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Explosive Flame

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Explosive Flame
Palutena Side B SSBU.gif
Explosive Flame in Ultimate.
User Palutena
Universe Kid Icarus
Article on Icaruspedia Explosive Flame

Explosive Flame (爆炎, Bursting Flame) is one of Palutena's alternate neutral special moves in Super Smash Bros. 4 and is her side special move in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Upon using this move, Palutena summons a spherical explosion in front of her a set distance away (increased by a smash input in Ultimate). This explosion expands and engulfs any opponents trapped in it, hitting multiple times before launching opponents, similar to the Smart Bomb. It is unable to hit anyone directly in front of her, but if she is moving – falling or on a moving platform – the explosion will appear in relation to where she was when the button was pressed (indicated by a flash) instead of where she is when the explosion begins.

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List PalutenaHeadSSBU.png Sets off an explosion a distance away. The stick can be flicked to make it go even farther.


Special Move customization was added in Super Smash Bros. 4. These are the variations:

1. Autoreticle 2. Explosive Flame 3. Heavenly Light
NTSC "Fire energy blasts from your staff directly at an opponent in front of you."

PAL "Fires energy blasts from your staff directly at an opponent ahead of you."

NTSC "Create a blast in front of you that can hit opponents multiple times."

PAL "Causes a blast a short distance ahead of you that can hit opponents multiple times."

NTSC "Surround yourself in rays of light that damage opponents."

PAL "Surrounds you with rays of light that damage opponents."


Explosive Flame as seen in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Found on the Kid Icarus wikia.
Explosive Flame in Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Explosive Flame is an offensive power that Pit or a fighter can use in Kid Icarus: Uprising. It is functionally similar to a Smart Bomb; when used, an explosion appears in front of the user, trapping any enemies and dealing damage. In Uprising, though, this explosion's center lies on the ground forming a hemispherical shape, and is much larger than its incarnation in Smash.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese 爆炎
UK English Explosive Flame
France French Explosion
Germany German Explosive Flamme
Spain Spanish Llama explosiva
Italy Italian Esplosione
China Chinese 爆炎
South Korea Korean 폭염
Netherlands Dutch Explosieve Vlam
Russia Russian Отражающий барьер


  • In the Russian translation of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, this move is known as "Отражающий барьер", which means "Reflective Barrier". This is an error, as it was previously Palutena's side special move in Super Smash Bros. 4.
    • Notably, the move's description accurately describes Explosive Flame, and Reflect Barrier is even properly translated as well, using the same name.
  • Explosive Flame is one of six special moves to have its directional input changed throughout the series. The other five are Boomerang, Pound, Rock Smash, Reflect Barrier and PK Fire.
Palutena's special moves
Super Smash Bros. 4 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Neutral special Autoreticle Explosive Flame Heavenly Light Autoreticle
Side special Reflect Barrier Angelic Missile Super Speed Explosive Flame
Up special Warp Jump Glide Rocket Jump Warp
Down special Counter Lightweight Celestial Firework Counter / Reflect Barrier
Final Smash Black Hole Laser