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Captain Falcon performing a shield-stop in Brawl.

The shield-stop is a technique in every Super Smash Bros. game thus far, which lets a character slide while using a shield. This is executed by simply pressing the shield button during a dash.

This can lead into various other actions, such as using a regular grab (rather than dash grabs, which are poor compared to other grabs) out of a dash, or simply protecting the character as they move forward. It can also be used to stop the dash in order to perform attacks such as tilts and forward smashes, and can be canceled into a roll or sidestep (the latter which conserves forward momentum for most characters) to play mindgames with opponents; in Melee and Ultimate, however, dash-canceling techniques are a more common alternative for the former purpose due to shield drops taking longer to act out of in the aforementioned two games. As with other slide techniques, the overall movement gained by shield-stopping is dependent on one's traction.

Shield-stopping is not the same as a dashing shield. Dashing shields involve tapping the shield button and releasing it to gain distance, whilst the shield-stop is used as a regular shield out of dash.

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