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King K. Rool using Crownerang in Ultimate.
User King K. Rool
Universe Donkey Kong

Crownerang (クラウンスロー, Crown Throw) is King K. Rool's side special move.


K. Rool takes his crown off of his head and flings it forward as a projectile. The crown acts like a boomerang (hence the name of the attack). Once thrown by K. Rool, the crown can be pocketed, and can also be picked up as an item if K. Rool fails to catch the crown. Should that happen, K. Rool will be unable to use the attack again until he regains his crown. K. Rool is granted armor during the throw, which doesn't use his character-specific belly super armor.

If the crown is thrown offstage, it will act as a normal item, constantly respawning even if it disappears after staying onstage too long. If K. Rool touches the crown on the ground, he will perform a short uninterruptible animation of him placing it back on his head (unless he is performing another move, including shielding or rolling). Due to this, K. Rool is unable to pick up his own crown like a normal throwing item, as any contact will result in the crown being put back on his head; he can pick up crowns from other K.Rools as a throwable item, however.

Giant Crown Glitch[edit]

The Crownerang currently has one glitch associated with it, which requires a Yoshi to perform. King K. Rool has to throws his crown, then get put into an egg using Yoshi's Egg Lay. If the crown touches solid ground while K. Rool is still in the egg, the crown will grow to a huge size, almost as big as Yoshi himself.[1] The crown will retain its massive size even if an opponent holds and throws it as an item, and it will only revert back to normal size if the K. Rool picks up his own crown.

This glitch is functionally similar to previous Egg Lay-related glitches, such as the one which increases the size of a Jigglypuff under the effects of the regenerating terrain glitch, and a glitch in Smash 4's Multi-Man Smash that caused giant opponents to turn gargantuan if caught by Egg Lay.


Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong fighting King K. Rool in Donkey Kong Country.

This move is based on King K. Rool's main attack from the final boss fight against him in Donkey Kong Country. In the fight, K. Rool would throw his crown to attack the Kongs, usually to conclude a cycle of other attacks, especially later in the fight. True to K. Rool's bumbling nature, this attack also provided the only opening for the Kongs to damage him, as he was completely invincible at all other times.

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