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Team Star Fox

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Team Star Fox
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Team Star Fox as it appears in Ultimate.
Users Fox
Universe Star Fox

Team Star Fox (チームスターフォックス, Team Star Fox) is Fox and Falco's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Upon usage, a targeting reticle appears. Anyone hit will be sent into a cutscene where the fighter in his Arwing fires their lasers, creating an explosion which launches the opponent. In the cutscene, a dialogue caption will appear, which will change in certain conditions (i.e. user and opponents caught (Wolf for Fox, multiple opponents for Falco)), and will overhaul the damage percentages. Up to three opponents can be affected by this move in its entirety. If more than three opponents are hit by the rectile, only the lowest three ports will be subjected to the attack; higher ports will take vertical knockback.

Fox's formation[edit]

When Fox activates Team Star Fox, three Arwings fly into the target one-by-one. Upon activation, Fox yells "It's go time!" (行くぞ、みんな!, Let's go, everyone!) If the Arwings successfully hit, Fox yells "Star Fox! Fire at will!" (スターフォックス、全機突撃せよ!, Star Fox, all units charge!), which is captioned in the cinematic. If the Arwings hit Wolf, Fox will yell "This is the end for you, Wolf!" (これでとどめだ!ウルフ!, This is the finisher! Wolf!) instead in the cinematic.

Falco's formation[edit]

When Falco activates Team Star Fox, it works differently than Fox's. Three Arwings fly into the target one-by-one. Upon activation, Falco yells "Showtime!" (喰らいやがれ!, Chew on this!) If the Arwings successfully hit, Falco yells "Time for a little payback!" (たっぷり礼をしてやるぜ!, I'm gonna give you plenty!), which is captioned in the cinematic. Falco performs a barrel roll while simultaneously shooting the target (which normally can't be done in the Star Fox games). After the hit, the opponent is launched at a more vertical angle than Fox's. If the Arwings hit multiple opponents, Falco will yell "We've got multiple bogies inbound!" (1人も逃すなよ. 1発で決めようぜ!, Don't let a single one escape. Let's settle this with one shot!) instead in the cinematic.

Instructional quotes[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List FoxHeadSSBU.png Fox uses a targeting reticle to lock on to any opponents right in front of him. If he acquires a target, the Star Fox team shows up and unleashes a formation attack.
FalcoHeadSSBU.png Falco uses a targeting reticle to lock on to any opponents right in front of him. If he acquires a target, a team of Arwings shows up and fires at will.


The Star Fox Team pilots as they appear in Star Fox Zero.

Star Fox is a mercenary group led by Fox McCloud and consists of three other members, Falco Lombardi, Peppy Hare and Slippy Toad. The four fly Arwings and team up to fight the forces of Andross. Falco's quote "Time for a little payback!" when using his Final Smash is based off of his quote from Star Fox 64.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese チームスターフォックス, Team Star Fox
UK English Team Star Fox
France French Équipe Star Fox
Germany German Star Fox-Team
Spain Spanish Equipo Star Fox
Italy Italian Squadra Star Fox
China Chinese (Simplified) 星际火狐编队, Star Fox Formation
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 星際火狐編隊, Star Fox Formation
South Korea Korean 팀 스타폭스, Team Star Fox
Netherlands Dutch Team Star Fox
Russia Russian Отряд «Звездный лис»


The inside of Fox's Arwing from the Final Smash.
  • While not visible in normal gameplay, Falco's cockpit mugshot from Star Fox Zero can be seen on the center console of Fox's Arwing cockpit.
  • Falco is known to be a wild flyer in the Star Fox games, which can be reflected in the Final Smash, as compared to Fox's, Falco's is less organized and more chaotic.

Technical details[edit]