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The hitbox of Fox's Blaster.

Fox shoots a pink laser that travels slower than a Ray Gun shot from his Blaster, doing 5%-6% damage per shot, along with producing some hitstun on the opponent. When the Blaster is used when Fox is airborne, he can pull his blaster out much quicker, greatly reducing start-up and ending lag, as well as having a faster firing rate. Using the effective short hop techniques available, including short hop laser and short hop double laser, will make the Blaster an effective asset, especially in conjunction with ledgehopped double lasers and Blaster followups. However, using the laser twice in one short hop requires pretty fast reflexes.

Competitive players consider the Blaster as one of the best projectiles in the game. The hitstun of the blaster is effective for camping, helping to make opponents struggle to approach Fox, and can also lead into combos from moves such as an up tilt, setup moves such as a jab, or KO moves such as an up smash. At higher percentages, the blaster is often very useful to extend a combo if a move has too much knockback to followup reliably. Hyrule Castle is an excellent stage for him, as he dominates via the great projectile camping ability of his Blaster. However, it is less effective on Dream Land, due to having less space to laser camp, though it is still highly used.

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