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Triforce Slash

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Triforce Slash
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Toon Link Final Smash SSBU.gif
Young Link Final Smash SSBU.gif

Link's (Smash 4), Toon Link's and Young Link's (Ultimate) Triforce Slash.
User Link
Young Link
Toon Link
Universe The Legend of Zelda

The Triforce Slash (トライフォースラッシュ, Triforce Rush) serves as the Final Smash of both Link and Toon Link in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. 4, and Toon Link and Young Link in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Toon Link using the Triforce Slash on Ganondorf.

The attack starts out with the Triforce symbol on the back of the user's hand glowing (and in SSB4's case, a large projection of the Triforce visibly being shown hovering above the user's hand). A ray of light will stun anyone horizontally in front of him. The user will then dash toward an opponent stunned by the beam and strike them repeatedly for an immense amount of damage. The ambient time stops, making it safe when used in moving stages. The Super Smash Bros Brawl: Premier Edition player's guide says that the attack can only reach two character lengths in front of the user. However, the guide is incorrect: the attack can actually reach all the way across Final Destination for Link and halfway across for Toon Link if one holds on to the special button.

This attack seems to be primarily meant for a single target, but more than one character can easily be hit simultaneously if they are close enough to each other and can even KO multiple characters. Ike's Great Aether is very similar to Triforce Slash, as they both trap the opponents in a barrage of powerful slashes, but one of Triforce Slash's advantages is that it can be done at the edge of the stage, greatly increasing the rate of KO. Apparently, another player can change the knockback angle of the final blow that ejects the opponent. When the user is pausing to charge the final blow, another player can attack the trapped player and when the user unleashes the ejecting blow, the victim will be sent flying according to the knockback of the other player's move.

Toon Link's Triforce Slash does the exact same amount of damage and number of hits as Link's, and only differs in appearance/sound effects. Toon Link's Triforce Slash has a more cartoony appearance than Link's, as a reference to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker's cartoonish graphic style. In addition to Toon Link's version being more The Wind Waker-esque, it is also a bit slower. It also has a much lower range and slightly less knockback, but on the flip side has much less startup time. The final strike at the end of his Triforce Slash has greater range than Link's, though only has around the strength of a smash attack. Note that the character will get super armor from being caught by the Final Smash, but they are also trapped in the spot where they are caught by the Triforce symbol.

In Ultimate, Young Link's Triforce Slash is much closer in appearance and function to Link's in SSB4 than to Toon Link's version.


In Brawl, the attack can deal up to 83%. The initial trapping hit deals 5% damage. Each strike will cause 4% and trap any victims for the next strike, until the 15th which ejects all but the primary target from the attack. The last strike causes 18% damage and immense knockback to the main target and anyone close enough to it. This is the same for both Links.

In SSB4 and Ultimate, Link's, Toon Link's (in SSB4), and Young Link's damage potential was lowered from 83% to 60%. The trapping hit deals 1% instead of 5%, the first 14 hits deals 3% instead of 4%, the 15th deals 2%, and the final hit deals 15% instead of 18%.

In Ultimate, Toon Link's version deals even less, with its maximum damage being reduced to just 56.2%. Instead of 3% the first 14 hits deal 2.8% and the final hit deals 14% down from 15%. However, Young Link's version retains the 60% damage output from SSB4, as well as the full knockback from said game, being one of the few returning Final Smashes to not have a knockback reduction.

Instructional quotes[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl instruction booklet LinkHeadSSBB.png The Triforce symbol on Link's hand flashes and binds the foe in a prison of bright light. Link then deals a blindingly-fast set of attacks that culminate in a huge final blow.
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS case foldout LinkHeadSSB4-3.png Use the Triforce to seal and slash at foes.
ToonLinkHeadSSB4-3.png Use the Triforce to seal foes, and then slash at them.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List YoungLinkHeadSSBU.png Young Link dashes forward to seal an opponent in the Triforce. He then strikes them repeatedly before launching them. The initial strike must hit in order for Young Link to begin his sealing combo.
ToonLinkHeadSSBU.png Toon Link charges forward and traps his foes in the Triforce. Then Toon Link strikes at foes repeatedly and launches them. Time the initial attack well, because missing the first slash leaves Toon Link hanging.


In Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Triforce Slash (Link)'s trophy in Brawl
Triforce Slash (Link)
Link with a Smash Ball, releasing his ultimate attack. Light flares from the Triforce symbol on the back of his hand and rushes out to meet the enemy he faces. The enemy gets trapped within the glittering Triforce, is quickly cut to shreds, and is launched by the last strike. The attack works on one enemy at a time, so it's best to go after the character in first place.
Wii: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Triforce Slash (Toon Link)'s trophy in Brawl
Triforce Slash (Toon Link)
Toon Link's Final Smash. Hit an enemy with the light emanating from the Triforce mark on his hand to initiate the move. The enemy will be trapped within the Triforce and be unable to move--Toon Link will then rush in close and carve up his foe at lightning speed. The final blow will break the Triforce prison and send the opponent off the screen.
Wii: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

Triforce Slash (Link)'s trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Triforce Slash (Link)
NTSC Link makes use of the Triforce of Courage to trap foes, and then he launches a 16-blow combo. The final, mighty blow has the power to launch opponents off the stage. When Link prepares the attack, the ray of light he emits must strike a rival, or the attack will fail. Shielding will do nothing to stop this powerful attack.
PAL Link traps a foe in mid-air with the power of the Triforce of Courage, then delivers a 16-strike sword combo. The final strike has formidable launching power. If the ray of light at the start of the attack doesn't hit, the whole thing ends there. Helpfully, though, the ray of light's range and speed are incredible, and shields won't block it.
Triforce Slash (Toon Link)'s trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Triforce Slash (Toon Link)
NTSC For Toon Link's Final Smash, a ray of light emanates from his hand, and whomever the light touches gets trapped in the Triforce. While they're defenseless, Toon Link strikes at foes repeatedly and then launches them a great distance. Just be sure to time the Final Smash well—if the ray of light doesn't touch anyone, nothing happens. At all.
PAL For Toon Link's Final Smash, a ray of light emanates from his hand, and whoever the light touches gets trapped in the Triforce. While they're defenceless, Toon Link strikes at them repeatedly, then launches them a great distance. Just be sure to time the Final Smash well – if the ray of light doesn't touch anyone, nothing happens. At all.


  • One can dodge the Triforce Slash by air dodging. The Triforce will appear around the player for a second, but then disappear. It only works if the player dodges between the time he holds his hand up, and the beam of light actually shoots out.
  • If Togepi uses Earthquake right beside the Triforce Slash, the player can escape.
  • If the Triforce Slash targets the partner Ice Climber, and the leader is killed, the targeted Ice Climber will disappear and leave Link slashing nothing. Additionally, the Triforce will not explode at the end, it will instead be merely pushed and vanish. If this happens while Link is dashing over to them, he'll keep going and probably dash off the edge.
  • When in a stamina match, if the person in the Triforce Slash loses all HP, they will fall out and Link/Toon Link will continue to use the Triforce Slash with nothing caught inside of it.
  • Toon Link's version can be canceled by throwing an item just at the right time. The Triforce will only appear for a split second, and will then disappear.
  • Pit can partly block the Final Smash by using his forward smash or his dash attack, taking the damage but canceling the knockback. However, one must time this move perfectly.
  • If Marth or Ike uses Counter on Link or Toon Link's Final Smash, it will negate the hit. However, this must be timed perfectly.
  • If Link or Toon Link targets someone behind a drop-through sloped block, he will dash onto the slope and miss the targeted enemy.
    • In some cases, when he passes the enemy he will enter a helpless state if in midair.
  • If Villager uses Pocket (which gives Villager a second of intangibility) right as the Final Smash is initiated, the Final Smash will fail, giving the illusion of a "pocketed Final Smash".


  • In Ultimate, the 11th hit of Young Link's version will sometimes miss against some fighters.
  • If R.O.B. uses his up smash attack just before Toon Link activates Triforce Slash, Toon Link will throw the Triforce, but will "slingshot" forward without slashing, and, in most cases, self-destruct himself.
  • If the Triforce Slash tries to grab the secondary Ice Climber during the invincibility period of Belay, then the attack will fail. However, for the rest of that stock, the secondary Climber's special effects, such as the puffs of smoke from dashing or jumping, will be played at a reduced speed.
  • The Triforce Slash will sometimes fail upon connecting. The Triforce will appear around the target for a second as if it was air dodged, but disappears, and the character gets 30% damage without knockback. This can be caused by certain terrains, such as the crest of a hill getting in Link/Toon Link's way.

Triforce Slash glitch[edit]

The Triforce Slash glitch.

The Triforce Slash glitch [1] is a glitch that allows Link or Toon Link to "slide" across a curved platform in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

To perform the glitch, a custom stage containing a line of fall-through diagonal platforms must be created, with a flat, standable platform that is underneath the diagonal platforms. Link/Toon Link must stand "above" the diagonal platforms, and the target must be standing on the other side. Then, Link/Toon Link must use their Final Smash while facing the opponent. If done correctly, the Triforce symbol should briefly form around the opponent, then disappear, and the target will receive about 30% damage. Link/Toon Link will slide a large distance up the diagonal platforms, often falling off short platforms. If he falls off, he will enter a helpless state.

Another method is to have R.O.B. use his up smash and while he is upside down, use the Final Smash. The player will go flying, then become helpless and R.O.B. will receive 30% damage.


The three pieces of the Triforce.

This move is unique to the Super Smash Bros. series. However, it is similar to the final blow performed against Ganon during the final boss battle in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. In this game, once Ganon has been damaged enough, he falls down and Zelda uses her magic to paralyze him, leaving him vulnerable to a final strike, which consists of three slashing attacks before Link pierces through him with his sword.

Years after Triforce Slash's introduction in Brawl, a similar rush of sword strikes became one of Link's abilities in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild through dodging with perfect timing, known as Flurry Rush. However, the Triforce plays no part in the move.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese トライフォースラッシュ, Triforce Rush
UK English Triforce Slash
France French Frappe Triforce
Germany German Triforce-Tornado
Spain Spanish Golpe Trifuerza
Italy Italian Colpo Triforza
China Chinese (Simplified) 三角之力连斩
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 三角神力連斬
South Korea Korean 트라이포스 슬래시, Triforce Slash
Netherlands Dutch Triforce-slag
Russia Russian Трифорс-Удар


  • If the move is used on Kirby using Stone, he will be seen in the T pose for the duration of the Final Smash. A similar effect happens to Meta Knight when he uses Galaxia Darkness and Captain Falcon when he uses Blue Falcon.
  • If the move is used on a character firing a Super Scope, the character that was firing it will stand in a more progressed blind position, or a T-pose (holding their arms out in a "T"), for a split second. A similar effect happens when using Galaxia Darkness.
  • Young Link's version of the Triforce Slash is the only version in which the attacker (i.e Young Link) uses something other than his sword for some of the slashes, with Young Link kicking the opponent twice, shield bashing them once, striking with his knee once and striking them with his shoulder once.
  • Triforce Slash is tied with both Landmaster and Critical Hit in having the most holders of one near-identical Final Smash with 3.
    • However, Critical Hit overall has the most games in which those holders retained said Final Smashes throughout their respective appearances in them: Wolf’s omission from SSB4 resulted in Landmasters’ total overall users dropping to 2, whilst the three holders of Triforce Slash never once appeared in the same installment at once, as Link’s Final Smash was changed in Ultimate.
  • The scream that the Links use for the finishing slash of the move is taken from one of their other moves: Link's is taken from his up special and down smash, Toon Link's is taken from his up smash, and Young Link's is taken from his down smash.
  • In Smash 4, upon activating the Triforce Slash slightly above the opponent (as if trying to achieve a phantom hit), the beam of light will connect and the opponent will still freeze in place, but the rest of the attack will not play out and the opponent will simply get pushed back a little bit. What causes this is currently unknown.

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Young Link:

Toon Link:

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