is a frame away from being as safe as a perfectly spaced sweetspot zair, which leads to it being a very safe tool if used correctly.

The control stick must be tilted in order to perform, otherwise Lucas will keep his upward speed and thus be in-actionable for much longer. A neutral DJCZ can be done by holding the control stick up or down.


DJCZ allows for conversions such as zair loops and can be followed by a forward tilt, forward aerial, dash attack, a grab, or other reliable options to potential kill or continue a string. The most practical follow-up attack is another DJCZ, as stringing multiple together at low percents can lock opponents into a combo across the entire stage that can potentially be a zero-to-death. However, doing this requires extremely precise timing and rhythm, and opponents are able to escape at higher percents. The input can also be delayed to allow for spacing or mixups.

Delaying the DJCZ and using a full-hop can let Lucas perform the technique while landing on platforms. It can also be used to halt his upward movement and land on platforms sooner than he can with a full-hop, with or without a hitbox depending on the timing.

DJCZ is useful in neutral as it can be used to approach or retreat based on the control stick direction. It is only -3 on shield and can avoid many out-of-shield options due to its range and its ability to use it while moving backwards.