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King K. Rool executing a regular crown bounce.

Crown Bouncing is an advanced technique exclusive to King K. Rool's Crownerang attack. It was discovered by DkDavy[1][2]. While difficult to set up, it's considered to be a powerful movement option for K. Rool's neutral game. It occurs due to the Crown Catch and Crown Pickup animations being considered special moves. As such, Crown bouncing and its variants are essentially b-reverses and wavebounces.

How to perform[edit]

Regular Crown Bounce[edit]

This is essentially a forced b-reverse of the Crown Pickup animations. By directing the control stick in the opposite direction just as K. Rool grabs his crown, he will fly in the opposite direction as if he executed a b-reverse. However, he will go further than if he b-reversed Crownerang itself. It is unknown as to why this is.

This is best used with platforms for movement, as K. Rool will experience no landing lag. This is because picking up the crown reduces K. Rool's air speed to the point he doesn't even meet the conditions for soft landing. As such, by buffering actions out of this as K. Rool hits a platform, he will be completely lagless. Wavelanding or using an autocancel can theoretically be used as movement extensions should there be enough time. However, an opponent running in typically makes crown bouncing punishable if the player does it in a tight space.

Crown Bouncing is also used during recovery in circumstances where it is possible, as it adds another bit of horizontal distance that can be crucial if K. Rool is launched far. This is because while there is lag, in edgeguard situations it is far more difficult to intercept than on land. This also allows for buffer options to be performed through the pickup animation, enabling up aerial recovery without hitstun stopping K. Rool from rising. While opportunities are few and far between, crown bouncing is an important aspect of recovery when it's possible. However, the precision necessary to crown bounce for recovery is extremely high, making it an infrequent occurrence in competitive play. It is also extremely situational, as crown has to be specifically returning towards K. Rool from behind. This precision requirement, and how difficult it is to pull off, has generally left it unviable, with players instead using crownless bounce.

Reverse Crown Bounce[edit]

In a similar manner to Crown Sliding, it is possible to execute a reverse crown bounce through utilizing the C-Stick, or a very quick directional input in the opposite direction. This serves as a mixup to reduce the distance a normal Crown Bounce would send a player, although overall it is far less notable compared to other Crownerang options. This is because the spacing it provides generally puts K. Rool back in the same position he was in before. However, it does have strong utility with crown landing.

Crown Bouncing can also interact with Crown Pickup Crown Landing in niche circumstances, although the momentum typically makes it difficult to do consistently. It is a very good approach option when a player sets up their situations perfectly, however, as opponents will typically shield and be forced to take a grab. As a result, in situations where it works, this can be a very good play to consider.

Crownless Bounce[edit]

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King K. Rool executing a C-Stick Macro Crownless Bounce, utilizing the Wavebounce variant.
King K. Rool executing a C-Stick Macro Crownless Bounce, utilizing the Pivot Jump variant.

This tech makes use of King K. Rool's "No Crown" animation. Through executing a Short or Full Hop at a specific point with Side Special, it's possible to execute different jumps. Crownless Bounces can be very useful when combined with Crown Landing, turning them into movement options. The pivot jump can allow for some very useful platform control, as K. Rool will land at the perfect time for his landing lag to cancel on Battlefield's side platforms Due to the utility of this maneuver, it's been dubbed Crownless Bouncing.

It is also possible to Crown Bounce via C-Stick Macro Specials[3] while not having the crown at all (thus using the crown pickup animation). This is known as a C-Stick Macro Crownless Bounce. This allows for a wavebounce or pivot jump depending on the inputs; the traditional input causes the pivot jump, while inputting two forward or backward inputs instead of the traditional way causes the wavebounce to occur. While the pivot jump is a movement mixup at best (most notably for back aerial meteor smashes), the wavebounce is notable for how far it sends K. Rool back. This aids him in zoning, being able to follow up with a wavebounce into Blunderbuss after throwing the crown out.

However, Crownless Bouncing on its own comes with risks. The "No Crown" animation lasts 36 Frames: there is a lot of lag to this when it's executed. Thus, Crown Landing must be executed correctly whenever it is being performed, or there is a very real risk of being punished. While options can be buffered through it, it's not necessarily helpful when an opponent is on the offense. This means that the technique on its own is limited to slower matchups or situations where opponents can't stop him.

Crownless Bouncing allows for great use of up tilt to anti-air, or control the top platform if the Pivot Jump is used. The wavebounce allows for many funky approach or retreat options, such as the aforementioned Blunderbuss zoning. It can also allow for approaches with neutral attack, instant dash attack (forward + forward on c-stick), or the previously mentioned up tilt. It can also function as a tomahawk option, allowing for interesting reads and plays.

The Short Hop variant of Crownless Bouncing has been used along with a thrown Crownerang to quickly collect it, and then proceed to continue moving due to it triggering a Crown Pickup Crown Landing. This almost always triggers 0 landing lag, and the Crown Pickup allows for buffer strategies as well. Thanks to this, K. Rool gets another movement setup that is surprisingly quick and very applicable in certain matchups. This adds a new layer of options out of the attack, such as the aforementioned Jab or Grab. There are also very good shield cross-ups here, especially when used with Pivot Grabs.