Belly Super Armor

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King K. Rool using his Belly Super Armor in his dash attack to block Little Mac's Jolt Haymaker.

Belly Super Armor (referred by the Techniques menu as Belly Power) is King K. Rool’s fighter ability. During attacks where his belly sticks out, his gold-plated stomach armor grants super armor. Despite King K. Rool always wearing this piece of armor, Belly Super Armor is not active when idle or during attacks that do not involve King K. Rool expanding his stomach. As such, it is never active unless he executes certain attacks, such as his forward tilt. While the Belly Super Armor is inactive, it will not take damage and K. Rool will be hit as normal. Attacks that hit K. Rool's Belly Super Armor make a loud, distinct clanging sound as an audio cue. If K. Rool's armor blocks an attack that triggers a Special Zoom, the attack will be blocked as normal, but the zoom still occurs.

Unlike most forms of armor, K. Rool's belly armor actually reduces the damage K. Rool takes from attacks, cutting the damage in half. However, as with shields, King K. Rool's Belly Super Armor can only withstand a certain amount of damage: the amount of damage it has taken is roughly visible as a crack in his belly. Small cracks appear when the armor has 11.5 HP left, and large cracks appearing when it has 6.1 HP left. If his armor takes enough damage, the camera will Special Zoom on King K. Rool as he is flung into the air on the spot and will become temporarily dizzy, similar to a shield break. If his armor is broken in midair, King K. Rool will slowly descend until he lands on a platform, meaning he can potentially be KO'd by having his armor break off-stage. As with shields and other forms of armor, Belly Super Armor cannot block unblockable attacks or grabs.

The armor has 14.01 HP, but since the incoming damage is split 50/50 between K. Rool and his belly, it is effectively 28.02 HP. It regenerates 0.08 HP every 30 frames when not using belly attacks. The armor is not affected by the 1v1 multiplier, meaning that it can't withstand some moves in 1v1 matches, such as Falcon Punch, that it could otherwise.

List of attacks that have Belly Super Armor[edit]

Move Notes Frames active
Forward tilt Before the clap 5-11
Up smash Before the plank, when he hops 6-19
Down smash After the jump, before he lands 8-21
Dash attack When he leaps forward, extending his belly 7-28
Neutral Air When his stomach expands 6-30
Down Air After the stomp 14-25
Up Air While he rises for the headbutt 6-20
Side taunt Right before he pats his belly 9-20


  • The Techniques menu does not list King K. Rool's up air, down air, and side taunt as moves possessing Belly Super Armor. Interestingly it does list Gut Check which, as a counterattack, does not utilize armor at all.
  • Not all of King K. Rool's moves that have armor use his fighter ability, Crownerang has independent heavy armor against anything that does less than 10% damage. Since his Super Belly Armor is not involved it is not damaged, however King K. Rool receives the full amount of any damage that was armored.