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The hitbox of Fox's u-smash.

Fox does a fairly quick flip kick, dealing 16% damage and great vertical knockback, being able to KO on Dream Land at 76% and generally KOing every character sans Captain Falcon under 100%. As one of Fox's good finishers, along with his up aerial, his up smash is among the most feared up smashes in any Super Smash Bros. game, due to its high vertical KOing power, very quick startup, and some decent range. Additionally, Fox can use his Z-cancelled down aerial out of a short hop in an aerial approach, then lead straight into the up smash while the opponent is vulnerable. He can also use the first hit of his jab and then use the up smash while the opponent is in hitstun. The move has a bit of ending lag however, and if an opponent can shield it, Fox can be punished or shield grabbed.

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