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Crash Bomber

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Crash Bomber
Crash Bomber
Crash Bomber in Ultimate.
User Mega Man
Universe Mega Man

Crash Bomber (クラッシュボム, Crash Bomb) is Mega Man's side special move.


This move functions very similarly to the Gooey Bomb, as it involves a small time bomb being shot out of Mega Man's buster. This bomb latches onto the first opponent or terrain in its path and starts to beep. After about two seconds, the bomb blows up, hitting multiple times and dealing diagonal knockback (weaker than that of the Gooey Bomb). The character with the bomb attached to them will be knocked in the direction opposite to which they are facing. Like other sticky items, the bomb will transfer to any player that makes contact with it while attached to a player.

Unlike its item counterpart, if Crash Bomber hits a shield, it vanishes, and the resultant explosion can be shielded safely if it latches onto a fighter. If it hits a target other than a player or terrain, it explodes immediately. This applies to things like Smash Run enemies, boss enemies, items, Pikmin, and Luma.

Crash Bomber is useful in two-player matches, as a latched bomb forces the opponent to either shield or run towards Mega Man to pass the bomb to him. As such, it is useful to bait out reactions from opponents, making it easy to followup with a punish once the bomb latches on. With its relatively long range, it is good for closing distance and getting to mid-range where Mega Man thrives. However, if a bomb is on certain characters, those being Kirby, Meta Knight, and Charizard, they can up throw Mega Man for a sacrificial KO.

Instructional quotes[edit]

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS case foldout MegaManHeadSSB4-3.png Launch a timed bomb that attaches to fighters or the terrain.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List MegaManHeadSSBU.png Fires Crash Man's bomb, which attaches to any opponent in its path and explodes.


Special Move customization was added in Super Smash Bros. 4. These are the variations:

1. Crash Bomber 2. Ice Slasher 3. Danger Wrap
"Crash Man's weapon. Fire a bomb that will attach to any opponent in its path and explode." "Ice Man's weapon. Fire an ice projectile that will freeze enemies upon contact." "Burst Man's weapon. Fire an explosive projectile that arcs steeply upward."
  1. Crash Bomber: Default.
  2. Ice Slasher: Does not cause explosions like its counterparts and thus has less raw damage potential, but is a fast projectile that can pierce through multiple opponents and freeze them if they are at least 18%. Freeze time increases as damage increases, with the projectile freezing opponents for barely a few frames at low percents. Useful as a pestering tool, although less useful for baiting reactions.
  3. Danger Wrap: Produces a bubble-encased bomb that floats slowly in an upward curve, exploding and dealing multiple hits upon making contact with an opponent. Significantly stronger than the other Crash Bomber custom moves, having actual KO potential at 139% from ground level. Its trajectory makes it difficult to use directly, but very powerful against opponents trying to land, while it can KO surprisingly early against opponents near the upper blast line.


Crash Bomber[edit]

The Crash Bomber as it appears in Mega Man 2.

The Crash Bomber first appeared in Mega Man 2 as the special weapon of Crash Man, one of the eight robot master bosses. Upon his defeat, Mega Man would be able to use this special weapon himself. Though it only has a limited ammo amount of seven uses, the Crash Bomber stuck to walls when fired and powerfully exploded after some time. It was also capable of destroying certain walls. The Crash Bomber is the weakness of Flash Man, Quick Man, and Wily Machine 2 as well as being required to defeat the Boobeam Trap boss in Dr. Wily's castle. Unlike in Smash Bros., the Crash Bomber was unable to stick to enemies in Mega Man 2, instead simply dealing damage upon hitting them.

Ice Slasher[edit]

One of the move's variants, Ice Slasher, first appeared in Mega Man as the power of Ice Man. It is a blade of ice in the shape of an arrowhead, produced from chilled air mixed with liquid nitrogen. These projectiles can freeze foes in the original game (a trait that was originally for Bond Man's weapon, a Robot Master who was cut from Mega Man) and can also damage foes in Mega Man Powered Up when the player controls Ice Man. Ice Slasher can freeze flame geysers to form steps, and is the weakness of Fire Man.

Danger Wrap[edit]

The second variant, Danger Wrap, was introduced in Mega Man 7 as the power of Burst Man. Using this power, a bomb encased in a bubble is fired. The bubble travels upwards and can trap certain enemies, including Cloud Man, the Robot Master who is weak to this weapon. The bubble could be pushed if an enemy is trapped inside, damaging any enemy that makes contact. Alternatively, the bomb could be placed on the ground to act as a mine.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese クラッシュボム, Crash Bomb
UK English Crash Bomber
France French Bombe Crash
Germany German Crash Bomber
Spain Spanish Bomba de choque
Italy Italian Crash Bomber
China Chinese (Simplified) 爆破炸弹
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 爆破炸彈
South Korea Korean 크래시봄, Crash Bomb
Netherlands Dutch Kleefbommen
Russia Russian Краш-бомбер


Two Danger Wraps appearing due to a glitch.
One Mega Man using two Danger Wraps at the same time, which shouldn't be possible.
  • Occasionally, a custom Mega Man can use more than one Danger Wrap at a time, dealing double the normal damage. It is unknown if the Mega Man has to be speedy.