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Unblockable attack

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An unblockable attack (also called unblockable move or unblockable) is an attack that cannot be defended against with a shield or a counterattack. Unblockable attacks tend to be exceptionally powerful and are often grabs, Final Smashes, wielded by bosses, or moves from rare Pokémon and Assist Trophies; there are very few moves that are unblockable outside of these cases. In Brawl, Smash 4, and Ultimate, most characters have at least one unblockable attack if grabs and Final Smashes are counted.

Unblockable attacks can still be avoided by intangibility, such as sidestepping and air dodging, as well as Bayonetta's Witch Time in most cases. True invincibility also protects against unblockable attacks, such as that granted by a Super Star.

It is possible for a shielding character to be hit by a blockable attack and an unblockable attack on the same frame. What happens in this situation depends on the game.

  • In Melee, the blockable attack hits the shield, and the shielder is hit by the unblockable attack.
  • In Brawl and Smash 4, the blockable attack hits the shield and the shielder goes into shieldstun. The unblockable attack hits the shielder, but it deals no damage or knockback.

All grabs (with the exception of Isabelle's Fishing Rod) are unblockable and so will not be included in the following list.

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List of unblockable attacks by characters[edit]

Move User Portion of move
10-Hit Combo Kazuya Last hit
All Final Smashes All characters (Ultimate only)
Aether Ike (Brawl only) Sword while loose
Aura Storm Lucario Entire move
Beast Ganon Ganondorf Entire move
Blue Falcon Captain Falcon Trapping hit
Critical Hit Marth, Lucina, and Roy Entire move
Diffusion Beam R.O.B. Entire move
End of Day Olimar Entire move
Focus Attack Ryu and Ken Fully charged
Galaxia Darkness Meta Knight Initiation
Great Aether Ike Sword while loose
Grenade Launcher Snake Entire move
Guard Breaker Little Mac Entire move
Kamikazee Hero Explosion
KO Uppercut Little Mac Entire move (grounded version only)
Konga Beat Donkey Kong Wind
Landmaster Fox, Falco, and Wolf Entire move
Light Arrow Zelda and Sheik First hit
Mario Finale Mario and Dr. Mario Entire move
Nayru's Love Kirby (Brawl only) Entire move, normal move by Zelda not unblockable
Negative Zone Luigi Entire move
Octopus Mr. Game & Watch Entire move
Pac-Jump Pac-Man (Smash 4 only) Grounded version only. The move is actually blockable, but grounded opponents who touch the trampoline will instantly drop shield and jump. This technically makes the grounded version impossible to block.
Peach Blossom Peach Entire move
PK Starstorm Ness and Lucas Entire move
Power Suit Samus Zero Suit Samus Last hit pre-transformation
Psystrike Mewtwo Entire move
Puff Up Jigglypuff Entire move
Reflect Barrier Palutena The shield's hitbox
Rocketbarrel Boost Diddy Kong Loose barrels
Shield Piercer Meta Knight Entire move
Super Dragon Yoshi Fireballs
Super Sonic Sonic Entire move
Triforce Slash Link, Young Link, and Toon Link Swipes
Triple Finish Pokémon Trainer Entire move
Up aerial Mr. Game & Watch Wind
Vision Shulk (Smash 4 only) Counterattack, both versions (standard and forward-held)
Waddle Dee Toss King Dedede Waddle Dees and Waddle Doos in certain situations
Zero Laser Samus Last hit

List of unblockable attacks by items[edit]

Item Situation
Banana Stationary
Beehive Bees
Blast Box Explosion (Brawl only)
Bumper When active
Daybreak Any situation
Deku Nut Any situation
Dragoon Any situation
Freezie When it "bursts" (Brawl Only)
Gooey Bomb Any situation
Hothead spark
Motion-Sensor Bomb explosion (Blockable in SSB)
Pitfall Any situation
Screw Attack Any situation
Smart Bomb Any situation
Spring Any situation
Warp Star Any situation

Unblockable Poké Ball Attacks[edit]

Pokémon Situation
Articuno Any situation
Bellossom Any situation
Clefairy All attacks
Electrode Any situation
Entei Any situation
Ho-Oh Any situation
Keldeo Any situation
Lugia Any situation
Moltres Any situation
Scizor Any situation
Snorlax descent
Suicune Any situation
Togepi All attacks
Unown First attack
Weezing Any situation
Wobbuffet Any situation
Zapdos Any situation

List of unblockable attacks by enemies and bosses[edit]

  • The careening state of defeated Subspace Army goons
  • Bucculus
  • Crazy Hand - falling bombs (the explosion is blockable, Melee only)
  • Duon - wind produced by spin attack
  • Galleom - wind produced by various attacks such as dual smash, single stomp, and spin attack
  • Master Core - waves released 45 seconds after transforming into its final form.
    • Master Giant - slash made after a split second of the arm swinging across the stage
  • Meta Ridley - Megafireball, attack where it smacks the Falcon Flyer (?)
  • Polar Bear - Earthquakes caused by his stomping in Smash Run
  • Rayquaza - wind produced by Thunder, spiral dive
  • Tabuu - Off Waves, electric shield
  • Galeem - Lens Flare