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Hitbox of Fox's forward aerial.

Fox does a feet-first kick forward, with a very similar animation to his forward smash, though it's obviously performed in the air instead, and he doesn't move any distance forward while using it. It does 12% damage – its knockback is below average (it cannot KO reliably onstage even at very high percentages), though it has decent combo ability and edgeguarding potential. It has high ending lag and landing lag if not Z-cancelled, however. It can combo into a reverse back aerial, a neutral aerial at higher percentages (more effective on floaty characters), or Reflector after a late-hitting forward aerial, as well as being a way to set up ground moves at moderate percentages on characters with fast or close to fast falling speeds, due to sending opponents on a below average angle; being able to lead into a jab or up tilt. Its decent range also makes it a usable spacing tool, mostly used out of short hops in conjunction with back aerial.

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