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Blaster Shot

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For the neutral special used in Melee onwards, see Blaster (Fox).
Blaster Shot
Fox's blaster in SSB.
Blaster Shot in Smash 64
User Fox
Universe Star Fox
Article on Lylat Wiki Blaster

Blaster Shot is Fox's neutral special move in Super Smash Bros. It is quite different from the version seen in all subsequent titles.


Fox pulls out his blaster shoots a pink laser beam that travels slower than a standard Ray Gun shot, does 5%-6% damage, and has good knockback for how quick it is. The Blaster has increased fire rate while Fox is airborne, allowing Fox to short hop double laser.

Blaster Shot is considered among competitive players to be one of the best projectiles in Smash 64 due to its speed, damage, and causing opponents to flinch. While it has since been replaced by another version with much faster rate of fire and more range, as well as dealing less damage and having no knockback or flinch in the next installments, this version made a brief return as a custom move in Smash 4, named "Impact Blaster".


Fox's official artwork in Star Fox 64 depicts him with a blaster.

Fox first uses a blaster in Star Fox 64's multiplayer and is depicted with one in artwork and screenshots. Falco, Slippy, and Peppy also use blasters in the game's multiplayer while on the ground. Their blasters were not officially named Blasters in the Star Fox series until Star Fox Adventures, where Fox questions not being able to bring it to Sauria to General Pepper. In every game, Fox's blaster design seems to be identical to the one used in Star Fox 64, despite its upgraded appearance in Assault. One of Fox's Custom variants references the Assault blaster's charge capabilities.


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