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Hitboxes of Fox's uair.

Fox flips while airborne and uses his two feet to kick upwards, doing 2% damage and very low set knockback on the first hit and 13% damage and fairly high knockback on the second hit. It is one of Fox's most reliable vertical finishers along with his up smash, especially against floaty characters such as Kirby and Jigglypuff, and is also an excellent and very versatile comboing and juggling move against floaties and fastfallers alike. On grounded opponents, it can setup almost any move at very low percentages, and at mid to high percentages, it can combo into itself or other aerials. On stages such as Dream Land, the move is even more versatile due to the platforms aiding it, allowing it to also setup grounded moves.

Hitting with the first part of the move only can also be used in combos and juggles to some extent. Against floaty characters, its set knockback is made significantly higher, to the point where it can almost bounce them up from the bottom of Dream Land to the top platform. Against fastfallers, the set knockback is very low, though this means it can be chained into itself and setup any move at any percentage, and even has the potential to be used as an infinite. However, SDI makes this technique less effective, as the opponent can SDI off of the stage, into a wall, or low towards the ground to escape Fox's reach, as well as into the second hit of the move to prevent the infinite from going any further. Additionally, hitting with the first part of the move only is very difficult to perform consistently, and is overall rather situational.

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