Crown bouncing

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King K. Rool executing a Crown Bounce. This is the basic one, simply B-Reversing Crown Pickup in the air.

Crown Bouncing, is a technique discovered by DkDavy,[1], is very notable.[2] It is essentially an aerial dash dance, requiring a reverse input on the control stick when jumping into the crown. It is similar to a B reverse, thus carrying some initial momentum during the "bounce". This is best used with platforms, but can be used on the ground in the same manner. By trying to Crown Slide again during the input sequence, it can also cause K. Rool to B Reverse the animation, increasing utility significantly through the wavebounce-like effects. In a similar manner to Crown Sliding, it is possible to execute a Reverse Crown Bounce through utilizing the C-Stick. This serves as a mixup to reduce the distance a normal Crown Bounce would send a player, although overall it is far less notable compared to other Crownerang options.

Crown Bouncing is also used during recovery in circumstances where it is possible, as it adds another bit of horizontal distance that can be great if the requirements are met. This is because there is only 17 frames of lag performing this, which in edgeguard situations is more difficult to intercept than on land. This also allows for buffer options to be performed through the Crown Pickup animation, enabling Propellerpack to be used at the first possible frame. While opportunities are few and far between, there is no question that Crown Bouncing is an important aspect of recovery when it's possible. Crown Bouncing can also help confirm back aerial meteor smashes due to the spacing it provides, with it being reasonably consistent from around 40%.

Crown Bouncing can also interact with Crown Pickup Crown Landing in niche circumstances, although the momentum typically makes it difficult to do consistently. It is a very good approach option when a player sets up their situations perfectly, however, as opponents will typically shield and be forced to take a grab. As a result, in situations where it works, this can be a very good play to consider.