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Mega Legends

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Mega Legends
Mega Man Final Smash SSBU.gif
Mega Legends in Ultimate.
User Mega Man
Universe Mega Man

Mega Legends (ロックマンスペシャル, Rockman Special) is Mega Man's Final Smash.


Mega Man shoots a Black Hole Bomb from Mega Man 9. After shooting, the bomb will detonate and create a black hole after a set distance, but it can be detonated prematurely by pressing the special move button or if the bomb touches another player, causing 1%. Pressing the button again will instantly force the bomb to suck the opponent(s), dealing 2%. If anyone touches the black hole, they will be sucked in. The black hole itself also causes flame damage to those pulled in. A cutscene then occurs where Mega Man summons Mega Men from other Mega Man series. All five proceed to charge their respective Busters and fire energy beams at the opponent, causing 37% damage. It reliably KOs at roughly 58%.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, in addition to the aforementioned versions of Mega Man, the attack also features Proto Man and Bass.

Instructional quotes[edit]

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS case foldout MegaManHeadSSB4-3.png Team up with Mega Man heroes for one big blast.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List MegaManHeadSSBU.png Mega Man fires a Black Hole Bomb forward and draws in opponents. Anyone pulled in faces several generations of Mega Man, as well as Proto Man and Bass, who all fire their Busters in unison.

Trophy Description[edit]

Trophy in Wii U.
Mega Legends

For Mega Man's Final Smash, he teams up with all-stars X, MegaMan Volnutt, MegaMan.EXE, and Star Force Mega Man, and they fire their Mega Busters in unison. The Black Hole Bomb fired at the start draws enemies in, and as long as that hits, the Mega Busters will follow. Make your foes see stars!


Black Hole Bomb in Mega Man 9.

The four Mega Man incarnations used, aside from the classic initiator, are:

In Ultimate, two other characters join the animation:

The move is activated by using the Black Hole Bomb, the weapon gained by defeating Galaxy Man in Mega Man 9. Upon using it, a small dimensional bomb would appear, and pressing the fire button again would detonate it. It would trap small and medium-sized enemies and defeat them instantly. Large enemies would receive heavy damage each time they passed by the black hole. Before detonating it, it could be controlled up and down using the d-pad. In Smash, pressing the special button detonates the bomb, but it cannot be directed up or down. It also traps opponents in the bomb, just like it does with smaller enemies in Mega Man 9.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese ロックマンスペシャル, Rockman Special
UK English Mega Legends
France French Méga Légendes
Germany German Mega-Legenden
Spain Spanish Mega Leyendas
Italy Italian Mega Leggende
China Chinese (Simplified) 洛克人传奇, Rockman Legends
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 洛克人傳奇, Rockman Legends
South Korea Korean 록맨 스페셜, Rockman Special
Netherlands Dutch Mega-legendes
Russia Russian Мегалегенды


  • Opponents with more than 390% damage may escape this Final Smash, due to the bomb's explosion causing slight knockback. However, this may be avoided by forcing the bomb to instantly suck in the opponent.
    • If the move is used entirely over the upper blast line, a glitch will occur. As the opponent will take knockback from the bomb, they will be instantly KO'd. However, the game considers the opponent still "trapped" and they will still be in the Final Smash, resulting in getting KO'd a second time.
  • Usually, Mega Man uses his left arm to fire his energy beam. However, if the "Backwards Glitch" is performed when Mega Man is facing right, he'll use his right arm instead. [1]
  • Black Hole Bomb is the only Mega Man weapon in Mega Man's moveset to originate from the digital Mega Man games (9 and 10).
  • The game will slightly lag when viewing the Mega Legends trophy in Smash for Wii U. This is likely due to the amount of detail put into the trophy.
  • Mega Legends is one of few Final Smashes with characters appearing as cameo appearances along with Pair Up, All-Out Attack, Chain Attack, Team Star Fox, Team Star Wolf, PK Starstorm, Gigaslash, ARMS Rush, Burning Sword, and Sacred Arrow.
    • Additionally, Mega Legends and Chain Attack are the only Final Smashes to return from Smash 4 which feature new characters added into Ultimate - in this case, Proto Man and Bass.