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Hitbox of Fox's up special in Smash 64.

The special move's name is Fire Fox, in which Fox charges, then propels himself in a direction (angled via the control stick) with a fiery blast, dealing moderate to decent knockback (though it isn't a reliable KO move). The move does 16% damage. Fire Fox's main usage is for Fox's recovery, which covers at least some decent distance, and along with Fox's high air speed (third highest in the game only behind Yoshi and Pikachu), he can recover some good distance in total, though due to the move's linear nature, it is easy to read his recovery. Additionally, Fox is vulnerable during the charging of the move, making him easy to hit with a meteor smash or another powerful edgeguarding move. With the right timing, it is even possible to hit him while moving.

In the original Super Smash Bros., Fox does not cover himself in fire when he charges, unlike its sequels (also, he appears to be pulled down by gravity at a reduced rate during the charging). The move also cannot damage opponents during the charging, similar to Falco's Fire Bird in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

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