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Unlimited Rebellion Gauge glitch

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The unlimited Rebellion Gauge glitch was a glitch in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that allowed Joker to gain Rebellion Gauge units faster in team battles involving Pokémon Trainer's Pokémon Change.

This glitch was discovered in version 5.0.0 and was patched out of version 6.0.0.

How to perform[edit]

To perform this glitch, the match setting must be set to team battle (the friendly fire setting does not matter). Set Joker and Pokémon Trainer on the same team. A third character should damage the Pokémon Trainer's Pokémon without KOing it until it reaches a high percentage. Then, have the Pokémon Trainer use Pokémon Change. This would cause Joker's Rebellion Gauge to fill significantly, treating the partner as if they had just taken damage. This would happen each time Pokémon Change was used, allowing Joker to summon Arsène much more quickly.


In team battles, Joker's Rebellion Gauge fills slightly when his teammates receive damage, by 0.2* the damage. Before the glitch was patched, the game registered each Pokémon character as new when brought in with Pokémon Change. So, for instance, if Squirtle was at 100% damage when switching to Ivysaur, Joker's Rebellion Gauge would fill as if Ivysaur had just taken another 100% damage, which in this case would be 20 units. 5 switches would fill the meter completely. This occurred because the Pokemon are treated like different characters, which were damaged on the frame they switched out.[1]

In competitive play[edit]

After the glitch was discovered, teams of Joker and Pokémon Trainer were completely banned from playing in doubles due to being considered broken. A prominent incident is when MkLeo and Tweek planned to use this technique at Glitch 7 to "abuse the glitch." In response, Tantalus tweeted an announcement that the duo of Joker and Pokémon Trainer would not be legal in Glitch 7. Tantalus would have reversed the ban if Nintendo patched the glitch by a certain time frame.[2] As of 6.0.0, this glitch has been patched, and so the Joker and Pokémon Trainer ban was lifted.